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Right... New Era, New Profile! And I-i'm such a hypocrite for saying I hate these kinda profiles but hey, what do I know... even about myself?! ;)

The most importnat things first :) ... XD! Yeah I've always said I'm vain and superficial and despite of my tendency to despise shallowness, I consider myself shallow, although my personal concept of what is aesthetic or beautiful differs from many of those people's who I despise, it doesn't make me any less shallow... SO; I have 2 lip piercings, my total piercing count at the mo’… 7; ears once both stretched to gauge 0, tongue, smiley and nipple (let’s get over with it; YES it did hurt! :) One big tattoo, from the small of my back, trailing up my spine to my neck. Needless to say I LOVE Bod-MOD! (BTW; tattooing is NO fun while having a massive hangover… I really can be the dumbest shit sometimes!X)

Natural hair color…umm haven’t seen that in years! You know the color of a common rat? Well, that’s it! Now it’s freakishly… bleached to an almost white blonde… gonna go hot pink soon

Sexual orientation… Let’s put it this way; I like kissing girls more but I prefer screwing guys… Unfortunately you can rarely have both… not to mention at the same time! ;) Also relationships with girls are usually really troublesome for me… and a small side issue –I’m married… so yeah… hetero? ;)

Music… GOD don’t get me started. It’s my No 1 drug and addiction! VERY few examples… X-Japan, HIDE-SAMA!!Hyde, Dir en Grey, Miyavi (I LOOOOVE Myvs, he's very much like me personality wise, as my friend said in school "She's like a mixture of ADHD and Tourette's"... yeah, sometimes I can't help but smash my fist into the table in the middle of the class as otherwise I feel like I'll expolde! It's hard to explain... LOL)

Personality; People call me smart, sometimes I believe them, sometimes I don’t… I'm an asstard of the most random of species! Most don’t know that sometimes I really suffer due to my manic-depressiveness as I rarely show-up while I’m having a depressed phase, hence most think that I’m “always happy”… because I mostly am… but when I’m by myself the “other me” just engulfs me sometimes… and I can become self-destructive.

I hide my poor self-esteem under my very extrovert behavior… even to the point of aggressiveness at times… But mostly I’m a lover, not a fighter… I’m trying really hard to be a good girl…:)

I’m extremely loyal to my friends and loved ones; almost to the point of stupidity and to be honest my friends can get away with a murder… but push my patience too far and I will eventually hate you, and after that I don’t forgive or forget –I’ll dance on your grave!

I love dr:gs (was it drags? ;) and alcohol but I try to pretend that they are bad for me! XD My favorite drink is red wine, I could bathe in it! Sadly I am also addicted to benzodiazepines, but I'm not worried; It could be LOT worse!

I love George Carlin (R.I.P. angry old man…) and hate kids, YES hate children… I re-direct my love towards animals! I have a sick sense of humour… I don’t have limits and sometimes it’s bad… really bad… Like people take me seriously when I say something really horrible about seriously politically incorrect stuff…

Religinon; Don't have one and become increasingly irate when people try to discuss it with me. So yeah, off limits. One of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain :"... to heaven for climate, to hell for company."

Movies; used to watch a lot, nowdays less… Love dodgy horror, Asian horror etc. Rob Zombie-movie marathons rock! X) And I've seen Battle Royale like 10 times! Not to mention Ichi the killer and other goodies!

Hobbies… Tai-Chi (one of the very few things that grounds me), Snowboarding, Open water diving (yeah I would happily die under water or smashing myself into a tree on the slopes! I’m somewhat of an adrenaline junkie… XD ) I can also play violin and piano and sing. I study Japanese as a hobby because I’m in love with the language!

My pen name is not a joke. I've been suffering from every single sleeping disorder in the book since I was 6 years old; lucid dreaming (which can actually be fun!), sleepwalking, talking, paralysis, nightmares, wake dreaming, serious prolonged periods of insomnia etc. Sometimes I have to ask people if what I dreamt really happened, and that’s no fun! (hence the benzos, duh...)

My real name, now that’s a joke… In my language it means pot. And so does my second name!! Thanks ma and pa! ;) Thank god my surname is pretty normal. But yeah, name is an omen so you cannot blame me HAHA!


DEISASO!! Forever


I like other yaoi pairs as well but those two are my absolute obsession!

Everyone has got two side's to their persona. The one being the kind, joyful, merciful, loving, sharing and forgiving side. The other is the greedy, jealous, consuming, hating, dark and miserable one. So how do we know which one wins or has the upper hand? The answer is simple: the one we choose to feed.

Life is like.. dude! The weirdest thing I know!" ~Me (haha... and I take credit for that?! My IQ is finally revieled...)

Broken toys are the best ones because you can always have fun trying to fix them!

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