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Author has written 3 stories for Batman Begins/Dark Knight, and Harry Potter.

Once upon a time there was a nuclear waste plant conveniently placed next to a zoo and an orphanage. At the nuclear waste plant worked a man named George White. George White was a good guy. He had a wife, 2.4 kids, a golden retriever and lived in a two story house with a picket fence. He was also the greatest competitive rock skipper this world has ever seen. But this isn't a story about George. This is a story about Orphan Number 01089.

Orphan Number 01089 had never had it easy. For one thing, she was an orphan. But Orphan Number 01089 was not easily swayed to tears by her own misery and found refuge in the zoo next door. She loved animals. Especially the Seeamangs. (Even though they screeched something awful.) In fact, Orphan Number 01089 loved Seeamangs so much that she dreamed of one day being a Seeamang trainer. She would travel the world with her Seeamangs, amazing people from far and wide with their unbelieveable talents - they'd ride bikes, sing songs, host television shows, and even play the piano with their toes.

However, Orphan Number 01089's dream was doomed to never be, because one day, while she was at the zoo, there was an enormous earthquake/thunder storm/blizzard/fire/hurricane/tornado/volcanic eruption! The whole city was thrown into chaos as the nuclear waste plant exploded! Everybody in a fifty mile radius DIED. Except for one. Orphan Number 01089 had been smart enough to take cover in the penguin exhibit because everyone knows that penguins have m4g1k p0w3rzzz.

When the wreckage cleared and Orphan Number 01089 climbed from the ruins of the zoo, she realized something terrible had happened... Nuclear waste had landed all over her and burnt away her flesh. The doctors rushed to save her, working night and day to salvage her skin, but it was too late. In one last desperate attempt, Dr. Jesus (that's pronounced HEY-SUESS, FYI) tried the incredible - he used the remains of Orphan Number 01089's dead Seeamang friends to replace her skin!

Half Seeamang, half orphan child, Orphan Number 01089 was forced to run from the world! Now she hides, a terrible monster that can never leave the safety of her dark basement! Her only companion is her computer, where she spends her days looking at pr0nz and writing fan fiction, the likes of which has never been seen... Her username?

I haven't a clue. I'm just a regular girl from Seattle who watches too much TV. LAWLZ.


Long live Orphan Number 01089!

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