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Akane - a Japanese name meaning "deep red"
Nyx - the primordial goddess of night.

Some may say that it's a bit morbid, but it suits me.

I've used both names in writing: 'Akane' is a name I used in a fanfiction (not an OC though... it's sort of complicated.) and 'Nyx' is the middle name of a character in a non-ff story that I've partially written. Neither character is me, persay. Their names came before this screenname did. If forced to change my name, I'd choose to be named Nyx.

The picture is a blood moon, it can only be seen at the peak of a lunar eclipse. If you've never had the opportunity to see an eclipse, it is worth sitting up all night for.

Usually I'm not one to get involved in a story or at least not emotionally invested in a character or situation.


But there was this sneaking voice at the back of my mind. It was a character that I knew and rather liked (Temari), but she didn't sound like herself. She wasn't as hard-edged. Her voice was soft, caring, almost loving. And what she was saying made little to no sense out of context. It was driving me crazy. I tried to not dwell on it.

Tried... did not succeed.

I'm not really much of a writer. By this I mean that I've got lots of ideas rolling around my head and tucked away in file folders and worn out notebooks, but not one complete story to my name.

I'd never ventured into fan-fiction before, but the first story wouldn't let me alone, so I wrote it down. I filled in the blanks that I'd felt almost cheated by when I first saw the story unfold. Then the question came: What else weren't these authors and script-writers telling me? Two more chapters piled upon what was going to be a one-shot I'm not satisfied yet. (Pieces Scattered by the Wind - and yes, I'm sorry the updating is iffy)

Halfway through writing the first piece, it lay abandoned when a song ('Amazing' by Blue October) caught my attention and threw me into the first chapter of another fic (Belongs to Her). I wasn't planning on working on it until the other was done, but no such luck. Then I wasn't going to post it until I finished it, but we all see how that worked out. And now there's little snippits in my mind that may be the beginnings of a sequel (tentatively titled Things Done For Kin and Country)

Of course I find it amusing that the first thing that I've actually posted is an aside to an episode of Bones (Black 1936 Ford Coupe), when the other two are derived from Naruto. Nothing like a major gap in genres!

As far as my Neglected Observations of Bones go, I'm pretty much writing them as quickly as they come to mind, and not always in order. It began as a sort of challenge to myself. I wanted to pick one thing out of each episode that wasn't heavily written about (or take a spin on it that I'd never seen considered) and post something. Some episodes are harder than others, and some have more than one thing that demands my attention. As far as what I've written so far; things are a little jumbled, so I'm only posting one or two installments a week, just so I stay ahead of myself.

It's become a sort of addiction.
Truthfully, I've been loosing sleep to my writings and yours.
I'm hooked.

I'm not one to share what I've written, but I'm not one to get involved in a story either. That's why I'm here. To see if sharing what I've written is something that's going to unexpectedly work for me too. So far it has.

I write for me. If you enjoy it, that's a nice added bonus. If you want to comment on something that might help me write better in the future, that's cool too. I am, in no way, dependant on other'sapproval. I promise that you'll never see me begging for reviews. That goes doubly for the concept of withholding chapters until I get a specific number. I won't do it. I won't even review for people who do, as it is a philosophy of mine to never be an enabler.

I think it goes without saying that any songs/shows/books/manga/characters I use or reference aren't mine. I'm only posting this disclaimer once, right here. It really shouldn't have to be said. I have strokes of genius from time to time, but I'm really not that good.

So now for a few remarks on what I'll be writing -

- My mind does seem to take off where the author or director cuts away. If that's the case I'll try to reference a page or episode number.

- You'll not see any M/M or F/F pairings from me. I've got no personal problem with it, I just don't believe I can do that kind of love justice on paper and I don't see any of the characters that I write about being LGBT given what we know about them in their original storylines.

- You'll not see anything incestuous from me. This is not because I don't think I can do it justice. It's because it's sick and wrong.

- The same goes for rape. Morally reprehensible. I won't be writing it in.

- I'm pretty good at keeping 'in character,' but as I like to fill in the blanks, I feel that some of the characters have a private side that we don't get to see in the original work.

-I also feel that the characters show us only what they want us to see. The best way that I can explain it is that it's like the character tells the story to the author, who writes their interpretation of it down. When relaying a story we all leave things out, so if certain scenes seem familiar but embellished, that's why.

- I'm not always good at keeping characters the right age. This will go doubly for anything involving Naruto. I won't be shifting age differences, but I can't quite wrap my mind around them being as young as they are.

- I have a feeling that fight/violent scenes are going to be terribly weak, bear with me on those.

- I'm a stickler for details. I spend a lot of time researching things to get things right (and not just within the show - most outside details that I throw in are referencable). It drives me crazy to see characters names misspelled or physical attributes mistaken. If you catch me making any such mistakes, let me know.

-Don't expect anything too AU from me. If I'm interested in something enough to write about it, chances are I think the original artist did a good job setting the scene.

11/05/09 - I've been suffering from a stressful personal life, a marked lack of creativity, and an impending technology upgrade. I'm hoping that the new laptop will provide some sort of inspiration for stories that I'm actually posting now. Until then, please bear with me.

1/1/11 - I don't make resolutions but I'm going to try to get Belongs to Her finished this year. Don't hold your breath though, I've got a lot of other things going on in my life (a full time job, my photography business. I'm hoping to open an etsy store, the auto restoration I'm starting... life's a little insane). Thanks to all of you who are still reading. Love ya'll for your patience. I might ought to note that I haven't read any of the chapters of Naruto that have come out in the last few months, I've found they've been affecting my thought process with Belongs to Her and Things Done For Kin and Country, both of which are not flowing as easily ast they started out. I've also sort of fallen out of love with Bones. haven't caught and episode yet this season and I've not really had an interest in pulling them up and watching them online. I am sort of stuck on NCIS, but I don't really have any urge to write on it at this point.

9/3/12 - Life's crazy! New home (well, I moved in with my boyfriend). Back to school (after 7 years without a class I'm enrolled full time again) Working part time (after the place I worked for almost 6 years let me go) ... and that's just the main points...Updates have been, and will continue to be, few and far between. Sorry for that. I'm hoping I can get my life pieced back together enough to finish what I've started at some point in the relatively near future.

5/1/16 - I suppose that there's room here for a bit of a personal update. The "boyfriend" from the last update became my husband in 2014. My return to school yielded a degree in 2014, but so far no reliable employment. My husband went from working a job that had him only at home on the weekends ot one that has him at home the majority of the time. So now my life is composed of household projects (organization, landscaping, gardening, cooking and canning, building a wall in the basement, insulating and wiring a shed, raising chickens, trying unsuccessfully to evict my husbands project vehicle from the garage so I can start mine), shameless recreation (fishing, being a dedicated motorcycle passenger, planning travel), and job hunting. This has freed up a bit of time for me to revisit writing, mostly because I hate doing anything only halfway.

A few photographs or pieces of artwork to serve as further explanation.
I don't claim anything marked *.

Belongs to Her
- *Almost exactly what came to my mind when I envisioned Kakashi at the gates with Sakura just before the start of the story, drawn by someone with much more talent than myself. This artwork was completely coincidental. We'd never spoken and she'd not read my story.
- Kakashi's House - This one is all mine
- *The man who taught "Matsu" - refered to as Tsukino-Sama. This is what I pictured.

Pieces Scattered by the Wind
- Shikimaru's Apartment - Again, this is mine.

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