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I hardly update my chapter stories for some reason. Probably because I'm, y'know, lazy and keep doing other short-lived projects. Right now I'm typing SOMEthing, and it's for my bro's crazy story Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Fan Fic. Also I'm doing some other projects, but I don't feel like putting THOSE up until I have at least twelve or twenty-four chapters.

Hi, all! I'm ShinyKendo, a person who really doesn't like grammatical and spelling errors (but still makes them) and writes some fan fiction. I like assorted anime/manga (such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), assorted video games (Pokemon, Kirby, Disgaea, pretty much any good RPG I can find and play), assorted western cartoons (just because I don't JUST like stuff Japan dishes out), and some other stuff.

Uh...I guess stuff talking about fan fiction follows.

In alphabetical order...


Fandom: Eh...Bakugan.

I have nothing against fans of the series (although I haven't honestly found many with good grammar -- then again it IS the quick-typing Internet), but I just got bored one day and decided to make fun of Bakugan. It's the only chapter story I'm really, truly, no doubt currently adding to now, with the next chapter currently in the works. Yes, it is still in the works. IS still in the works.


Fandom: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Dio Brando is hired to do the Elmo's World segment of Sesame Street. Hilarity presumably ensues. Consensus of exactly two people tells me this story is funny, but Dio's out of character. He...was not directly based on the character featured in the abridged series. How else do I write him in, huh!? Well, it exists now as one of the few JoJo-inspired fanfics on the site.


Fandom: Pokemon (D/P/P)

Well, for writing this before I got into middle school, I reckon it's pretty good. Nowadays I would probably push too much description into it. As the description says, it's one of those stories where a person in the Pokemon world gets the Action Replay, resulting in a chaotic Darkrai's creation.


Fandom: Disgaea and...anything else, I guess.

Disgaea characters go to Earth, and so do a bunch of other folks. This is just crazy madness that makes no sense. But you know, if I ever finish those next two chapters, I'll "explain" the madness, and by that I mean cheap excuses. Whatcha gonna do.


Fandom: Self explanatory...Flapjack and Pokemon (Anime?)

This place just HAD to have a crossover between THESE things. It just...HAD to. K'nuckles and Flapjack find Pokemon, and...that's the plot. The title was SUPPOSED to be "Marvelous Misadventures of Pokemon...and Flapjack", but for some reason this site won't show parentheses, ellipses, etc., and I guess it's just a few periods so it really doesn't matter. I wrote this sometime last year, and stuff.


Fandom: Pokemon (Mystery Dungeon)

Girls vs. boys, Pokemon style. So totally interesting...! I'm not really willing to go back and read this again in full, or rewrite it. The ending is - *gasp* - pretty much what you expected! Well, I wrote it back in the era of LegendStory. What'd you expect, huh, punks!?


Fandom: Eh...Pokemon (Games)

I suddenly felt like writing a trainer fic. It takes place in Kanto, with some of the Pokemon from G/S/C, and a crappy? starter or two. Luke and his Trapinch must embark on a journey to become the ultimate Pokemon Master! Trust me, there's more chapters, but it didn't get that many views, I believe, so I lost confidence and switched to other things eventually. If you want to see the other six (or something) chapters, simply proclaim your interest in the story.


Fandom: Pokemon

I shall summarize this in one word: fail. I don't really want to DELETE it, but...I don't like it.


Fandom: Spongebob Squarepants

Born from my dislike of the newer Spongebob episodes. I mean, there's some adequate episodes, but nothing they're pumping out now comes close to the first few seasons, in my opinion. if we gauge karma by the episode, Squiward's just not getting the fair end of the bargain. There's having an episode where Squidward is tormented because he made fun of Spongebob and Patrick, and there's having multiple episodes where Squiward is tormented because the world hates him.

Anyways, the ending is kind of ambiguous. Reviewers say the story just can't be over, so it looks like I'll have to really brainstorm on the next chapter's contents.


Fandom: Cereal and Its Mascots

This story is just me trying to give mascots such as the Raisin Bran Sun and Sonny the Cocoa Puffs bird an awesome atmosphere for emotion and combat. The R.B. Sun has turned on the world, and only the Advertisers can stop it. There's 1 1/2 more chapters, but again, lack of interest from others persuaded me to switch to something different.


Fandom: Pokemon (Mystery Dungeon)

This story, born from my love of Jigglypuff as a character, went on for a fairly okay run, but after a while I didn't really know where to take it next. As a whole I personally like it, but I dunno, Puffster always aiming for the jugular vein after a while seems...LAME to me now. I also wonder whether or not I had a good vision of said vein in my mind.


Fandom: Uh...nope, not really B-BUT IS IT REALLY FANFICTION, THEN!?!?

Hmm. Nah, stay away from this one, too. It was just a freaky experiment.


Fandom: Should eventually be several: Gurren Lagann/Neon Genesis Evangelion/Dragon Cave website/others

There's a reason this appears to be the only Leeron-based fan fiction out there. (HINT: it's because he looks weird.) It's only got two chapters so far, but this is a fanfic transition of zany chatting sessions. There's some new faces in school, and their names are made-up character Lydia...and Leeron...and more. Together they shall tame dragons, reunite with family, uncover relationships they never even knew about, get drunk, and become involved in the presidential candidate's mysterious plans. Only two chapters, but hey, I've got a big bunch of chat logs. My brother also really wants to read it.

Audible sigh! I feel kind of ashamed that I told one person I should be continuing it in one week. If so...this is officially the longest week of my life.


Fandom: Pokemon (R/B)

A glitch in your game can be pretty scary, but encountering one in real life would be life-threatening, insanity-inducing, reality-changing and downright horrifying. I actually wrote this in October of 2009, and I believe it holds up pretty well, compared to my writing nowadays.

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