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This is NeokoNewman!

SEAGULLS ARE CUTE!!! XD Thank you for checking out my profile!

About me:

My name? Who cares!? (Call me Neoko if you want!)

Where I Live? A place in magical fariyland where the skies are filled with rainbows and sunshine and instead of rain, gumdrops fall from the sky! (AKA: Not telling)


Gender? Didn't you read the one above!?

What I like: Finally something I can answer! Manga, anime, reading, surfing the net, playing soccer, piano, SEAGULLS, and listening to music!

What I hate: Having too mush to do, waking up in the morning, and writer's block...

Anime/Manga I like: Pokemon Special/Adventure, Kamichama Karin/Chu, Negima!, Tsubasa Chronicles, XXXHolic, KODOCHA(my favorite), Lovely Complex, and Detective Conan/Case Closed.

Links that I like!

(Behold the awesomeness of 19 year old Green! XD) (My Youtube Profile!) (My Ficition Press Profile!)

Pokemon Favorite Pokemon Shipping?

Specialshipping: Yes, I have no individuality! Besides, Yellow and Red are so cute together! Even though Red thought Yellow was a boy for a year... LOL!

Oldrivalshipping: 'Tch, Pesky Girl' I laugh every time Green says that! Besides, a cool guy like Green is a perfect match with a strong and smart girl like Blue (PS Green=boy, Blue=girl)

Franticshipping: IT'S CANNON! (Ruby's my favorite character!)

Haughty/Twinleafshipping: They make a good couple. They're both smart (in their own special way...) And I like it when couples argue. (Pearl always yells at Platnium for ignoring him when he's talking to her. (I also like their game counterparts shipping: CHILDHOOD FRIENDS)

MangaQuestshipping or PreciousMetalshipping: I can't choose! Crystal and Gold's quarrels are nice, but I feel that Silver and Gold have a nice connection between them... But I normally don't go for Yaoi so I'm not sure which one I like the best!

Crystalshipping: I can see Euscine and Crystal happen... He may be too old for her though...

Pokeshipping: I like Misty (in the anime) She's a much better match for Ash than May or Dawn. I stopped watching the anime mainly because I mised her too much. (And because it was starting to get too cheesy for me...)

Contestshipping: The only reason I barely watched Pokemon when Misty left. Drew gives May flowers every time they meet? SO CUTE! They kind of remained me of Misty and Ash in the way.

Penguinshipping: I'm a sucker for childhood friends. Besides it's funny when Kenny calls her DeeDee (or Pikari).

Frontiershipping: (shot) I don't know why, but I like Emerald and Crystal... (shot again)

Shippings I don't like?

Luckyshipping: Sure Blue flirted with him when they met, but she just wanting him to buy her fake Pokemon items. Besides I only see them as very good friends... (DON'T KILL ME!!)

Feelingshipping: Green and Yellow? Hmmm... That would be cute... But they barely have a relationship! All he did was train her for a few chapters. It's obvious that Yellow has a crush on Red!

Commonershipping: Frankly I just see Dia's crush on Platium a bit too one-sided... (DON'T KILL ME!)

Advanceshipping and Pearlshipping: MISTY SHOULD BE WITH ASH!

Cookieshipping: Harely hates May! And if they were a couple, it would look so wrong! (DON'T KILL ME!)

Ikarishipping: They don't have too much moments... Besides Paul barely knows Dawn...

IceCoffeshipping: So Jun admires Paul! That doesn't mean he's in love with him!

Pokemon Special Dex Holders from 14-1 (14 being my least favorite and 1 being my most favorite, Black/White Dex Holders are not included because I don't know enough about them to decide whether I like them or not... XD) Honestly, I don't 'hate' any of the Dex Holders, I just like some more than others.

