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hey people, I'm momentai35 as you know of course

Profile pic: I'm sorry but for now, I won't be showing anymore pictures, for now anyways since my camera's been acting up and since school is starting soon so yah... and again sorry for any inconvinience or you know what I mean...

name: not telling..sorry

age: 15

Gender: Female

Country of Origin: Philippines which makes me Filipino

nickname: call me momentai35

fav shows: digimon, naruto/shippuden, blue dragon, monster rancher, guess pokemon, kingdom hearts 1/2 ( still counts)... I'm an anime person.

fav movies: naruto movies, digimon movies, disney movies...

pastimes: My favorite pastimes would be playing sports like baseball, basketball, and tennis, write stories, singing, dancing, drawing and reading.

stories: I've written about digimon frontier mostly... and Kingdom hearts,

Fanfiction Bio
(Not Real)

Earth, that’s my home planet and where me and my friends are but it hasn’t been like that before I met them. I was born in a parallel universe to earth and what most people don’t know is that there are actually more universes than just earth. The one that I’m from is called Levis ( Lev-is) and it’s one of the most beautiful places ever.It ressembles a lot of earth but the skies aren’t lit with a sun, it’s lit with the three moons, day and night, that are located in the North, South-East and West. The North moon, Folium, is the main and biggest moon along with the others, Crusta and Stipes. My guardian, Aequus (A-que-us), who is a Leviastal from the parallel universe, brought me to earth during the invasion of Malum when I was 6 years old. Many people integrated towards earth because of him and I was happy that I wasn’t the only one. Aequus is a giant, light blue cat like creature with angel wing like ears, she had golden rings around her paws and had a long tail. On earth, she could transform into a human and she poses as my ‘mother’ though in my original universe, there were no parents, everyone just had a guardian with them. I was practically stuck on earth with everyone else and this lasted for about 5 years. After those 5 years, I adapted easily to this world but that was before I met others like me. My friends, Lotus and Rainen along with their Guardians, Vita (She was a large bird with Emerald Green feathers and had larger, longer feathers for her tail) and Furor (A large black dragon with red claws, tail tip, belly and yellow eyes.) We all decided that running away wasn’t the right choice to make so we all went back and fought Malum but it was a tough journey. But we finally reached our goal and restored our land and gave it back to the rightful owners. Me and my friends were happy to have accomplished our mission and htey decided to stay but I, along with Aequus wanted to stay on Earth. Two years later, I met my newer friends, one of them being Slop Doggy. I met him on my adventure in exploring the world with Aequus who now didn’t have to stay in human form, claiming that it didn’t feel right being human. When I found Slop Doggy, he was training hard and I learnt of his powers and being able to control electricity. We bonded pretty well and I even gave his training a try and found out that I have the ability to make plants and earth grow. It was an amazing experience and I couldn't have done it without Slop Doggy.

Appearance: Momentai35 has dark brown hair that goes down her back, she wears a white toque with a Lotus on the left side in reminder of her friends, (the flower was given to her by fer friend Lotus), she wears a big light pink sweater with a purple shirt underneath, wears dark blue skinny jeans with brown boots and carries a light brown bag that hangs down beside her waist. She also wears black fingerless gloves.

Powers: Ability to be able to make earth like grow on command...

Guardian: Aequus is a large cat like creature who’s light blue in color. She has angel wing like ears and has golden rings around her paws and has a long tail.

Slop Doggy: When Slop Doggy discovered his powers, he was shunned by all but his parents. But when his parents were murdered, Slop Doggy swore vengence and began training for the day he could get his revenge

Appearance: Slop Doggy generally goes around dressed in a long black cloak, similar to Ichigo's Bankai clothes, but Slop's is a long flowing cape that alternates between many different colors. His eyes are black, and his hair is brown. Has a long, thick sword, almost like a cleaver, on his back, and a normal katana at his side.

