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Word of warning: This is a WIP list that will be subject to frequent change, is almost certainly never going to be complete and might be inaccurate, to boot.

Academia Nut
-Sparks From The Edge (Warhammer 40k/Battletech crossover)

-Third Person

AndrewJTalon / Andrew Joshua Talon
-PHSAW! (Powerpuff Girls)

-When I Evolve I Am Going To Kill You All (Familiar of Zero/Pokemon crossover)

-A Hairy Problem (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

-Breaking In Rumia (Familiar of Zero/Touhou Project crossover)

-Fate/Fantasy Zero

-New Lands (Familiar of Zero/Eberron crossover)

-It's not the Speed... (Fenspace)

Fiach McCarthy
-Dragon Teaches The Void (Familiar of Zero/Skyrim crossover)

-For When The Stars Press Against Us (Battletech)

-The Multiverse Is A Big Place (multi crossover self insert)

-Neon Genesis Silmarillion 3.0 (Neon Genesis Evangelion-Tolkien crossover)

Lord K
-Void Souls: The Otherworlder Snippet Series (Dark Souls-Familiar of Zero crossover)

-Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha crossover)

-For I Have No Friends, And Must Scream (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

-Dazed And Confused (Neon Genesis Evangelion peggy sue)

-Queen of the Void (Familiar of Zero/Magic: The Gathering crossover)
-Timey Wimey... Eh, It's Complicated (Doctor Who/Naruto self insert crossover)

-Seeing Further

-Messy Bookkeeping (multi crossover self insert)

