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"Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public." -Paulo Coelho

Hello My Name Is: Anna, and I'm a Gleek!

Things About Me: I wish I could watch Hallmark movies all day in my jammies. My baby is a spoiled 3 yr. old toy poodle named Pancake. I read books pass my curfew. I brake for birds. I'm a closet hopeless romantic. I rock a lot of polka-dots. I'm a math teacher, so what's your superpower? And I like to sing to myself.. alll the timmmeeeee!


These are talented works of art that were given to me in tribute to my fanfic. It was very thoughtful of you guys to take the time in creating these wonderful gifts. Thank you very much! I absolutely love them!!! :D

1. "Kiss Me" A wonderful video created by TwilightMoon416. It's adorable! Hurry and click the link!!

2. "Heartburn" This cute video was put together by CouplePrincess, complete with pictures of Hikaru and Ren. It's a must see. :)

3. "Strawberry Flavor Fanfic Dedication" I absolutely adore this video, especially the song lol love it! By CouplePrincess.

4. "Something's Going To Come" by OD65 and I. The music and pictures in this video does not belong to either of us.

5. "Strawberry Flavor Video" by me about four years ago when I was a faithful user on Quizilla.


September 9. 2014

As the school year begins, I somehow found the ability to squeeze in some writing time for both Strawberry Flavor and Eclipsed during my busy work schedule. Rest assured readers this one is almost done with the chapters. It's a slow, difficult process. Thank you for your patience and encouraging reviews. Mere words cannot express how much it means to me! Updates - cross your fingers - will begin next week.


March 16. 2014

Do not be alarmed when you see a shorter list of chapters for Strawberry Flavor. I did not delete any of the chapters. Everything is in chronological order. I wasn't happy with some chapters being extremely short, so I combined two chapters to make one chapter. Get it? That's how I originally wrote them anyway. No biggie.

I'm currently working on the next chapter, which is now Chapter Twenty Three. Still not sure when I'll be finished with it. I have a lot going on this month: job interviews, studying for exams to be a certified teacher, wedding invites for friends, blah blah blah. Basically boring adult stuff. Just letting you guys know that I haven't forgotten about the story :)

Have a great day everything!


P.S. I forgot to mention about my Wolf's Rain fanfic. Oops! I tend to forget I have two stories to talk about on my Update Board lol sowwy :) I just wanted to let my Eclipsed fans out there know that I'm almost finished with Chapter Sixteen. Didn't mean to leave you guys hanging for four months on Amber getting darted in the neck during an intense/terrifying moment. I know, I know . . . bad, Anna. Give me a week. I should be done by then. Hopefully. Well, until then, take care everyone!

January 12. 2014

So, it has been exactly five months - wtf, 5- since I last updated Strawberry Flavor. I just really want to apologize for that. I could sit here and give you guys a thorough explaination as to why I haven't finished the chapter, buuuut lets face it, that annoying prattle is not important. What is more important is when will the next chapter be posted. Well, let me first say I am NOT planning on putting the story on hiatus. Once I start something, I always intend to finish it. Although it might take some time. Creativity is a delicate process, at least for my pea-sized brain. Sowyyy! Luckily, I am close to finishing chapter 27. ;D So - cross your fingers, and toes - expect the release date next Sunday.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting up with my unstable updates. I really appreciate your support, and patience.


Feburary 15. 2013

For those of you who still think I'm copying the anime The Wallflower, I mentioned it before in Chapter One, and I'll mention it again: my story was INSPIRED by that anime. Which means, my story will be loosely based off of it. But I'm not copying it. I put my own ideas into Strawberry Flavor too. The whole purpose of fanfiction is creative writing by instilling your own ideas into your favorite anime. Of course, give the original creator their disclaimer. If I'm copying then everyone on this site is copying because I have read fanfics that started off exactly like the anime. No offense if you did. I honestly thought they were fantastic because it made me feel like I was part of the anime's storyline.

I understand the concern and I'm sorry for disappointing you, but come on... all of this is purely for fun. I'm not getting any recognition like a trophy, and I'm not getting paid. So if you don't agree with my story, please be respectful by skipping it, and moving on to another.

On the other hand, I sincerely appreciate those of you who aren't bothered by my story and supported me to continue writing.

Thank you for your time! :)


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