14) Emerald: I don't hate Emerald, I probably don't like him so much cause he replaced Wally as the third Hoenn Dex Holder. He still has some admirable traits to him, but to be perfectly honest, I didn't like the Emerald arc that much until Ruby and Sapphire came into the picture... XD

13) Crystal: Once again, not much development. I get she' a hard worker, but I found her part of the GSC arc rather boring (DON'T HATE ME! XD)

12) Gold: He is a VERY funny character, but I don't really see too much character development to him. Compared too many of the other Dex Holders, Gold hasn't really grown up to much, though I agreed that part if him is funny, I would still like to see some growth. Plus him being a slight pervert is rather off-putting...-_-

11) Diamond (AKA Dia) Yes, Dia is adorable, but he's not one of my favorites. Don't get me wrong, he can be just as (and if not more) smart as Pearl, but I like charac ters that either have lots of energy, or characters who a mysterious and cool.

10) Wally: Yes, I consider him a Dex Holder, plus I like him way more than Emerald! Wally reminds me of the 'Little Engine that Could' so much! He went from a sickly boy to a strong trainer! I hate how under-rated his character is! DX Plus green is my favorite color too! XD

9) Sapphire: The wild child of the Dex Holders. First of all, she has AWESOME fangs. Though I must admit I was more into Ruby's journey than hers. In fact I kind of skipped some of her parts in the RS arc and went back to read them later. Though I find Franticshipping so adorable! XD RUBY/SAPPHIRE FTW!

8) Red: The original protagonist. I love his character development, at the start is was this really cocky trainer, but by the time was actually the champion he was a down-to-earth, humble trainer! Though, I still like others more than him,

7) Blue: Ah yes, the 'Pesky Girl..." (Major Oldrivalshipping fan! XD) I don't get how people could not like her. Not only is she a professional con-artist (not that she does that anymore) But she's still a strong fighter! Plus her background makes her a very in-depth character.

6) Silver: Yes, the loner, serious type... Plus his background and the fact that he is Giovanni's son is very interesting! And despite his cold demanor I can't help but feel like he needs a hug sometimes.. XD And I'm just a sucker for determine people!

5) Plantina: Yes, 'Little Miss' snuck her way into my top five! I love how, despite her upper-class personality, she still has a childish side to her! Plus her and Pearl make an entertaining duo! (Of course, Dia and Pearl are an even better team! XD)

4) Yellow: BITE ME HATERS!!! She's is a total sweetheart! And she also gets props for fooling basically everyone into thinking she was a boy in most of her saga! XD I find her obvious crush on Red very cute and her powers are awesome!

3) Pearl: I LOVE his energy! That thing I love most about him is that the manga didn't make him into a speedy idiot like the anime did! Pearl has a brain and he uses it VERY often! Plus I thought it was really sweet how he acts with Plantina and Dia... He's loud, but he really does care about his friends.

2) Green: Okay, I'll just say it... HE. IS. HOT. XD But that's not the only reason he is my favorite, I like cool and serious people like him. That and DID YOU SEE A PICTURE OF HIM WHEN HE'S 19!? (drools) CR*P! I'M GETTING ALL FREAKY FANGIRLY!!

1) RUBY: He is just SO EPIC! He's one of those crouching idiot, hidden bada* types that I love so much! Plus, have you noticed he is always my avatar? XD RUBY IS SOOOO AWESOME!!! I better stop talking about him before this turns into a full out rant! XD

Total Drama Section (My latest obession XD)

My favorite contestants from 26-1 are: (Not including Chris or Chef)

26) Alejerkdro!! (AKA Al): Honestly, if he didn't have Noah voted off or tricked Bridgette, I would have liked him better, but since he did... F* YOU AL!!

25) Mildred (AKA Blaineley): I swear, how old is she again? Plus she was pretty useless to add to the show because she only stayed for like two episodes...

24) Heather (GETS SHOT FROM HEATHER FANS): Okay, I know every show has to have a mean girl, but that doesn't mean I have to like her... The only reason I cheered for her to win was because I hate Al more.

23) Sadie: She is annoying, case closed. Plus her cry is soooo-! (shudders) She sounds like a beached whale...

22) Katie: Well, since she and Sadie share the same brain, I don't really like her. I just like her more than her BFFFL because her voice isn't that annoying.