Not found in Zcenicx' "Taskforce 43", Warringer's "On The Shoulders of Giants", Round Robin "Sheridan's War", Some guy's "Stargate Invasion", F-302 Pilot's "Theaters Of War", Demon_Hunter's "Mutated Circle", Some guy's "Stargate Atlantis Retribution", Dragon Cat's "DS9-SGA Crossover", E1701's "ST vs SW Crossover", Rogue 11's "Tactical Espionage Action MGS Slytherin Eater", Big Steve's "Anatomy Of A War", Rogue 11's "The Firewarriors Guide To The Galaxy", Captain Gloval's "Destiny", cast2007's "Rise of the Imperium", Col. Crackpot's "Kirk Starkiller", Mulman's "Man's Potential-Ages Of Change", Serran's "Growing Civilization", murtalianconfed's "An Even Footing", arthurh3535's "Graveyard Of The Fleets", Jumster's "The Last War", Big Steve's "The Devil To Pay-The Federation Civil War", kingdragon's "Snafu", kela's "Why Not?", Tom Mathews's "Macross/Babylon Xover", Warringer's "Change Of Fate", Star Dragon's "The Nexus Chronicles", Burrofootball40's "Battle Fleet", CaptainChewbacc's "Stargate 1939", MorbiusXX's "Altered Destiny", Lord Malaki's "Silent Echoes Through The Void", Viper II Fan's "Interstellar War: Birth Of A Conflict", Big Steve's "The Sundered Dream-The Federation Civil War", F-302 Pilot's "Babylon 5: Dark Tide Rising", notBald's "Copy & Paste", NeoSeether's "Not Quite The Future's End", Big Steve's "One Small Step For Man", Burrofootball40's "World War Three", Unhappy Anchovy's "God Emperor Of Faerun", hunternwo's "The Nature Of Realities", ERROR's "Stargate SG1 The NSDF Incident", AgentG's "USS Paladin: First Contact", Necronlord's "Strange Land", Tiara's "Trial Of Reflection", Taralon's "Broken Wheel", Xerxezz's "New Meets Old", Countess Marina's "When Two Worlds Collide", Burrofootball40's "General Directive Eighteen", Vault Jedi's "Whims Of Fate", adm-frb's "When Destinis Collide Mk II", avatar11792's "Shadowy Origins", PsyckoSama's "A Line In The Sand", F-302 Pilot's "Stargate Empires At War", night33's "Stargate Project Artic Circle", Round Robin "The 2nd Cylon War", Burrofootball40's "Battlegate", Lord Anubis' "Galaxy Siege: Uprising", Lord Anubis' "Peace Through Superior Firepower", An Ancient's "2 Destiny's, One Survivor", Brain_Caster's "Back Home: Thieves Between Stars", Harbinger's "SB At Helm's Deep", katar8010's "All It Takes", An Ancient's "Alternate Timeline UK vs US War 2010", Sparten 197's "Honor/nBSG Crossover", Hal 1999's "UNSC: The Lost 13th Tribe", Marcus Agrippa's "An Early Peace", Cpl_Facehugger's "Unfamiliar", Mizuki_Stone's (AKA Xeno-Freak) "Joy Born Of Malice", Terradyne's "The Accident", multi-author round robin "Sheridan's War", Academia Nut's "Big Sister", Taralon's "Star Trek: Enterprise, The Open Door", HistorianofAlt's "Lessons of the Lanteans", HistorianofAlt's "Agathon: the 15th Tribe of Man", HistorianofAlt's "The Tau'ri's Destiny", HistorianofAlt's "Valen's Gift", HistorianofAlt's "Glory of the Thirteenth", Samarkand's "Sparkgate: Agatha and the Grasp of the Serpent God", evilauthor's "BSG: The Forgotten Ones", Wolf of Dawn's "A Legacy Reclaimed", evilauthor's "Reunions Are Hell", Jumster's "The Last War", JoeHundredaire's "Carry You Home", multi-author "NGE: A Little Angel On My Shoulder", JovianJeff's "Fragments", Viper II Fan's "Homecoming", Jonen C's "A Familiar Interface", evilauthor's "B0-L0", adm-frb's "Battleship Strike Group 10", Tabi's "Queen of the Void", multi-author Battle Fantasia: Dawn of the Great Magical Girl Alliance!", multi-author "An AU Version of RAAB", Captain Gloval's "Destiny: An ENT/nBSG Xover", tryglaw's "Fatal Mistakes", Hiver's "The Ancient", JohnWBiles's "Neon Genesis Silmarillion", Talos's "Who the Hell do You Think we are?", cast2007's "Rise of the Imperium", Academia Nut's "Strange Companions", Zarathos' "Tempora Mutantur", Serran's "Growing Civilization", RazeByFire's "Armor of Hephestus", Col. Crackpot's "Kirk Starkiller", Talon Spiritcat's "Order In Chaos - The Centauri/Orieni War Part I", Mashadarof402's "The Unbound", Demon_Hunter's "Mutated Circle Restart", HistorianofAlt's "Warped preceptions of space travel", Star Dragon's "The Nexus Chronicles", arthurh3535's "Graveyard of the Fleets", kingdragon's "Snafu", kiraiakuma's "Black Flower", Lightning_Count's "Home Fires Burning", Hiver's "A Shipload Of Fools", Hiver's "Harry Potter SI", Hiver's "Tau'ri No Longer", Round Robin "Bruce Has A Problem", lloyd007's "Babylon 5: Ghastly Victory", Lord K's "Dragon Things On - Skyrim SI", Mizuki_Stone's (AKA Xeno-Freak) "Dissonance Record", Dalek IX's (AKA Bioweapon 155) "The Conversion Bureau: Conquer The Stars", Hiver's "Here Be Dragons", Hiver's "BTVS SI", Keiran Halcyon's "A Stranger On The Frontier", JohnWBiles's "My(stara's) Little Ponies: Friendship Is Adventuring", Academia Nut's "New Blood", Zerris's "Messy Bookkeeping SI", 100thlurker's "Warden of Zero", SotF's "Mad World 2.0 - A Mass Effect Mirror Universe", master arminas "The Hunted (nBSG)", Mal-3 "Candle In The Dark (Battletech ISOT)", master arminas "Scorpio Ascendant", RK_Striker_JK_5 "The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand" (MLP-GiJOE-Transformers), ExplBean's "Paranoia!" (Naruto), master arminas' "Star Wars: Broken Empire", Felix3D's "Louise's Life With Monster Girls", Hiver's "The Journey SI", Reece's "The Long Haul (SW SI)",

Universiad stories, Bruce has a problem Round Robin, Best at Everything Mass Effect crossover stories,

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