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I have written exactly two fanfictions so far...and I've only gotten about around 35-ish reviews. AMAZING! (not being sarcastic) I LOVE every review I get. Reviews make me dance around my room in happiness and run outside in shorts during winter singing pop music. People who review my stories are the most amazing, passionate, smartest, attractive people in the whole universe! (And people who actually take the time out to read my profile are pretty cool to =) heheheeee...)

Anyway, long story short, I would appreciate if ya'll would read my stories. You don't have to review, but it would be nice... I love reviews so much, I wouldn't give a crap if someone reviewed saying "Your story sucks and your a slut" I would still want to kiss that reviewer! hahaa anywho...I just want to say that I am on team edward and only slightly on team jacob. Yes, I obsess over twilight, but seriously...why would I write fanfiction if I didn't?

I adore the characters I made up in my storys, like Ivory Haines and Erik Tainer. Maybe if you read my fanfiction you would too... ;

Okay, I'm not going to give alot of detail about myself in this profile but here's just a little about me...

I'm clumsy...I like to read books...I listen to music 24/7...AND I'm a huge taylor swift fan...just like almost eveyone else on this website ;.

Everyone envisions there characters looks differently, so I decided to put up pictures of how I see the twilight (and few more) characters.

Erik Tainer (without the facial hair that you sometimes see and with SCREAMING RED HAIR) Asher Roth -

Ivory Haines - Taylor Swift (!) - and AND

Ariel- now the sad thing about this character is that I could not find a picture for her at all. Nothing came close so instead I'm going to describe her in as many details as possible. Ariel is 5'2, with a pear-shaped body (large bottom, small top). She used to be a real beauty in her youth but age caught up with her, and the stress of her husband dying turned her hair to a mousy brown, that waved down to her shoulders. She also has a widow's peak. Her skin is fair and her eyes are brown. Also, her face is prematurely lined but always smiling (after her husband died, she didn't smile much until she adopted Erik when he was 5). She's 42 years old.

Rebecca Rollin (Ivory's friend) -

Alice Cullen -

Bella Cullen -

Rosalie Hale -

Esme Cullen -

Edward Cullen (duh) - and and and just one more so we can stare into his beautiful face swoon

Louise (that bad vamp that can trap things using thin air) -

Jasper and Emmett in the movie are how I see them in my head also...so yeah. read my stories and review pleassseee!

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