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hi lizzy here i'm almost seventeen now everything i wrote here made me cringe so i deleted it i regret nothing i'd delete the entire account but then i'd lose all the shit i wrote and someday i might want to look back on it and cry

hello lizzy here once again now i'm twenty-one and WOW DID THIS STUFF NOT AGE WELL. it's terrible. all of it is terrible. i'd delete it but someday i might want to look back on it and cry (again) (as i have already looked back on it and cried once)

henlo i'm eli now. thats basically the update. this stuff still sucks don't read it please

Randomness. :D Who doesn't love it?
So are you ready to get so random? haha.

A Jonas Brothers Soap Opera -- Minus the Jonas Brothers
starring me, Snowy, as "Nick", chibiyu as "Kevin", and silver as "Joe".

me: I can count on you not to kill Nick. And that's good.
chibiyu: Or can you?
me: I'm going to cling onto the hope that you're just trying to freak me out... hopefully.
chibiyu: Or am I?
me: this sounds like the conversation between Kevin and Nick about the hacky-sacks. i call being nick!
chibiyu: lol nice you got the joke. Or did you?
me: I can't work under these conditions! It's illogical, I can't have it!
chibiyu: Or can you?
me: I think all the kung-fu movies have altered you...
chibiyu: Or did they? ...idk. Or do I...?
silver: chibiyu is pestering you, isn't she, evil fella. don't worry, i'm on your side! or am i...?
me: did she put you up to this?
silver: yeah, she did. so i'm going to be joe. i'm on whoever's winning side.
me: ...
me: I think Nick is really lucky that Joe and Kevin aren't really that insane in real life.
Or are they...?

The end. :) (I know, it was lame, but it was so awesome.)

Cambio, Confusion, Concerts, and... Evilness.
starring me, Snowy, Silver, Joe, Nick, and Kevin (with guest appearence from Adam Young of Owl City)

me: whatever the cambio thing is, it's got my boys and my honor society boys and that just makes me happy.
silver: I signed up for it.. I think.. :) haha.. it's super fun, I lol'd at the vid thing... and Joe in the box, again.. He sure loves those..
me: I got to touch the boxes at my JB concert. Nick had been in it like a minute before.
silver: haha.. I think everybody knows the trick now.. they'll have to come up with sumthin' new :)
me: they can push the box and wear fake moustaches. lol
That'd be a great idea.. everybody would be focussed on the boxes and be like: they're trying that again.. and then they leave the boxes in the middle of the public and walk to stage.. haha..
pretends to let go of box and it goes flying into fangirls who attack it
Kevin: Now let's run before they realize that we're not in there.
Nick: Good idea.
silver: probs not the best plan, but hey! they could always dress up in a dress and a wig.. :)
Nick: uh, no, we can't.
me: that's probably more publicity than they're looking for, silver.
silver: I KNOW! that's the fun of it..
Nick: she's gone crazy..
silver: don't bother, we already knew that.. I'm Chibi's evil side-kick, remember.. her crazyness is contagious also.. didn't you notice with snowy here? She's one hell of an evil writer ;)
me: i'm not that evil...
Nick: evil enough...
silver: I NEEED new JB songs to obsess over.
Nick: don't obsess, that usually turns out badly for me.
silver: I don't obsess! I think intensly.
me: maybe THAT'S what cambio is for. i don't get it. apparently it's change. of some sort.
Nick: and I'm not telling you because you three are just too evil.
me: says the yankees fan.
silver: It's sad.. really, we only had a little taste of Nick with who I am and we have to wait for the summer and beyond for the show and a possible tour.. SIGH I really hope cambio is sumthin good.. :)
i know, and it was only nick. i mean, the boy is amazing, but if you add his brothers in, it's three times as amazing. i'm saving for tickets. i just bought my sparkly converse (my alternative to owl city tickets...). so now i've got something else to save for... cambio... el cambio... the change...
Joe: ooooooh...mysterious...huh?
silver: Joe.. just tell us or shut up.. The shoes sound totally awesome.. but, alternative to owl city? do I read that right and you ditched Adam for sparkly converse.. can't be.. right?
me: no, I'm going to Disney the week he's gonna be in Boston. otherwise i would have never ditched my adam. -hugs adam- he likes us because we don't torture him.
Nick: can I switch places with him?
everyone: NO!
Nick: pretty pretty please can I switch places with him?
Adam: if you know how, maybe I'll consider it.
everyone else: NO!
silver: No, you cannot.. You are OURS.
Nick: that's the whole PROBLEM, you see!?
Adam: YEAH. Um, what are we talking about?
Joe: Their evilness. We shun them.
Adam: They seem nice...
Joe, Nick, and Kevin: They're not.
me: EXCUSE ME!? I saved you, Nick.
Nick: ALEX saved me.
me: Um, yeah, you can think of it that way...


A Twitterific Soap Opera in Three Parts
Starring @chibiyugixyami, @silvereyedbelle, and @flyxwithxme

Part One: Multi-Tweeting-Tasking (coming soon)

Part Two: Ultimate Pass the Pitchfork with Chickens and Nick Jonas

me: I think I am going to go write something. wish me luck.
chibi: luck has been wished. Please wait while the luck is being sent. I'm sorry, the luck has been killed by a pitchfork-holding-Nick.
me: NOOOOOOOOO! there are no more pitchforks! @silvereyedbelle and i destroyed them ALL!
chibi: you didn't. Nick saved one to use on me.
me: YES. WE. DID. nicholas, give me the pitchfork and no one gets hurt. (note how this is not getting sent to the real nick.)
chibi: I know lol. Nick lied. He kept one. I should know, he is holding it to my back right now. its @silvereyedbelle's fault!
silver: Nick gave me the pitchfork in exchange for a cookie MUHHAHA!
chibi: *shrugs* the deed was done for it anyway. Nick can move on to other choice weapons now.
What would the real Nick do if he was reading all of this?????
come find us and ask us why the hell we gave him a pitchfork?
i think the better question would be why he killed luck with a pitchfork.
silver: who would he give the pitchfork to? even better question, what exactly would he do with the pitchfork?
chibi: no the bestest question of all time would be if a chicken had the pitchfork, would it kill justin beiber or miley first?
-chases after Nick for pitchfork-
me: MILEY. like, no contest.
@silvereyedbelle, you have to chase the chicken now.
silver: I think the chicken would be utterly confused as to who the hell Justin and Miley are.. considering she's a freaking chicken.
chibi: ...well it can hold a pitchfork so it mush know who they are!
@nickjonas okay, honestly, you might get creeped out, but... um... here's a virtual pitchfork, and now you have to give it to someone.
how did our conversation come to this?
silver: with @flyxwithxme being hyper and us fighting over your new story and Nick's loyalty and elvis-the-alien..
next live chat we have to play pass the pitchfork with them. the whole time. :D
okay listen, if you give me back my beautiful cookie-jar, I'll patiently wait for your story. -five seconds later- and we'll agree that elvis is a dog, not an alien or a puppet..
we should ask @nickjonas if his dog is an alien or not. i mean, maybe nick's an alien, that's why he's so perfect!
silver: naturally..
me: everything comes naturally, it comes naturally, when you're with me baby.
chibi: haha back and almsot chocked from laughing! #PASSTHEPITCHFORK
oh gosh we are morons. And all chickens can carry pitchforks.
and to think all of this started with @nickjonas killing luck with a rogue pitchfork.

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