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Grade Level: 7

Favorite Subject: Math, P.E.

Hobbies: Sketching, Reading Manga, Looking Up Random Stuff



Woah...I haven't been on for over 5 months already! I just got back my writing mood lately, so..yeah..

Anyways, I've got lots of stuff to update on. First of all, I'm going to move over the summer! Sure, I'm thrilled about

getting a new house, room, and piano, but I'm really going to miss everything I have right now ;_; Next, I just completed

my Piano test last month, which really surprised me :p All in all, I'm pretty sure I'm going to start writing fanfics again. Thanks

to everyone who has supported my stories in the past; sorry for the long wait! I'm going to be back with new updates!

PS: My new pen name is now KeroroBombz; my new e-mail is:


Well, that was a long break O_o I haven't been on for over at least 5 months! Sorry about the delay, Merry X-mas, Happy

New Year, and yeah XD I'm starting to write stories again, so please be patient! I will update here as much as I can!

.:Current Works:.

I have so much work to do, now that I'm back on FF again :D A preview of my next release:

The pond water was clear, unlike it's muddy surface. As I kick my legs more rapidly, I notice that the light in the water

was fading dramatically. Would Danny come after me if I started to drown? A flashing light suddenly covered the

whole pond. I struggled for air as my lungs were starting to tighten. The surface seemed so far away. I wouldn't make it to the surface..

This will be a fanfiction for Gaiaonline, or some other MMORPG that allows you to customize characters :3 There'll be a lot of romance,

action, and mystery. Keep visiting for more updates!

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'Sup? I'm new here, joined on August 31st, 2008 and "published" my first fanfiction on September 3rd, 2008. My current main fanfiction is:


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Main Site(s): N/A


How long have you been writing fanfiction?

For a very long time; probably right after I began making up my own adventures about Pokemon :P

What's your favorite fanfic to write about?

Card games, explorations, fantasy, and mythical creatures!

Is there a certain real life author you idolize?

No, but if manga writers count, I'd say Tsugumi Ohba (Author of Death Note and Go). His plots are complicated but interesting :D

Are you popular in real life?

Uh...O_o actually, I just go with the crowd. I hate being popular, especially since I go to the school I go to >.> Not a pretty sight there.

Why'd you quit writing about and playing Maple Story?

In the past years, I've grown tired of the MMORPG. Though I still log on once in a while, I'm not experiencing it the way I did a long time ago D:

What's a "Weekly Sweep"?

Something I invented the first time I signed up here (which was a loong time ago!); basically, it's a clean-up period where I delete/update

my stories, if I have the time. Adding chapters does not count, as I will do that possibly every other day.

A Noob Who Got Scammed reviews
My first one-shot piece...enjoy, I guess..
Maple Story - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 814 - Reviews: 4 - Published: 9/4/2008 - Complete