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Hi there!

hokay, so, first of all. I'm extremely random XD. So most likely nothing normal is ever going to end up on this page. ehehehe~

Born and bred in Austraalliia! I come form the land down under~! ehehe

and before you ask. YES. I DO RIDE A KANGAROO TO SCHOOL.

TWILIGHT IS GAYY (yes i know i wrote a fanfiction about it but i was a fangirl. As bad as it is.)




oh and voldemort from AVPM is sexy too... XD

Oh, I'm also a YAOI fangirl XD well.. sometimes... hehe

Y is for youth, 'cause we don't like 'em old...
A is for...ass (or so I've been told).
O is for "Oh, yeah,'re so hard!"
I is for insane, 'cause that's what we all are!


~Harry Potter (books and ze movies)

~A Very Potter Musical


~Sugar! And chocolate and candy and lollipops...

~Dr. Pepper, Hershey's Chocolate Bars and Tootsie Pops!! (I live in Australia... they're hard to find...) :D

~YAOI >= best site ever!!

~High Heels!! They so preeettyyy...

~Shiny things!! :D :D

probably many other things that i cant think of as of yet..

I never really write much fan-fiction! So don't expect any... honestly... I'm terrible at writing...

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And yeah. :D

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