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Author has written 3 stories for Halo, Fate/stay night, Silmarillion, A song of Ice and Fire, and Game of Thrones.

I hate having an imagination. It makes me say things and come up with ideas which basically boil down to a crapshoot; meaning, they're either so bad that people will be morally obligated to throw me out of the house, or so brilliant that they look at me menacingly to get back on whatever I've come up with.

...Oh, who am I kidding, I LOVE writing with an imagination. It's just that I have a horrible case of writer's block. Like, REAL bad writer's block. See, my formula at writing and stuff is like this: I come up with an idea, crazy or mundane, write the first few bits with a fervent pace, and then burn out in a sense.

Anywho, here's a brief summation of moi.

Age: Early twenties (Still haven't gotten drunk, or got married, or even had sex--Achievement, or Sad Fact?)

Sex: Male and avoiding it like the plague. I'm one of those conservative types, savvy?

Likes: Legos, Peace Tea, sweets, kittens/puppies, my family, a good-written fanfic, swords, classic Disney movies, anime, and the J-Man.

Dislikes: People when their sad or angry or just stressed out, CRICKETS, sweets, my weight, taxes, a poorly-written fanfic, tomatoes, all non-anime Adult Swim stuff not named Robot Chicken, and haters.

Virtues: Easy-going (mostly), compliant, occasional bouts of genius, esoteric sense of humor, relatively good grammar.

Faults: Lazy, unmotivated (most of the time), glutenous, sound WEIRD sometimes, horrible writers block.

Favorite Western SciFi Series: Halo, Star Wars, Mass Effect (Can we please make a giant crossover where they all have this crazy space battle already? PLEASE?!)

Favorite Western Fantasy Series: An eternal war between Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. (Catharsis vs Addiction)

Favorite Videogame Series: Fable and Elder Scrolls (Monty Pyton humor vs FUS-RO-DAH)

Favorite Disney Movie: Sleeping Beauty. (DAT FIGHT SCENE.)

Favorite... *Plot*... Anime: Sekirei (Three-way war between Musubi, Matsu, and Uzume as my favorite!)

Favorite Shounen Anime: Gurren Lagann (Yeah, who saw that coming?)

Favorite Deep Anime: Fate/Stay Night (Ufotable, you are #*@&ing glorious.)

Here are the works I'm, well, working on at the present moment.

A Spartan in Westeros: A Halo/Game of Thrones Crossover. Basic plot for dummies--MC and Cortana land in Westeros, inevitably get involved in the mess that is the Westerosi political situation, and decide they should start opening cans of whoopass to return the peace. Yes, you hear that right. Sounds impossible, ja? Like most of my other ideas, this little bugger popped into my head in one of those heat-of-the-moment sort of situations I had, originally stemming from the rather obvious question of Master Chief vs Westeros over on Spacebattles. Unlike much of my other heat-of-the-moment ideas, however, somehow... it seems to be working. Or, at least, it seems to have grown a rather sizable following. And, no, it isn't just a 'drop MC, kick ass, fix everything' fic, though admittedly I'd like to hope John's presence changes things for the better. Seems to have become my pet project, despite my best efforts.

Son of the Great: Basically an alternate route Fate/Stay Night could have taken had certain events had taken place. Essentially an (attempted) original route featuring Iskandar and Waver both raising Shirou in a Two And a Half Men style of parenting, except with hilariously abusive training regimes and reconstructing Shirou into a non-distorted fellow. For those of you familiar on Beast's Lair, you'll already know how much of a fixation I have on this idea, and how horrible my writer's block can truly be. I've truthfully been thinking of rewriting the whole darn thing, which is why I've bothered putting this fic on here. Why? Well, it's been a few years since I've started on it, and after seeing giants like Gabriel Blessing and others... well, I feel like a kid mashing Playdough while these guys are actually sculpting stuff. Features Bro!Shirou, Waver being a total badass, lots of talk about family, and possibly Bro!Archer.

Sons of Westernesse, Sons of Westeros: Unashamedly inspired by The House of Elendil, it basically uses the same concept of crossing the Silmarillion and Game of Thrones together, but throws it around the time of the Andal invasion rather than Aegon's Conquest. To again show my rather sad devotion and sympathy to the Starks, I've landed them with the chance to brofist with the Dunedain. But all that is gold does not glitter, because on top of Westeros' problems, an evil far more terrible than the vices of mortals threatens to bring the World of Men to it's knees. Probably the most sophisticated idea I've come up with, as well as having the most leeway as far as plot is concerned.

Aaaand these are the ideas I keep on thinking which I may or may not get around to, but must reluctantly merely play them out in my head because I know darn well I've enough on my plate as it is.

Even the Smallest: A sort of sequel to SoWSoW, which takes place in the timeline of the books/show, as well as in the LOTR. Featuring a Westeros which is ironically both better and worse off than in canon, chiefly due to the threat of orc incursions forcing the men of Westeros to stop squabbling long enough to deal with them. Features an exiled Aragorn (no surprise there), Gandalf whacking kings around like it's nobody's business and getting away with it, Riverlords renamed with Gondor, Bran being the Ring-bearer, and, most terrifying of all, TWO SEAN BEANS.

To Acsend to The Dream: Heavily inspired by Conquest of Shin Tokyo, an In Flight spinoff featuring Waver and Iskandar in pursuit of Shirou after he left the Clocktower. After an... eventful welcome to Shin Tokyo, our favorite red-clad dynamic duo find themselves caught up in the chaos of the Sekirei Plan, and Waver prepares to overdose himself on aspirin when Rider desires to gather up as many of these nubile aliens and breed an army for world conquest. All the while, Shirou's hair goes white from the antics they inevitably wind up in. Expect a dividing of harems.

An Ideal to Strive Towards: And then Shirou was a Kryptonian. Broken, you say? Perhaps, but it's fun nevertheless. Add Kiritsugu's ideal of being an ally of justice, the emotional turmoil of realizing he's not even human, the inevitable amounts of conflict he'll have with various characters, and the fact that Shirou can now battle Servants in epic fist-fights, and it may shape up to be a pretty cool fic, as Shirou comes to terms with what he must do with his powers, how he can achieve his dream of being a hero, and discover his purpose in the world.

Even Gods can be Wounded: An Injustice GaU/Sekirei crossover which features a washed out Supes who did not go crazy and take over the world, but fell into despair and wandered the globe. Basically a shipping fic which features Clark with Miya, whose experienced similar heart-break. Can Miya's understanding and Minato's unselfish love for his flock convince Supes to step up and put a stop to MBI's insane plans?

Two Swords: A Samurai Jack/Sekirei crossover. Rather simple, possibly a one-shot. As you may have guessed, I'm a fan of Miya, and her paired with the stoic, quiet, yet noble and kind Jack seems surprisingly appealing, especially considering he's likely her equal in swordplay. Plus, I'd love to see how some of the Sekirei react to him trashing them all quiet like.

The Lonely Stag: Stannis has a son, and their family is dysfunctional! Yes, yes, I know there's a fair number of these already out, but this one might be different! Basically, Stannis and his son, Edric (ironic, I know) have a falling out after Jon Arryn dies, when Stannis leaves for Dragonstone and Edric decides to stay in his stead and fulfill the post of Master of Ships. When Ned is named Hand of the King, he finds a young yet level-headed ally in the young Baratheon of Dragonstone, the latter trying desperately though vainly to guide Ned through all the plotting in KL. Naturally, everything still winds up going south for EVERYONE. May feature OC/Sansa later on, but not at first, so that'll hopefully not make half of you run away in panic.

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