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I am Bananarawrz. I'm here to eat your gym socks... Preferably the clean ones. ... Gimme.

Notice: Hey, guys. I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while. You know, where a while probably equals more like a couple of months and all? Yeah, well, I got hit by this big-a--... ... Big, big project at school, and I've spent the last month or three on it. Also, this month we found out that we went over the limit on our internet service, so the resulting connection has been slowed down greatly and disconnects often. Lastly, I'm a rather lazy bastard(ette). So, my apologies in not replying to anything whatsoever. I'll try very hard to catch up when my service is back to normal. And a big, heartfelt, I'MSOSORRYICANNOTREPLYPLEASEFORGIVEME to IdrianWatzon. I hope you don't hate me, hun. :) /Notice.

Hmm, well, welcome to my profile. Mad props for just clicking on my name. I s'pose that, since this is my profile, and profiles tend to have a bit of information on the one that they are about, I should start putting a miniscule amount of info about me.

I am a person of an unspecified age and an unspecified maturity level. I try to keep people guessing. _ (And my hilarity level depends on the day. You've been warned.)

Though sometimes ignorant, I am quite willing to learn about different things, so long as its not history. Yes. I hate history. Very, very much. My interests are probably leaning towards the narrow side of the scale, but I tend to enjoy almost anything I try.

I am very, very, easy to please. (And I'm a slave to fluff. Yes.)

Though I'm not exactly good at writing longer stories with many chapters, I've found that I really enjoy writing short stories that aren't quite drabbles, and sometimes aren't really one-shots either. On average, they're around 3,000 characters, I suppose. (I recently discovered that I'd been reading the Word Count incorrectly. It's not three-thousand words... I'm a bit depressed now.)

'Kay, now for the fun part!

Random Stuff About Me (And some random stuff not about me.)

I dislike cherries.

I believe sadists are funnier than I should.

Drawing is fun. Shading is not.

No, full-out netspeak is not my second language, thank you.

I think purposeful misspellings of words are fine, but only if they're cute or for the purpose of humor. (AKA 'bai', 'sankyuu', etc.) (I think this makes me a hypocrite, though...)

'Misspellings' is a very hard word to spell.

The dictionary is your friend. Unless you're like me and it's bitten you in the past, leaving you emotionally scarred.

Forget clothes. Nudists all the way! ... No, I'm not serious. I happen to like my fish-patterned undies. Nothin' against you naked peeps, though!

Cannon is nice, cannon is good, I'm not spelling cannon right, am I? Do you know one who could?

I also am quite poor at poetry. See the above sentence for proof.

I love my PS2.

I adore boob jokes. Especially Hiromu Arakawa's. (Jokes, that is. Not her boobs.)

Writer's Corner... Paragraph... Thing...

Out Now

Shaving: My first fanfiction to post. I wrote it a while ago. Enjoy the attempted humor with some morbidity.

Ten Lessons: Oh, wow. Random RanfanxLing stuff in a personal challenge. Fluff, anyone?

Puppy Love: Gin and Otae. Seriously. 'Cause they're fun. Speaking of which, I haven't laughed so much while writing in a while. GinTama really fits my sense of humor. ('Cause it's slightly lame and slapstick. :D)

Anguish: Angsting poetry. Love it. Okay, okay, it's just an attempt at poetry heavily inspired by Ling and Ranfan. Can you tell that I've an incredible liking for them yet?

Carrot Cake: This begged to be written. So it was done. Excuse the... randomness. I'm not quite good with Balthier and Fran. I much prefer Vaan and Penelo. >:D

Fairytales: Probably my favorite Black Cat story to date, it was done a while ago while thinking about how often Rins gets captured or is/acts like a damsel-in-distress.

Coming Soon ... Maybe.

Pinchy-Pinchy-Goo-Goo: One day, (St. Patrick's Day, to be exact) I was thinking about the tradition of pinching those without green on (and my arm was smarting quite badly at that time). And then I realized that that day was probably the favorite of all the 'handy' perverts out there. It's Jenos Hazard from Black Cat. >:D

Saving Smiles: A VaanxPenelo piece I did a looong while ago, while repeatedly listening to Vanessa Carlton's "Saving Smiles". Yeah. I rather obviously screwed up some of the events, but, in my pathetic defense, that was 'cause I'd passed that particular moment in the game around four months earlier.