Powers: After learning the power of Authorian, Slop Doggy's first destination was the Ninja World, where he learned many techniques, including the Sharingan, Byakugan, and the Rin'negan, as well as the Chidori and Rasengan, and the Shadow Clone Jutsu. After that, he traveled to Karakura town and absorbed many Zanpaktou powers, including Ichigo Kurosaki's, Toshiro Hitsugaya's, Byakuya Kuchiki's, and many others, and can even use his own Vaizard mask. Also, he can control electricity through his hands, and can even feed it through his sword.

x3AnimeLuver: x3AnimeLuver, also known as Chloe Fujiaki, was born and raised in Hawaii with her fraternal twin, Micah. At the age of 8, like Slop Doggy, she lost her parents. A few years later, her brother was hospitalized for a severe illness. Certain he was going to die, Chloe's world was turned upside down. However, as she was sitting by his bedside, all the machinery went haywire, and two Digieggs appeared, hatching into Lunamon and Coronamon. Her brother was healed and was later released from the hospital by a group of baffled doctors. After joining The Exile, Hololulu's version of DATS, she, her brother, and her friends, Xavier Iehara, and his partner Gabumon, and Justin Higa, and his partner Leormon, were attacked by an evil Digimon known as Arkadimon. This Digimon wiped out the city leaving the Digidestined as the only survivors. They all fought Arkadimon, but ended up dying, leaving Chloe as the only survivor, without her Digimon partner. When she woke up, she was alone in the Digital World. As her grief and regret swelled up inside her, a new Digimon appeared in front of her: Asumon (fan made). After that, her heart became tainted and she desired revenge against Arkadimon. Soon, Asumon was able to Warp Digivolve to it's Mega form, Kurodramon. They managed to destroy Arkadimon, but her anger was not abated. Starting a conquest of the Digital World, she met Slop Doggy while he was absorbing the powers found in the Digital World. Seeing what her anger had done to her, and perhaps seeing his future, Slop Doggy told Chloe to stop her rampage across the Digital World. She took exception to this and and Kurodramon attack him. After a fierce fight, Slop Doggy prevailed and managed to convince Chloe to stop her conquest. She then began to fix the problems in the Digital World as an act of repentance. After finishing, she departed with Slop Doggy back to Earth

Appearance: Shorter than average 13 year old girl. She has jet black hair that reaches a couple inches below her shoulders. Her hair is tied in a ponytail with her bangs not tied to the side of her face. She also has black eyes and pale skin. She is usually found wearing a white T-shirt with an unzipped, black, short-sleevd jacket with a hoodie. Chloe also wears a pair of loose, dark-blue jeans capris that are easy to run in. She has black running shoes. Sometimes, she is found wearing black fingerless gloves and a black cap that once belonged to her brother, Micah. She also has a black Digivice that is just like the ones in Digimon Adventure V-Tamers with the same functions.

Powers: While Chloe was trying to take over the Digital World, she learned that she had some powers. She could instantly heal any Digimon she wants whenever she needs to and she can speak to her partner through telepathy. She could also see all of the stats and data of all of her enemies. (Their attack power, defense, moves, etc.) She is a genius and is able to think of five strategies depending on the situation within seconds. She can fight if she needs to.

TobiGB: TobiGB, or Spryous, was born in Georgia and was living a normal live, until he discovered he was the host of 3 demons. Happy to know he wasn't going to lead a boring, normal life. After spending 3 years training with the other 3 Elemental Warriors, during that time he learned many fire-based spells, which he excelled at, and also learning he had the ability to teleport anywhere, and he could bring anyone with him, he and his friends discovered they would have to destroy an evil being known as Knight. Since his parents weren't aware of any of this, and because he didn't want them to worry, Spryous decided to tell them. However, one day when he got home from school, he saw Knight standing over the dead bodies of his parents. Enraged and engulfed in flames, Spryous charged Knight, only to be defeated and left with a scar over his face. 6 months later, he and his friends faced off against Knight, the climax of which had the Warriors combining powers, and Knight was defeated. Knowing he could not go back to his original life, Spryous bid farewell to his friends and became a drifter, teleporting to many worlds and facing their strongest opponents. While in the Ninja World, he faced off against 10 ninjas at once, all of whom he defeated without breaking a sweat. Slop Doggy was watching this, and approached Spryous asking if he wanted to join his group. After thinking about it, Spryous agreed.

