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1/1/2014 Update:

Yes, unbelievably, I am still alive and kicking! First, I want to thank everyone who continues to read, follow, and review my stories. Each alert that shows up in my e-mail brings a mix of pride, gratitude, and a good share of guilt for not updating in so long.

The past two years have been fraught with heartache and turmoil. I lost the two staff members in my department at work within three months of each other (one due to retirement, the other resigned when diagnosed with a fatal illness.) Trust me, trying to keep our agency running smoothly, restructuring my department to downsize two positions into one, and then hiring and training the person to fill that new demanding job can take a lot of time and energy out of one’s life.

On a personal note, my husband was diagnosed with a progressive, debilitating syndrome about the same time that everything fell apart at work. Thankfully, he is currently still able to work and do most of the activities that he enjoys. I just get to worry a little more about him.

Finally, I have had my own share of problems. Four hospitalizations and three major surgeries over the past three months have really set me back. Although I am still living under restrictions and dealing with residual pain, my doctors should release me fully in a month of two.

Looking back, I realize that if it wasn’t for my dogs and my writing, I don’t know if I would have managed to keep my sanity. Although I may not have had the time or mental capacity to work consistently on my current project “Shattered,” I have continued to plug away at it. Most of the previously posted chapters have been edited, and they would have already been up if I hadn’t split one of the arduously long chapters into two. Once I complete the edits, I will post them again along with the next chapter (which is ready to go.)

I pledge again that I will complete this project. Currently, there are 41 chapters to this story. All of them have been roughed out, including the epilogue. Please be patient with me as far at the posting schedule. This project is so close to my heart at this point, I want to make it as perfect as I can! -cw

How best to describe myself?

What about this: “I am an obsessive-compulsive procrastinator with an overly active imagination and very little spare time to do much about it.”

Yeah, that just about covers it.

I am a number cruncher by profession. Actually, I am a Finance Manager for a small governmental agency with too many statutory requirements and far too little funding. I have been married to a wonderfully understanding man for more than twenty-five years. He has many more gray hairs now than when we met—most of them were my doing. We live in the middle of thirty plus acres of trees and serenity. It is a refuge from the outside world and has become one of the few links to keeping my sanity.

My passions are as follows:

Basset Hounds: My dogs are by far my greatest obsession. I not only raise them, I compete with them in both conformation as well as performance sport. Over the past thirty years, I have bred close to 100 champions and titleholders. Several of my dogs have received top honors on a national level, and a few have made an impact in different breeding programs around the world. Before my job demands increased a few years ago, most of my weekends were spent traveling to dog shows, agility trials, tracking tests, of other types of competitions.

Star Wars: I have been a fan since I watched the premier of the original movie on its opening weekend in the seventies. My favorite character has always been Darth Vader. I somehow knew that there was more to the enigmatic villain than met the eye. I cheered (and cried) as I watched his redemption in ROTJ, and then I realized that I was totally hooked. Although the prequel movies were personally disappointing, I did enjoy the novelizations. They provided a much better look into the conflicted emotions of the young Anakin Skywalker. I barely managed to warm up to the CW series before it ended its run. I think that as a traditionalist by nature, I just could not get too excited over the Ahsoka Tano character.

Graphic Design: What started out as a need has since turned into a hobby. Thanks to some very powerful computer programs, I have become quite adept putting together ad designs for not only my own personal use, but for friends as well. I have also created several national web sites and worked on magazine layouts. It doesn’t pay the bills, but it is a fun outlet. My avatar is an example of my work. It is a composite of several different elements.

Creative Writing: One of my least known hobbies, but one that I am delighted to be dabbling in again. Although I have had several short stories published in magazines through the years, I had pushed my writing aside due to lack of time and too many other commitments. But I never stopped thinking about someday getting back to it. Finding this fan fiction site a few summers ago finally gave me the nudge I needed to start putting down some of my imaginings into written form again. Right now, it is a passion. I am not sure how long it will last, but it is a fun ride at the moment.

