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K-chan says "Oh gee , I should seriously pick my ass up back in here. . . o _o

Status ;; Returning ( with a bit of semi-hiatus )
Current Song(s) ;; Parallelines - Kagamine Rin & Len
Thinking ;; of you ?

Hey ! You have one new message from , iKawaiiAishiteru ! ! !

Ohhhh shiiiit .

I'm so sorry for not updating ANY of my stories !
In the last time that I've been on fanfiction.net , I didn't seem to be as busy as I am now! I'm in 8th grade and whatever now, and I'm working my ass off in trying to get into this "MAGNET" school next year for high school. (And seriously, I'm bitching off here and there because of it.) Please don't think I've forgotten you guys yet! I have been visiting here in the few months that I've been gone, and even though I've been gone i'm thankful that I've been placed in a few alert lists! Plus, in that time, I've been trying to think up of new chapters for "Summer Love" and my JSRF story down there.

So again, please don't think that I've left you yet!

About iKawaiiAishiteru !


The Stories I Created !

KaoruxOC Collection - ;; Updated Sporadically

Three, Ouran-spired fluff-shots. Most are craptastic, since when typing I could not think straight at all. I liked typing some short stuff from time to time, since it helps relieve my evil writer's blocks. Cute, fluffy romance.

Summer Love - ;; Hiatus until further notice

-"As another year of Ouran closed off for the next grade to come, everyone is bound to want some summer fun. Tamaki, on the other hand, is wanting to spend his time with his "family" over the summer. With their seniors, Hunny and Mori moving onto college, the king decides to spend the summer as a goodbye gift. He calls up all of the members as they stay in this tropical place in Japan (due to Haruhi without having a passport.) The gang finds them near beaches, amusement parks, shops, the whole commoner outing in Tamaki's choices. Hopefully they'll have a wonderful summer.

But what they also find is another group like theirs. Six girls, and two boys, waiter as this cafe called "Summer Love." They are all unique in their owns styles, from music to poetry, whatever. The cafe they had bee running has been going on for two years, this year being the third. They're all a group of friends, just like the Host Club."

Hmm, dont'cha wanna know what will happen if both sides meet? A whole bunch of crazy moments await the two. ;D
Possible 24 chapters in all? Shortened or Lengthened, we'll see. :P Multiple pairings.
- Placed on hiatus until further notice -

JSRF: Heartbeat - ;; Active semi - hiatus //

- "It's been months since the fall of Rokkaku and his plot to rule the world had come to a fall. Peace resided in Tokyo (despite the normal rounds of rudies being chased down by police.) Everything just seemed to run smoothly and fall in place, letting the GG's rest easy.

But it was on one Jet Set Radio "Future" broadcast that seemed to pull the GGs to help. A mysterious girl was roughing up the streets with the police, being the target of a hot chase. It was when antenna-head, Beat, of the GGs helped her escape. Only thing is that, the girl immediately collapsed on him!

Later the GGs find out about the mystery girl named "Melody". What they also learned is about Rokkaku get back up on his feet. But with another strong member on the team, will they be able to defeat Rokkaku, again? And in all of the trouble, will love arise between her and Beat?"

BeatxOC fic. Romance, friendship, tragedy, fluff are bound to be in this. This will possibly be another long story, about 12 chapters to start maybe.

You take my work and post as your own?
Then I'll be sure to stick my neon, yellow ruler up your fucking ass.


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