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why hello ppl of fanfiction!


are the last words of a fool

name: emma emz youngin skunk bag wateva floats the boat!lmao!

hobbies: emm writing

Age: 17... oh lordie help me Ima getting old!

hair colour: long and brown whoop!Was long but got a serious bop chop! was its...meh?

eyes: ryt ppl i have many ulternative arguements with my friends over this I have freckin blue eyes damn it!

Pairings I enjoy:


SEDDIE: come on ppl just gotta love them!

Hannah montanna:

LOLVIER: Just too cute!

JILEY: they kinda balance each other out!lmao!

school of rock:

come on ppl we gota get this fanfiction back here!

frummer/freddieXsummer: can I get an aww... aww thank u. come on Im just a sucker for a love hate relationship!

katiexzack: imagin the talent in the kids ppl!lmao


ANYA/DEMETRIE: Yes I do believe I spelt every word wrong! lol but they are so meant to be lol

Sonny With A Chance

CHANNY: HELLO! love hate relationships! epp they are my forte!lol




NAITLYN!: this is like the ultimate couple! they have to happen, i am still distraught about camp rock 2, there has to be at least some Jeaslousy!

SMITCHIE: OBV. now if they dont happen, i really dont know what has become of the disney channel lol

JELLA: Just too cute, there so slow and perfect for each other!

LOLA/BARRON: I think their cute...cough lol

PEGGY/ANDY: both quite and pushed to the backround...

The Suite life of Zack and Cody!

CODY/BABARA: lol too adrokable lol

MR MOSBEY/CARREY: I think it would be ironic!

LONDON/LANCE!: I thought they were so funny together!

ZACK/MAX: RIGHT! this is my personal favourite couple out them all, their so cute together, why they didnt get together in later years I will never understand!

The Suite Life On Deck

CODY/BAILY: Nuf' said!

MR MOSBEY/MISS TUTWILER: I think they'd be hileriously cute together!

BOB/BARBARA: I just love Bob and think he deserves a bit of happiness lmao!

ZACK/MAX(ONCE AGAIN): They are just meant to be, I know max's isnt in this series but she should be!!

hey as u can tell I put up a story yopa!

and id really like some reviews please even if its jst to say...

"yo your crap dude!" lmao!

so emm plz review?



1.Standing outside in the rain, hair curled, fake tan done to perfection, make-up without blemishes’, new outfit, and wearing a pair of brand new black stilettos only to be told that even though I was sober, all dressed up and it was the first time in 6 months due to educational studies I was allowed out to the teeny bopper only to be told that there wasn’t a chance on God’s green earth was I getting into the club due to the fact that it was packed, most likely half of them pure out of it and would soon be thrown out due to causing a ruckus! GRrRr!

2.Not being able to get signal when your at school the one time you need to ring home because you think you might pass out due to the pain you are experiencing throughout your body, And you end up with the only bitch in the office staff who just simply can’t let you use their phone in school unless you have 10p...Guess what? Yee don’t!

3.Slow talkers- Right this is were I go of on one(As if I haven’t already) Right I come from Ireland and we are famous for being fast talkers particularly the town I come from, So I don’t have patients for slow talkers, as soon as I hear the a slow, drowning voice I immediately switch of.

4.People who can’t even drag their behind to mass on Christmas day, and blubber on about how their religion is the one to follow!

5.People who think I’m stupid because I’m dyslexic (took me a while to learn how to spell that lmao!)

6.When people think I use dyslexia as an excuse and I don’t really earn my good grades at school.

7.Posers- girls/boys (sorry for letting the side down girls but we are the main offenders!) who pretend to something their not because the person they fancy is in to it E.G. A girl wearing a ACDC top who pronounces it ECDE running around singing smoke on the water over and over again news flash Deep purple wrote and sang it! Because the boy they fancy is into rock! I speak from experience be yourself!

8.Boys who think there the lawd when by the sound of their voice and by the look of their height they haven’t hit puberty yet!

9.When girls slag boys when their voice finally breaks leave them alone ladies lol have to admit Im guilty their the odd tym!

10.Peoplewho go on and on at you to tell them what is wrong with and why your upset and when you finally tell them why, and they tell you to either shut up and get over yourself or else turn it around so that you’re talking about them and themselves over and over again!

11.People who don’t know the words to songs and sing at the top of their voices! Even I am the worst for it!

12.When boy’s make out the things that girls go through aren’t as painful as they make out!; e.g. waxing

I love Nate and Caitlyn and want them to be together, whether or not they talked in the movie, if you do too copy and past this in on your profile.

Really frustrated about CR2 People!!

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Opening Credits:
these are the days-Queen

Waking Up:
I'm yours-Jason marz

First Day At School:
if you catch a criminal-the hossier

Falling In Love:
7 things-Miley cyrus

Loosing Virginity:
Party all the time- Black Eyed peas

Fight Song:
complicated-Avril lavigne

Breaking Up:
Tell me why-Taylor swift


dont matter-akon

so lovely- scotting for girls

Mental Breakdown:
one man show-jonas brother

bust the windows of your car-glee cast

Getting Back Together:
heaven- cheryl cole ft william

You found me-Kelly Clarkson

Birth of Child:

Single ladies-beyonce

Finlan Battle:
Real Life-Girls Aloud

Death Scene:

Funeral Song:
I want it all-Queen

End Credits:
The Mixed tape-Jacks Maniquene

seriously ppl, there is a reason why Fanfiction profiles arent long... it takes to bloody long to do it and FF frigs it all up..grr lol

random moment...who else thinks Alyson stoner should come back to the suite life?

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