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Well hello to you, guys and gals. I guess a proper introduction is in order. I am DJ Quicksilver, formerly known as Kibaikasu. After several years of quiet reading, working, and contemplating, I am finally back and ready to start experimenting again with my writing. I'll be mostly working on revamping my writing style to better reflect my growth as a writer compared to where I used to be at. For those of you that want to see some of my original fanfics from when I first started delving as a young, curious boy of 15, here is a link to my original Bio, where all my previous stories are currently saved in their entirety (or at least, up to the point that I wrote them =P).

A little about myself, I'm 28, male, single, Cuban, in love with Hard Rock, Trance (and it's MANY sub-genres') and House music, and am a hardcore-turned-casual gamer, particularly fond of old school console games (from NES up to Gamecube/PS2), World of Warcraft, the Diablo series, and am growing an interest with Path of Exile. In terms of books, I'm a fan of the Harry Potter series and the Eragon series, I'm also into a couple of anime and movies and do read fanfics of those genres as well, though I haven't actually touched a manga in years. XD

When it comes to writing, I find burn-out to be the biggest threat to my writing. When I get burned out, I normally don't recover for a looooooooooooong time, so yeah. I'll try to take it slow this go around and see what happens.

That's it for me, have fun looking around, and I hope to hear from you. Should anyone need to get in contact with me, my new email is djquicksilver85 (at) gmail (dot) com, just replace the obvious and there you go. Till next time. =)


Status: Active

Identity Crisis - This is a bit of a scenario that I've had running through my head for a while now, so I decided 'Eh, why not?' and decided to whip something up off the top of my head. It's my first ever SM fic, so we'll see how it goes. This one explores the world of Crystal Tokyo in a future where Chibiusa has been forced to... well, lets just say 'change' and leave it at that. For right now the Usa/Hotaru pairing is a side thing to the main story (mostly since all of the pairings I have written so far have been hetero, this really is my first foray into shoujo-ai/yuri), but will very much be central to the plot.


Acts of Sacrifice - Explores a world where Arthas Menethil becomes the Lich King for an entirely different reason than in the main storyline. This is a world where the Lich King is in fact a noble being with honor and the safety of the world defining his actions, rather than its destruction. This one is a story I've actually been contemplating ever since I started playing Burning Crusade. It fell out of my mind for a while but then came back full force when Wrath of the Lich King came out, and finally during patch 3.4 when we finally got to fight the LK and see the end of Arthas. Lately I've been playing WoW more and more and each time I log in I can't help but think about it, so I decided to write a prologue, and that was that. We'll see where this story goes.


Project: Shapeshifter - This is the temporary title to a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess fanfic that will soon be in development. It will loosely be based off several concepts that I used in a previous fic under my old account, refined and polished (aka: twisted and mangled) to fit my newer writing style and the TP universe as opposed to other games. More to come on this later.


Unleashed Rage - A Dragonball Z fanfiction involving the main concepts from my 2 DBZ stories found on my old account - Gohan launching into space after fighting a bad guy (in this case, Cell) and Gohan being independent and on his own. This will take place during the High School saga, and I'm still debating whether or not to include Buu in this story, as I'm working on this mainly as a back-burner, a side project that will be my go-to fic when I find inspiration for my main stories to be... difficult to come across, lets say.


Status: Discontinued

The Fallen - After having to deal with a personal hardship back home, I just can't seem to look at this story with the same eye that I did when I had started it, so I'm canning it. If anyone wants to continue it, email me or PM me.

Update: 03/30/2014 - 1500 hrs

Greetings friends! I have news! I have finished treatment, found a job, and started writing again! Chapter 5 of Acts of Sacrifice is under development and once I have an outline and rough draft finished I'll start with the actual writing soon. To those of you who have been waiting for this chapter, I thank you for your patience and understanding. It hasn't been an easy road, but then again, everything in life worth having is never easily attained. At this point, I can only hope for the best and keep striding forward as I continue to pick up the pieces of my life and try to rebuild.

In further development, I have decided to expand the original concept of Acts of Sacrifice. Rather than a what-if stand-alone story, I have decided that it will be, in fact, the first story in the Acts Trilogy! That's right, I'm starting to plan out at least 2 more stories after AoS, as I want to explore several different possible story arcs, and if I where to include them all into one story, then I'd have to expand it from the original idea of 10-15 chapters to something like 40 chapters, and with my inconsistency with uploads due to the hectic nature of my life, I really don't feel like tackling such a large beastie of a story. So, to make things easier on myself, I'm breaking it down. It's times like these that I wish I had a tablet to help with this stuff, but unfortunately I don't have the money for a good one, seeing as all the Windows based tablets (the only good ones for Office applications) are quite expensive. So I have to do things the old-fashioned way, with notebook and pen! Oh well... Either way, that's how things stand, for now. Should you guys have any questions, or if you just wanna drop a line, don't be afraid to email or PM me, I always look forward to interacting with my readers.

Always thinking of you, my fans,

DJ Quicksilver

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