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Because I was told to make my profile bigger. What the hell do you expect me to write about here?! For the sake of making this sentance longer than it is and to make it look like a paragraph, I am dragging this sentance out as much as I possibly can by writing absolute crap whilst I am pondering my existance on this stupid site.


Fine. I'll write something meaningful now. I hate:


-Idiot rabbits.



-YAOI. Uggh, I hate it so much!! Its not natural, I dont care what you say!!

-Whiny people. Like Moyashi, for example.

-People who talk to much.

-People who fangirl over me. What the hell.

-People who think that they can rape me, because seriously, they are living in a dream world if they think that they can even touch me.

-People who can't fight. Like Moyashi.

-People who write mary-sue fics. What the fuck is that about?! No, you DO NOT have the innocence heart, NO, you DO NOT get married to me, and NO, you will NEVER beat me in a fight.

(Ii am not going to list anymore, but I would if the lines were not fucked up and far apart.)

Things I like:



-Common sense.

... Is that enough now? Good, because I 'aint writing no more.

PM me if you want someone to 'constructive crit' your work. PM me too much and I will ignore you. Seriously. Certain people don't understand this, however.



PS: Ignore anything ExorcistAllenWalker says on here. His bland style of writing makes people everywhere want to kill themselves, and he write Yaoi. Even though he says he is not gay. Denial, anyone?

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