Appearance: African American, has a bald head, wears a mask that covers most of his face except his eyes and mouth to cover his scar, only takes it off when he's alone. He has brown eyes that turns fire red when he's about to use his powers, and he wears fingerless gloves, a black tank shirt with a black leather jacket, and fire red pants along with a pair of black boots and wears a dog-tag chain round his neck. All of this stuff is fire proof.

Powers: Spryous can control the fire element to a high degree, even able to make some rasengans with it, and he's able to do a Kamehameha with it as well, called the Flame Kamehameha. Most of his fire powers in connected to his emotions. When he becomes enraged, his powers can go out of control, but he has learned to control them much better than before. He knows a wide variety of spells, both light and dark magic. He can perform healing spells and can summon fire beasts to help him and his friends, and can even enter other people dreams. He can teleport to anywhere he chooses and he can teleport others as well.

Demons: He has 3 types of armor. Each one is named after the demon that is inside of him: Infarno is his first form. It gives him Samurai armor. Pyris, the second form, gives him the appearance of Aldamon without the tail and increase in size. Valcanius the most powerful of the 3. This armor gives him the appearance of a phoenix. He has the power to wipe out half a city but he only uses this armor if he really needs to, as it uses too much of his powers.

Weapons: He has a Katana that can change into any weapon he chooses. It can rival even the strongest Zanpaktou. It's a blood red color with a fire symbol on the end of the blade.

Hollowfied Tweaker (HT): A former Officer, HT (Hollowfied Tweaker) became suicidal after the death of his wife. While holiday shopping with her, they were attacked by an unknown, powerful assailant, killing her and sending him to the hospital. After making a full recovery, he viewed the video of the attack (from the security cameras) dozens of times, concluding that he hesitated for about three seconds before acting to save his wife. Blaming himself for her death, his mentality spirals out of control and decides to resign from the Police Department. In front of her grave, he chooses to take his own life. But before he can pull the trigger however, a female being calling herself Bethany, appears before him. Other than her golden blond hair, she looks to be a twin of his late wife. She offers him an alternative to suicide by teaching him the ancient art of Authorian. After learning the secret art, he travels to an alternate world where all human emotions have been banned by the Tetragrammaton Council, the world of Equilibrium. After arriving, he immediately masters the deadly martial art of Gun Kata, an art used by Librian's law enforcement unit, the Grammaton Clerics. Bethany appears before him once again to explain that his wife's killer is a mercenary hired by a man named Kuroouja, who was seeking the secrets of Authorian. She tells him to find a person named Slop Doggy, someone who can help him locate this ruthless mercenary.

Appearance: HT is 5'8" in height, weighs 160 lbs, has black hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses, a black and red motorcycle-racing style Kevlar jacket over a black hooded sweatshirt, level 4 body armor, faded blue jeans, black Kevlar gloves, black combat tactical boots, a black tactical belt with a pair of matching thigh-strapped gun holsters.

Weapons: His primary weapons are a pair of Grammaton Cleric full-auto pistols, modified to fire unlimited rounds of explosive-tip ammunition. He also carries a titanium wakizashi attached to the rear of his belt and several dozen vials of Prozium, an emotion-suppressing drug which he uses to eliminate any form of emotion during combat.

Powers/Skills: Being a former SWAT officer, he's an expert in CQB (Close Quarters Battle), tactics, special weapons and marksmanship. He has also mastered the art of Gun Kata which teaches that the geometric distribution of anagonists in any gun battle is a statistically predictable element. The Gun Kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents while keeping the user clear from the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire. In effect, users are able to predict the actions of opponents during firearms combat. With mastery in this art, his firing proficiency has risen 120 percent as well as his swordsmanship. His skills are on par with that of the highest Grammaton Cleric First Class, John Preston.

0ranos: Real name: James Miles. Was a British Officer during the occupation, or colonization, call it what you will, of India, in 1847. Was transferred to the up-and-coming colony of Singapore in 1854. Once there, he was pivotal in subduing the Malaysian natives to the North, which were a threat to His Majesty's holdings in the area. Was promoted to Captain for the Skirmish at Johor Bahru, in particular, in which he displayed excellent strength of character, and a true officer's thinking. Afterwards, he married the daughter of the Governor of the Straits Settlements, Edmund Blundell, in 1857. He had seven children, three of which died before reaching four years old, and one of which would go on to be a political, and military hero in Singapore, Thomas Miles. He died on February 13, 1872, a Friday.

