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Author has written 35 stories for Twilight, Pellinor, Protector of the Small Quartet, Indigo Blue, Song of the Lioness, Clique, Trickster series, Thirteen Reasons Why, Immortals, Tamora Pierce, and Criminal Minds.

Hello all! My name's Tori, I'm fourteen and live in the Northeastern US. I absolutely LOVE reading and writing (hence the penname). You can also find some of my stuff at FictionPress, Inkpop and Teen Ink's website, written under the same name. Here is some of my stuff here. I mostly write Tamora Pierce fanfiction but lately I've been branching out. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it all!

Here are the ideas that MIGHT be in the future( I have no ideas about the titles yet):

- Koni from Scenario 2 in Telling Neal is back again narrating her life through her ''firsts''( or just narrating her life, I haven't decided). Also, some new oneshots I will do between my stories:

-I think I might do a what-if with the story Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. This may be if Josie handled the e-mail she got differently(went up to Peter and apologized for what her friends did, admitted feelings for him, etc) or if someone stopped him from committing the shootings. Maybe I could also write a letter from Josie apologizing for her actions.

-A oneshot dealing with Criminal Minds about a younger Morgan dealing with the abuse dealt by Carl Buford.

-Definitely some Merthur from Merlin... They would be such an awesome pair.

-There's a possiblity of a sappy oneshot involving Daine and Numair but it's very tentative.

That's it for now...

Note: All songs and book fanfics I build off of are not mine and belong to whichever author wrote the series first. But PLEASE review the stories off them.

Also join me on my newly-started blog at:

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