Current Projects:

Shattered The New Republic is on the brink of collapse, the Sith has reemerged, war is on the horizon—yet everything that is happening feels wrong... So when Luke Skywalker receives an offer to go back in time to change the galaxy's destiny, can he refuse?

My current project is also my obsession. The story starts out twenty-five years after the end of ROTJ, it will eventually go back to the ROTS era. This story is basically written in two parts. The first half I call the 'torturing Luke' section, and the second half I give equal time to torturing Anakin (though not in the ways one would expect). Although it has taken me much longer to write than anticipated, mainly due to losing so many partially completed chapters when my computer died, it will be finished. According to my outline, the story should be 41 chapters, so we are more than half way home!

To see the Cover Art for this story, place the following link in your browser window:


My Completed Projects: (Although I have only completed a few stories to this point, I am sure that the list will grow with time…)

Missing In Action – When a mission goes wrong, Luke Skywalker crashes on an uninhabited planet. While waiting for rescue, he makes an unexpected discovery.

This is a short AU Luke/Vader story centering on their first face-to-face encounter long before Bespin. The story came to me in one of those great flashes of inspiration that just had to be written. It started out as a short conversation and expanded to six chapters. It was my first attempt at a multi-chapter story, and I have been humbled by the response it attracted. I can only hope that future projects will be as well received.

To see the Cover Art for this story, place the following link in your browser window:


It Was Finished The “Chosen One” completes an important project.

This is a one shot introspective piece focusing on one of Vader’s first tasks as a Sith Lord.

My Future Projects:(All of these stories have completed outlines, and many have several fully written chapters. I have them listed randomly and I do not have a planned order or timeline as to when they will appear. I can guarantee, however, that none of them will show up on this site until my current project is complete…)

What Dreams May Come –"Dying should not be this complicated. I have faced my death many times before. Why would the Force see fit to intervene now? Well, so be it. However, you should heed my warning. It has never been my nature to face a challenge without resistance...”

This story will mainly feature Anakin/Vader, Padmé, Obi-Wan and an annoyingly persistent Qui-Gon Jinn.

Recompense (working title) - He remembers trying to land the Invisible Hand. He remembers coming in too hot, but that is all—until now… Waking up in an unfamiliar medcenter with terribly injuries, it did not take long to realize that he was now a prisoner of war. However, he has to wonder why all of his captors keep insisting on calling him by another man’s name. Who is this “Darth Vader” anyway?

The Rebel Alliance finds an unconscious Sith Lord amid the wreckage of his TIE fighter shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star. They expect answers…just not the ones they are about to receive.

This will be a Luke/Vader(Anakin) story with a fair amount of Han & Leia.

To The Dead – A spontaneous victory party, a bottle of home-brewed whiskey, and one heartfelt toast all lead to the granting of an impossible wish. However, now that it has happened, Luke Skywalker must deal with the aftermath. Can he somehow manage to mend his broken family while helping his father find eternal peace? Force only knows…

This will also be a Luke/Vader(Anakin) story, and will have Leia/Han involved.

Until the Stars Fall - The Republic survived the Clone Wars along with Chancellor Palpatine’s evil plot to create his empire. Although Palpatine did manage to elude his fate for a time, the Chosen One eventually fulfilled his destiny and destroyed the Sith. All should be well, but sometimes—even when all the right choices are made—there are no happy endings.

This is an Anakin/Padmé unrequited love story.

Of Angels and Demons - Very AU. Four year old Anakin is sold by Gardulla the Hutt to a mysterious stranger. Growing up as a slave to a Sith Lord, he has only known a life of pain and anger. But when he stumbles upon an angel, he begins to realize there just may be more to life than he was taught.

This is an Anakin/Padmé story with lots of Sith and Jedi thrown in for good measure.

As I stated above, I have many stories floating around in my head. I will not start posting them, however, until any current project is complete. As I admitted above, I am a terrible procrastinator. I do not want to start posting something else unless I know I will finish it. I don’t think that it is fair to the readers out there to leave you dangling.

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