Random Books and Games I Like and/or Write About. (Not in any particular order, of course. _)

Full Metal Alchemist - The amazing cow in pretty pink lace panties, Hiromu Arakawa! Seriously, read the manga. There's a new anime coming out, as well. Completely redone, focuses solely on the events of the manga. No more Shambala and Dante and all that. ("Interesting" Fact: Having never watched the anime, I spent around a year thinking Hoho-papa was a homosexual when my friends told me he had a lover named Dante. ... I assumed Dante was a solely-male name. They finally took pity on me and explained everything.)

Okami - The now-deceased Clover, and Capcom, I think.

Black Cat - Kentaro Yabuki

Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII, XII Revenant Wings - Square Enix/Squaresoft/Whatever you guys are now! Seriously, what are you now?

Naruto - Masashi Kishimoto

Eyeshield 21 - Riichiro Inagaki and Yusuke Murata

GinTama - Hideaki Sorachi

Steambot Chronicles (Bumpy Trot) - Atlus and iRem, I think...

Trauma Center: Under the Knife (One and Two) - Atlus

Kingdom Hearts I and II - Square Enix/Squaresoft (Not sure which one.) and Team Jupiter, I believe. And Disney. Frick, I forgot Disney the first time. Sorry!

The World Ends With You (It's a Wonderful World) - See creators of Kingdom Hearts. They did this one, too. Minus Disney, though, I believe.

Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange - Marissa Marr

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Nintendo... I hope. I'm sorry, I haven't really got a clue.

The Bartimaeus Trilogy - Johnathan Stroud. Also, this is my absolute favorite series of all time. ... In novels, that is. Manga isn't included. This trilogy is witty, funny, and shows great character growth. Twilight could learn a few things from it. Hur hur. (Twilight is by Stephanie Meyers. And no, I don't like it.)

Favorite Couples/Friendships

As a note, I only consider yaoi and yuri for humor purposes. Just a preference, is all.

Ling/Ranfan, Ed/Winry, Ling&Ed (Friendship) Roy/Riza, Hoho-Papa&Ed&Al (Father-Son), Sig/Izumi, Hohenheim/Trisha, Alex L. Armstrong/Some-Sweet-Girl-as-Outrageous-as-He-Is, Olivier/The-Ishbalan-Military-Man-with-Sunglasses-Whose-Name-I-Forget, Denny Brosh/Maria Ross, Havoc/Rebecca, Sheiska/Fuery- FullMetal Alchemist ... There's a bunch. Funnily enough, I adore the married couples more than the young and/or developing ones.

Waka/Ammy, Issun/Poncle Girl Miya, Oki/Kai - Okami

Train/Rinslet, Kevin/Sylphie, Eve/Leon, Creed/Echidna, Sven/Tearju - Black Cat. Also, I probably spelled Sylphie's name wrong.

Gin/Otae, Kagura/Okita - GinTama

Roxas/Olette - Kingdom Hearts

Vaan/Penelo, Balthier/Fran, Fran&Penelo (Sister-bonding/Friendship) - Final Fantasy XII

Shiki/Neku, Neku&Beat (Friendship. And 'cause Beat really needs more love from us.) - The World Ends With You

Etna/Laharl - Disgaea (Only read the first manga, though. Eheh.)

Link/Ilia, Link/Midna - Twilight Princess

Naruto/Sakura, Shikamaru/Temari, Kakashi/Anko - Naruto

Favorite Quotes

(More shall be added as remembered. ... Also, I don't remember, as of yet, most of who said what. My apologies. ... Also, they may be a little bit off.)

"You were born an original; don't die a copy." - Unknown.

- "Sine, Cosine, Tangeeeeent!" - Minamimoto, TWEWY.

- "We didn't come to defeat our opponents, we came to killthem. Ya-Ha!" - Hiruma to the Football Team, Eyeshield 21.

- "Reddas' sideburns were capable of individual thought and the devouring of small children." - Vixen, in her fanfiction To Fight Beside You, commenting on the sideburns of Reddas from FFXII.

"These hands weren't meant to kill people, they were meant to save them." - Ed to Winry, FullMetal Alchemist.

- "Son, please don't pull stuff out of your crotch." - Hohenheim to Alphonse, FullMetal Alchemist.

Disclaimer: I own nothing on this page but my own words, but even then I'm sure that some of them aren't even mine. No copyright infringement is intended, and I write purely for fun with NO personal gain. If asked, I will remove questionable material as soon and as thoroughly as I can.

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