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Hello my names is peter cellarius. I was born in Canada but now live in the united states.

I like drawing (although i am not that good at it), watching movies, playing video games, traveling, playing piano, and other various things.

I also like Star Wars (originals FTW!!!), Lord of the rings (still need to reed the books *blush*) Rayman, star trek (next gen), Fable series, the sims series, sonic the hedgehog, and a ton of other stuff which I won't list as I don't want to bore you.

If anyone is reading this and loves sonic the hedgehog then i suggest that you read Letha mutation by Tailsisreal

It is a great story and will sweep you off your feet the moment you read it.

Age: 23 (as of march 29th 2013)

gender: Mutant and proud... *ahem* I mean male and proud... but females are great too.

Current occupation: Student and San Jose State University

Favorite character: You mean I can only have one? Well tails is one of my favorite characters (no duh). He is cute, intelligent, has a heart of gold, and doesn't get enough stardom from sega (Seriously sega, you need to put him in the spotlight more). Other characters I love are Luke skywalker, Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Gandalf, Sam [Lord of the Rings] (totally deserves more spotlight as well), sonic the hedgehog, batman, and a bunch of others.

Least favorite character: Chip (from sonic unleashed) [What was SEGA thinking when they made him] Jar Jar Binks [AAAAAAAAAAAGHH] Rosh Penin [Jedi Knight Jedi Academy]

Favorite games: Baldurs gate series, Fable series, Sims series, Red dead redemption, Sonic the hedgehog series (except the few bad apples Sonic 06 I'm looking at YOU), the movies (awesome lionhead game), and a ton of other games. Let's just say I love computer and console games and leave it at that. Heck I even enjoy some arcade games.

Favorite board games: Yeah I know what you thinking. What's a board game... or who plays those anymore. Well they can be a lot of fun if you have a brother, or a family who enjoyed playing them (because no matter how hard you try, your parents aren't going to play a halo match with you). Anyway a few of my favorites are: Memoir 44, Journey descent into darkness, dominion, shadows over Camelot, small world, eminent domain, and race for the galaxy.

Favorite movies: A few of my favorite movies (oh which there are WAY to many to list) are: Star wars series (Specifically 4, 5, and 6.) [despite this I still know way to much about star wars, and love the universe to death. Make a Knights of the Old Republic 3 already!!!, Gladiator, Brave heart, Master and commander, Lord of the rings series, Bourne series (Jason Bourne is awesome), Monty Python and the Holy grail (If you don't like this... then I *will* turn you into a newt. Don't think I'm joking :) ), various other movies (such as How to Train Your Dragon) which I will not be listing here for your and my sake.

Favorite TV shows: sonic SatAM, Due south, Doctor Who (9th and 10th doctor), Firefly (bring the show back... PLEASE), Band of Brothers, Arrested Development, sonic x, the clone war, certain seasons of Star Trek next generations, Mi-5, a few anime shows (Card Captor Sakura, Ichigo Mashimaro).

Favorite books: Um... uh... let me think about this one... yeah I'll get back to you on that when I read something. :)

Favorite foods: Pizza (Pepperoni, or all meat), Ice cream, pumpkin pie, millie-feuille (awesome french pastry), pancakes (Dutch style), lots of other food.

Least favorite food: Tomatoes (whole), cucumber, Plain mashed potatoes (Strange, as I like all other kinds of potato), various other things.

As a general rule just remember dessert is GOOD veggies are BAD.

P.S (especially to Tailsisreal) I also like Mentos which is a mint candy I believe which makes me like Tails (Yippee, Hurray, Yahoo... *ahem* sorry I shouldn't brag).

Favorite songs: Um... I listen to a lot of songs so that is hard to say: some songs I like are:

Escape from the city from Sonic adventure 2 (Who doesn't like that song)

Believe in Myself (SA1) While not my favorite... I still enjoy it... plus I give it props for being Tails theme song.

Girlfriend (by Avril Lavign)

Certain songs by greenday or simple plan,

Viva la Vida by coldplay,

certain video game or movie music (sonic the hedgehog, fable, Star Wars)

Many songs by Two steps form Hell,

a lot of of songs by パーキッツ (parquets)

songs by Riyu kosaka,

songs from Idolm@ster


(yeah yeah I probably enjoy the happy cute j-pop too much.)

A lot of other songs.

Favorite kinds of stories: Stories that are done by Tailsisreal (especially Lethal mutation).

Things I don't like

Movies with no stories and pointless action (for the most part), School (I know it's a necessity though), Twilight (Never touched it never will), Getting sick (NO DUH), various other things.

Well that is it for my awesome super wonderful bio of awesomeness... which was totally not based on tailsisreal (does tails pose of arms behind head which I never do in real life.) Gotta speed keed.

Lethal Mutation: A Tails Fanfic by Tailsisreal reviews
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