This is James Miles' life as history knows it. Most of it is true, yes. But some of it is a lie. On October 2nd, 1855, Miles disappeared. Nobody knew where he went. In fact, neither did Miles himself.

He found himself in a strange city. The laws of physics seemed off, and there were strange men that attacked him, moving like shadows. He managed to fight the group off (he soon found patterns in their movements, and was able to predict their strikes), and afterwards found refuge in an abandoned tower that surveyed the area. At least, he thought it was abandoned. There he found a man in a dark cloak, who seemed to know of his plight. The man, who only identified himself as 'Slop Doggy', said that he could get him back home. On one condition; Miles would help him with a certain... campaign, that he had been planning. After realizing that this was his best chance, Miles agreed, if somewhat cautiously.

Writing Career: After his various campaigns, Miles decided that it was time to settle down on a career. After one night, when he had several visions of the future, most involving giant machines flying through the air on miraculous sheets of metal, he decided he would become a writer. His are only just now being discovered. Strangely enough, most of these works seem to bear a striking relevance to a particular, animated television show.

Appearance: Miles walked in and out of various journals of the well-off in Singapore colonial society. From the accounts of these meetings, we can discern that Miles was a tall, well built man, with a prominent mustache in the style of the times, and close-trimmed hair. He apparently wore his uniform most of the time when visiting. It is unknown what he wore when at home, because there are no surviving journals or records from his family. Except, of course, the journal of Thomas Miles, who described his father as a “handsome, but serious man.”

Powers: As is mentioned above, it has been recorded that Miles at least believed that he could see the future. When he wrote, he used the pseudonym 0ranos, as tribute to the far-seeing Greek Titan.

Weapons: Miles is an expert marksman, although his swordplay could stand to improve. However, his greatest weapon is his mind. He has sees everything as a game of tactics and strategy. He thinks on his feet, and always has a backup plan.

RazenX: Razen came from our Earth, and always imagined being a hero and saving worlds. One day he recieved his wish when a visitor told him of Auruboth and that he was a Duochron, a split being. The stranger told him that he was one of two who must find the VeniIshaCharn, a child born with extraordinary abilites and whose fate will decide the fate of Auruboth. After recieving training and the Mimicblade, he dropped his old name and took up the name Razen, which in the tongue of Auruboth means "Flame of Destiny." The visitor soon died of wounds recieved early, leaving Razen with many questions. .Razen travels the worlds, seeking out the child before Zanen, his other half, can. Razen want to several worlds to learnthe arts of the sword, and soon mastered all sword styles. Razen then went to the world of Symphonia to learn to control his mana and cast magic. On the world of Avatar, he learned the four elements, perfecting his magic skills. Razen then traveled to Karakura Town, the ninja world, and the digital world, always being one step behind the gang. During a battle on one world he fights a group of Shattereds, beings who lost their souls. Shattereds appear as pure black beings with colored tattoos along their bodies. Some shattereds have more apparent forms, such as knights or wolf-like creatures. Slop Doogy and gang appear and aid him in the fight, after which he joins the group. Razen travels the world looking for the child, for answers about Auruboth and himself, and to defeat Zanen. Razne states the members of the group may be Duochron as well.

Appearance- Razen has brown hair to his shoulders, and golden eyes. He wears a black cloak over a crimson sweatshirt with a falcon on the front and a black flame on the back and grey sweatpants, as well as a scabbard and gunbelt. He is of average height and has an average build. In battle, he calls out his battle gear, gold plate armor over black pants and a shirt.

Powers- He is skilled in most forms of hand-to-hand combat, as well as gun and sword fightning, which he has mastered. His mimicblade copies the style of sword of the world (in Kingdom hearts it would be a keyblade for example), though it is normally one-handed.the mimicblade's normal appearance is a golden hilt with a diamond in the center, and the sides curving downwards, as well as having the start of a silver blade. The Mimicblade retains the abilities it gains on the worlds. He has two colt pistols at his side, whcih fire both bullets and energy. He can also teleport, heal himself, and had super strength and speed. Razen has complete mastery of the our basic elements and their magic.


