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'Ello. My name is Sydney.

How do you start an About Me? With a catchy sentence? Something like, "I be epic. Srsly." No. Because then I'd be lying. Because I'm not epic. Not really. I kinda wish I was though. Tell me I'm epic? Moving on- Eh. I like cats. And anything mythical, magical, etc. I gravitate towards things that most people avoid at all costs. People tell me not to tell other people I like Star Trek Only the Original Series though. Everything else is too serious.. I like pretty things. Like Bradley James. And Colin Morgan. And sometimes you. Erm. What else is there to say? I wish I lived in Camelot. I wish I was a sorceress. I wish I owned the cast of the TV series 'Merlin'. I wish I could keep Merlin and Arthur Pendragon in my closet. I want to become a well-known author. Do I have the skill for it? No. But I'll still try. Em... I firmly believe in 'ghosts'. I will do everything in my power to become a paranormal investigator. I one day want to shake the hands of Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, Jason Hawes, and Grant Wilson.

In my spare time, which has been very much non-existent ever since I got a job, I perform with my high school's theater and various choirs. I used to do community theater, but haven't had the chance to as of late. I'm pretty much the typical and highly boring high-school student. I write music; well, at least I try to. I read. I write, obviously, though my muse hasn't been speaking to me recently.

To those of you that have known me previously- I am sorry. I haven't updated anything in forever. And I hate authors who do that. BUT! I have lost interest in the stories I have started. I know what's going to happen, who's going to die, all that jazz. It's just terribly difficult to put down into words. And I appreciate all of the messages and reviews I have been receiving continuously in the five-six months I have gone 'missing'. I just haven't had the heart to write anything. Or the time. Now that I'm back, though, let's hope I can finish what I've started. I owe it to you guys. My lovely reviewers. Are you still with me?


Death Note FanFic LxOC: My first, and least favorite at the moment given that it's in first person (I hate writing in first person), is on a very long hiatus. I just can't bring myself to write for it anymore, given that I've just lost interest in the fandom as a whole. I am incredibly grateful for the support and hundreds of reviews I've received since it was first published, and once I get enough inspiration, I will give it a proper ending. It won't be what it was originally intended to be, but it will be an ending nonetheless. :)

I'm Not Dead: Another story that's on a bit of a hiatus. I've written the first three chapters out but haven't had the heart to type them. Something that struck me as odd as soon as I'd posted the story was that this is a story about actual people doing their actual job. And it's kind of creepy, in a way, to be writing about them. So, you can probably expect to not see an update on that for quite a while. I just don't have the heart to take it down. Sorry. :\


Inexorable: This is a story that I started at the end of the summer of '09 but didn't post until about February of '10. It started out with an entirely different character, Rose (who was the main OC in my Paranormal State fanfic), and was meant to be a Merlin/OC pairing. But as time went on and I thought about what would be needed to speed things along it eventually became an Arthur/OC and changed to a different OC, Evelynn. I like her better anyway. I know exactly what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, and who will die. Because death is inevitable in a plot such as this. It'll become much, much, darker than I've written before, so I'm hoping I can convey that well enough as time passes. Feedback would be much appreciated, and I'm very grateful to those of you have reviewed/alerted/favorited so far. This'll be quite a long story, so let's hope I can keep your interest. :D


New Perspective: An Alice in Wonderland 2010 one-shot. I am ashamed to admit that it's a bit of an author-insert. I couldn't help it. This is the first thing I've ever been able to hit 'Complete' on, and let me tell you it was a wonderful feeling. And I've received a few faves/reviews on it already. Thank you, hopefully I can write more Wonderland fics in the future.


--I've not much to put in this category. What I can tell you now, though, is that there are a few Merlin/OC, Arthur/OC, and Merthur fics that have begun to nag to be written. Hopefully they'll see the light of day sometime. :)

I ship. Shamelessly.

((favorite per fandom is bolded.))


I never really enjoyed slash fanfiction, until I stumbled upon the numerous Merthur fics here on FF. I hadn't even thought of the two as could-be lovers until I read what you all had to offer. And now I can't get enough of it. Great Slash Dragon (and lovely Merthur writers/YouTubers), I owe you one. ;)

Gwen/Lancelot (only because she needs to leave Arthur the hell alone. Freakin' wench.)

I feel obligated to say that I dislike any of the intended pairings, (like Arthur/Gwen), and I think BBC has purposefully added so many Merthur moments in there to torture us fangirls. Thanks, BBC. Love you too.

((More to be added later))


Other Accounts:

DeviantArt - xxNoTimeToRegret

GaiaOnline - Xx_Honorable_Mention_xX

I hardly ever go on GaiaOnline or dA anymore. Thanks to that dreadful Bookface that's taken over the world. But I do go on occasionally, so leave a message if you'd like. I don't bite. :)

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