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Summary of what happens 'If This is What You Want':

Left off at Edward & Carlisle reuiniting after 25 years at a dinner with their wifes, Bella and Esme and their kids EJ and Carli. From there:

- Awkward dinner between Edward and Carlisle. Although Bella, Esme, Carli and EJ get along just fine, Bella and Esme especially.

- At the end of the dinner, EJ asks Carli to marry him. She says yes. Edward and Carlisle are not impressed, but fake their happiness to go along with their wives.

- Edward and Carlisle leave two days after that for a medical convention in Colorado, where Jacob grew up and where he was buried. Edward doesnt know this and Carlisle takes him to the gravesite.

- There the two talk, smoothing things over between them and Carlisle announces when he gets back to Seattle, he will tell the truth to Esme about him and Edward (how he and Edward slept together while both of them were married to their respective wives)

- Edward freaks out, saying 'if you tell Esme then I'll have to tell Bella'. Carlisle replies with 'thats the point'. Edward reluctanly agrees to come clean with Bella too and they return to their homes.

- Carlisle returns back to Seattle and explains everything about him and Edward to Esme. She does not take the news well, destroying Carlisle's Ferrari with a golf club and yelling and screaming at him. She leaves him, demanding for a divorce which Carlisle cannot talk her out of.

- Edward does the same with Bella back in Chicago. She doesnt make a dramatic scene like Esme, she's devastated and upset but like Esme, she too wants a divorce. However, Edward manages to talk her down and they agree to a temporary separation.

Epilogue: A year later at EJ and Carli's wedding (neither EJ or Carli or any of Edward & Carlisle's children know that their fathers had a relationship together. Only that their parents' marriages didnt work out)

- Things are now civil between Carlisle and Esme, now that she has found someone else. EJ is disappointed that their marriage didnt work out and declares his uncertainties that if his own parents' marriage didnt work out, then why should his. Carlisle and Esme have a talk with him and explain that they just grew apart and that can happen sometimes. It's just how life works.

- Edward and Bella's separation eventually led to them getting a divorce. It's recent and they have yet to tell Carli and the rest of their kids, agreeing that they would announce it after the honeymoon as a family.

- Carli has a panic attack just as she and Edward are about to walk down the aisle and Edward pulls her away to have a talk, just the two of them. Carli is nervous, sharing the same doubts as EJ about Edward and Bella's marriage falling apart. Edward explains that marriage is hard and things change - people just arent the same as they used to be when they first met.

- Carli calms down enough to make a promise that it'll be different between her and EJ and she'll work hard to make it work. Edward wholeheartedly agrees with her. The wedding continues smoothly and that's it.

The End