Anyways, the winner of the new poll story is (drumroll) Another Digimon Adventure, feat. my new digidestined, and fanmade digimon
In second place, we have (drumroll) Digimon 02.5 feat an OC of mine... but I'll start this one when my frontier movie is done and that's coming up when frontier 02 is finished, I got a lot of work ahead of me

Important!! If you're a fan of Ambiekinz or Deepwolf please read the following...

There is someone out there with the account name of "DeepWolfnAmbiekinzarePATHETIC" and this person has been insulting me and DeepWolff telling us how we suck at writing and should stop writing fanfics. They apparantly enjoy making fun of us and I just find that frankly rude. If you think this person should be stopped you can do the following: pm them, report them, or copy and paste this to your profile to show you agree with me and DeepWolff.

Thank you,
Ambiekinz =)

~Stories I've finished~

Digimon: The Frontier Adventure
Chapters: 39
Genre: Adventure/action
Summary: The frontier gang meets up with the 02 gang but when they arrive in the digital world, there have been some strange things going on and now they hear about a new evil that has been terrorizing digimon and forcing them to fall into the Human World. Can they stop him and thwart his evil plans before it’s too late?

~Stories that I started~
(sorry I haven't been updating a few stories)

Another Digimon Adventure
aka Digimon Adventure 03
Note: I've been working on this story for a long long time now and I wasn't sure whether or not to write it here but here it goes...
Summary: It's been about 2 months since the 2nd digital adventure and everything's been pretty quiet until they've got a message from Gennai concerning the well-being of the digital world and new digidestined. That was after some sort of meteor shower that occored a few days before but it seems that no one else but the digidestined could see them. They landed somewhere in the Odaiba area but when they went looking for them, they turned up empty handed. Although, 6 new kids have found these comets and out of these comets came a digivice called a D-ceiver. Now these new digidestined have found out about the digital world on their own and decided to keep it a secret from the rest of the world. Now they must save the digiworld from a new evil and the old digidestined must find these kids.

Digimon Frontier: Adventure 02
Genre: Adventure/ action
Summary: The frontier gang have been called to the digiworld to once again save the two worlds but there's a twist, the evil legendary warriors are back and not under the control of Cherubimon. I also added my own digimon that I created thanks to my dog

Kingdom Hearts 3
Genre: Adventure/action
Summary: Sora, Donald and Goofy are back and better than ever now that they have Kiari and Riku and their new friend Aurora with them. But the Heartless and nobodies are back along with a new enemy known as the Nothings. What are they planning?

~Stories that I'll write in the future~
Digimon First

Maybe a Takumi thing...
Not really sure about the whole pairing thing but I'll give it a shot
That is if you want me to

And maybe I'll do something humorous if I try really hard...
I'll try to do something but yah, I don't know ust throwing out ideas

Digimon Adventure 02.5
This will be the same as it was before except with another digidestined girl, she was supposed to be originally with the original digidestined like Kari and TK but somehow she didn't really make it in time. The carrier of the crest of Faith and her digimon (OC) finally meets up with them but how will this change the story? Still not sure about the pairings...

Digimon Frontier: Trouble in Paradise
Special thanks to Slop Doggy who gave me this title!!
Summary: While continuing their journey to defeat the Royal Knights, they stumble upon allergy season in the digital world and when Takuya starts sneezing as an allergic reaction, the Warriors take it as a sign to take a vacation. But when they were disturbed by a Coronamon and his village, their vacation is cut short when they find out that they’re being attacked by a mysterious digimon who has been picking them off one by one. And when the Warriors started to interfere, bad things started to get worse, will they succeed or will they let the digimon down?

Note: I'll write the Frontier Movie when my frontier stories are over...

Digimon Tamers: Adventure 02
I'm sorry but I'll be deleting this story for now anyways... And I'll be writing a new story but I won't know until my poll and story is over...

I might have a rewrite for this and sorry but I might exclude Auroramon for this one, it'll make it more simple for me... maybe an OC who knows, only time will tell...