21) Zeke: Sorry to all of his fan, but in all honesty, I just don't like the guy. At first I was just okay with him, because I knew he was just too ignorant to know better, but when he turned gangster-wannabe I started to get p*ed off. Now that he's turned into a werid little green monster he scares the s* out of me!

20) Harold: WHAT!? I DON'T LIKE MAD SKILLS!?!? Sorry, but he's annoyed me since season one. Not that I don't think he and Lesahwna don't make a cute couple, but he's still annoying. (Too many Gosh's and Booyah's)

19) Duncan: Come on Duncan! What happened to being straight with people!? Even I felt sorry for Courtney after what happened... Plus I hate how everyone dog piles on Gwen and Courtney, but don't blame Duncan, sure he's been beat up a lot throughout the three seasons, but COME ON!

18) Sierra: Sorry, but I don't like her. She seems too selfish for my tastes. Plus she's annoying. Her constant squealing reminds me too much of tweedle-dee and tweedle-idiot! (I know Duncan said that, but that's too true to past up)

17) Courtney: Never really liked her. Hated her in TDA. Started liking her a little in TDWT, but she's so whiny... Not that I don't feel bad about what happened with her and Duncan, but sheesh... Plus I HATE how she always brings up either her CIT status or the fact that she has lawyers... -_-

16) DJ: Used to love him in the first season, but he got to be too much of a Mama's boy to me. No offense to his fans.

15) Geoff: Sorry party dude, but I don't like him as much as I used to. TDA kind of screwed with he's principles, and even though he had learned the error of he's ways, he still isn't as nice as he used to be back on the island. Though I got to say, "Her Real Name isn't Blaineley" was an epic song! XD

14) Owen: Too... Many... Fart... Jokes... He's okay, but he's brand of humor gets annoying.

13) Tyler: "IT'S TYLER TIME!" I find him funny, but there's only so much times you can watch a guy get himself hurt. He's a good match with Lindsay, but I got to say, he's not one of my favorites.

12) Beth: She's okay, but not a favorite of mine. I loved how she stood up to Heather and Courtney, but she could be annoying herself.

11) Mr. Coconut: ROFL XD What? He's been in every season, plus he's a coconut with a FACE! HOW COOL IS THAT!?!? Of course if he was in my top ten that would be too sad... XD

10) Leshawna: She's so cool. But after the whole TDA lie and bash incident I didn't like her as much. I'm still upset about her getting eliminated so easily, but for once, I won't blame Al for it. (I'm sure by the look on his face that he didn't meant for Leshawna to attack Heather like that)

9) Justin: WHAT!? JUSTIN'S IN MY TOP TEN!? I got to admit, he's the only antagnoist I actually like. (whoa...) Not because I think he's hot (Which I don't) but because he's so funny when he can't count on his looks to save him! ("Not the face, or the neck, hands, feet, legs, knees, or anything in the chestal region!" ROFL)

8) Eva: SHE NEEDS MORE SCREEN TIME!!! She seems like she would be an awesome character if she appeared more. I mean, a girl has to be tough right?

7) Izzy: You gotta LOVE the crazies!! XD It's funny how many perasonality traits this girl has! Not to mention the names! (E-scope, Explosivo, Brainzilla) She makes everything fun! Not to mention that she has her smart and serious moments. (TDA Episode 11)

6) Trent: Poor guy, the beginning of TDA was painful to watch. I don't blame Gwen or Trent for what happened, but I still feel bad about it. Though the whole nine thing is a bit annoying... (Seriously, he was carrying nine sticks?) It's good to see he and Gwen are friends now.

5) Lindsay: Aww... She's such a doll. I'm so mad that she's always eliminated for a dumb reason! (I mean all three season!?) She's so cute and innocent, and her name confusion is so funny.

4) Bridgette: She's such a sweetheart. Though in TDA she and Geoff annoyed me with all the useless make-out sessions they had. I think I like Bridgette without Geoff better, she's more focus. She's the other reason why I hate Al so much... She would have rocked this season with she voice!