~Possible Crossovers~

Digimon Frontier/Tamers
Title: Digimon Tamers: The Final Frontier
Digimon Tamers/Adventure 02
Title: (It's the same as frontier/adventure02) Digimon: The Tamer Adventure 01

If you're wondering about the .Hack// thing, it's not going to be with the characters, it's going to be about kids and the online world of digimon, so mainly it's not a crossover... but with a general idea of the .Hack// series... sorry for any confusion. So this fic will be about an online world of digimon where you can create your own virtual character and a digimon will be assigned to them. This online world is like a virtual reality where kids can log in and out but there’s a hacker in this world that has been causing trouble and he’s not allowing anyone to log in once they’ve logged out. Who’s the master mind of this and why is he doing what he’s doing? This is just a bit of what I’m explaining so hope you’re interested.

~Characters from Stories~

Digimon Frontier: Adventure 02

Description: Auroramon is brown from head to toe except for that fact that her tummy, paws and part of her face. She wears a blue bandana and Key around her neck although it doesnt' really open anything. She also has long brown ears that are darker than her body and has a short tail. Her attitude is a smart, witty little digimon, she doesn't really like being crossed and even if her appearance is a cute, sweet little puppy, she's a fierce fighter and a strong opponent.

Appearances: In Digimon Frontier: Adventure 02, Digimon the Frontier Adventure 01

Evolutions: Garbomon, MagnaAuroramon, ShineAuroramon

Attacks: Aurora Beam, Thunder Kick

Another Digimon Adventure


Name: Daiki Kuraya
Nickname: Dai
Birth Month: June
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Partner: Cindermon

Name: Hiroshi Kichida
Nickname: Roshi
Birth Month: April
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Partner: Glacimon

Name: Rumiko Miura
Nickname: Rumi
Birth Month: May
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Partner: Clairmon

Name: Mayoko Sakamoto
Nickname: Yoko
Birth Month: February
Gender: Female
Age: 13 (for a month now)
Partner: Esprimon

Name: Kiyoshi Okada
Nickname: Kiyo
Birth Month: March
Gender: Male
Age: 9 (turning 10 soon)
Partner: Chinchimon

Name: Kintaro Ikeda
Nickname: Kint (rarely)
Birth Month: February
Gender: Male
Age: 13 (for a month now)
Partner: Naturamon

FanMade Digimon:

Special Attacks: Pyro Ball, Tail Whip
In-Training: Bukemon
Champion: Burnermon
Special Attacks: Burning Claw, Fire Missiles, Falling Star

Special Attacks: Ice Ray, Javelin Crystal
In-Training: Pikemon
Champion: Tatsumon
Special Attacks: Frozen Wing, Blizzard Frost

Special Attacks: Golden Bust, Rainbow Shot
In-Training: Flurrimon
Champion: Feemon (F-ay-mon)
Special Attacks: Blizzard's Blooming, Air Cutter

Special Attacks: Holy Beam, Golden Flow
In-Training: Symbolimon
Champion: Angelimon
Special Attacks: Haven Spell, Holy Charm

Special Attacks: Ground Shaker, Earth Pound
In-Training: Pikamon
Champion: Rabimon
Special Attacks: Rock Smasher,

Special Attacks: Nature's Gift, Leaf Blade
In-Training: Seedmon
Champion: Foresmon
Special Attacks: Thorn Prick, Emerald Laser

Your One and Only Wish

Do it one by one, don't look ahead!

1. Write the name of a person of the opposite sex.

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Here is something that I really love from Kingdom Hearts...

Kairi's Letter

Thinking of you, wherever you are...

We pray for our sorrows to end,

and hope that our hearts will blend.

Now I step forward to realize this wish.

And who knows,

Starting a new journey may not be so hard

Or maybe it has already begun.

There are many worlds,

but they share the same sky.

One Sky, One Destiny...


Don't forget... Momentai!! Jacked from Tamers haha...

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Following the Footsteps of Destiny by Broken Angel01 reviews
It's not an easy road to follow the path of a legacy that spans over several generations of Digidestined, but when those who are innocent succumb to the darkness, that is when the pages of history reveal themselves in the prophecies of File Island. Their numbers are growing, and the time has come for Daichi Motomiya and his friends to harness the true strength of their hearts.
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