3) Cody: I used to love him in the first season! (I think he was my second fave) but after he showed off Gwen's bra during one of the aftermaths I started to cool off from him. It's was great that he got his momentum back this season! (HE PUNCHED DUNCAN!!! :D)

2) Gwen (DON'T FLAME ME HATERS!) : Honestly, she was my all-time favorite for the first two seasons! I hate how everyone gangs up on her... DX Especially with the Gwent break-up and the current C/D/G triangle. I still think she's awesome! The only reason she's second now is because of...

1) NOAH : I swear I fell in love with this guy in the third season!!! XD He's dry humor was a real awesome change from all the slapstick and farting the show usually uses. I was SO mad when he got voted off so early! CURSE YOU AL!!!

I don't have too much right now, but I'm working on these stories called:

The Adventures of Kathy Anderson (Adventure/Romance)

Having a lot of readers block on this story! I've put it on Hiatus for now. I'm also thinking of rewritting it a bit! Sorry to all who read this story!

Desperate Times in Sinnoh(may change the title)(Romance/Suspense)

It's a Scarfshipping Pokemon fanfic using the english names. I don't know all their Japanese names. They will also have pesonalities that I make up. It makes the story easier that way! It includes Scarfshipping(DamionXDawnXLucas), Fortuneshipping/Sinnohshipping(LucasXDawn), Twinleafshipping(DamionXDawn), and Clingyshipping(DamionXLucas.

The L.A.T.E. Files (Romance/Sci-Fi)

Kazune Kujyou and Karin Hanazono thought they were two normal 13 year old kids, starting their first year in middle school. But the moment the two met, a mysterious synidcate started messing with their lives in the name of science. Who are the mysterious men and why do Kazune and Karin feel drawn to each other?

Tch, Pesky Girl: Green and Blue's History (Romance/Friendship) ONESHOT COMPLETE

Pokemon Special ONESHOT. Green takes a trip down memory lane, vivdly remembering a certain 'Pesky Girl' then that same girl comes looking for him and gives him a surprise. OLDRIVALSHIPPING GreenXBlue

The Waltz of Desires (Romance/Drama) FOURSHOT

Another Pokemon Special Fanfic. This story includes the following: Onesided Speciialshipping, Onesided Luckyshipping, Onesided Oldrivalshipping, Onesided MangaPokeshipping, and Onesided Feelingshipping (If you squint!) There also might be a little MangaGymshipping just to make things interesting! XD SO MUCH ONESIDED-NESS! This is planned to be a four shot, but if people like this story enough I might, MIGHT! do a sequel of it, but I'll cross that brigde when it comes! GOING THRU CRAZY WRITER'S BLOCK!

The Footsteps of a Champion (Friendship/Adventure)

WHY HAVEN'T THERE BEEN ANY FANFICS ABOUT THE GLASSES GUY!? He's was one of my favorite characters in the game! So I decided to do one of my own! (Even though I have a lot more stories to attended to!XD) His name in my story is Micheal Williams. GlassesGuyXCrystal, Specialjewelshipping.

The Eternal Promise (Romance/Hurt/Comfort) THREESHOT (COMPLETE)

"D-do you really mean that Damion?" Dawn choked out, her voice muffled by his green scarf. "You really won't leave me behind...?" Getting over his intial shock Damion's eyes settledand he wrapped his arms around Dawn's petite body. "I promise..." Twinleafshipping Character death Angst

Other stories being written!

Two Sides of a Leaf (Romance/Humor) THREESHOT

Dawn is desperately trying to save her love life, while Damion is determine to start his own. I won't post this story till all three chapters are done! TWINLEAFSHIPPING

Stolen Hearts (Titled not confirmed) (Romance/Mystery)

Mirya Crystal and Kane Gold were struck motionless the day they went to recieve their first Pokemon as a mysterious long haired figure raced out of the Research Lab, it's pieceing gray eyes parazlying their entire bodies. They were unsure what to do, until they hear that one of Professor Elm's Pokemmon has been stolen.


It's a crazy time in Japan, while all college entrance exam students are busy sturying their brains out... So why does this guy think he can just lounge around at her house drinking tea!? (TenXKoboshi)

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