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Author has written 2 stories for Code Geass, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

I Enjoyed: (* means highly recommended- usually 7.5 or higher AND it's something I think people besides me could enjoy)

Code Geass- great action scenes, good character development, pretty people, good balance of fun and plot movement
*Anime Rating: 9
Manga Rating: 5
Bishie Rating: 9 (Gino, Lelouch, Schneizel, Clovis, etc)

Hellsing- kind of over-the-top bloody and Alucard's too powerful but still fun
Anime Rating: 6
*Manga Rating: 7.5
Bishie Rating: 1 (Is Alucard even considered a bishie?)

Death Note- way too overrated but enjoyable, some fun scenes, a little dry, terrible ending (and by terrible I mean it wasn't done well, not that I felt terrible for Light)
Anime Rating: 7
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 3 (Light, Reiji Namikawa, anybody else?)

Pokemon- what can I say? I grew up to Pokemon, still play the games, collect Pokemon stickers, posters, plushies, etc, the anime sucks but I love Pokemon in general
Anime Rating: 2
Manga Rating: There's too many out there!
Bishie Rating: 1 (Uhhh...I think there's been some bishies in the past...they're just not main characters...)

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's- watch the first season, then STOP! the second season sucks and makes not sense, first season had great set-up and character development
*Anime Rating: (1st season only) 7.5
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 3 (Yusei? Kyosuke for sure!)

Sailor Moon- grew up to it, much more girl-oriented, fun, silly, kind of predictable
Anime Rating: 7
Manga Rating: 8
Bishie Rating: 7 (Darien, Beryl's minions, Diamond, Sapphire, etc)

Blood+- fun but a very convoluted plot and underdeveloped characters, Saya's annoying (so is Diva and just about everybody else except Haji), Solomon's love makes no sense, etc
Anime Rating: 5.5
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 4 (Haji holds down Bishie-land fort!)

Vampire Knight- I know it's a Mary Sue but I still love it, addicting, some action, great character development, funny, deep, I own just about all the manga and I'm a penny pincher so that should tell you how much I love it
*Anime Rating: 9
*Manga Rating: 9.5
Bishie Rating: 10! (Kaname, Zero, Akatsuki, Hanabusa, Takuma, Senri, Touga, etc, etc, etc!)

Rurouni Kenshin- filled with action, amazing character development, funny, addicting, great plot (season two), lovable characters (except Kaoru), absolutely wonderful
*Anime Rating: 8.5 (Season 3 brought it down)
*Manga Rating: 10
Bishie Rating: 8 (Sojiro, Kenshin, Sano?, Saito?, Aoshi, etc)

Vampire Princess Miyu- interesting, twisted, dark, some action, no character development really, kind of stupid ending
Anime Rating: 5.5
Manga Rating: 6
Bishie Rating: 6.5 (Larva's hot, Lemures' cute but he's gay...)

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge/ The Wallflower-hilarious!, goes against traditional tropes, Sunako's a complete gem (obsidian is a gem or mineral?), great character development, some cheesy portrayals
*Anime Rating: 8
*Manga Rating: 9
Bishie Rating: 3 (myeh...the character's were obviously bishies but I didn't think the art was that's still hilarious though)

Black Lagoon- action packed, bloody, very dark, a little twisted, good character development, fast-paced
*Anime Rating: 8
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 1 (were there any bishies in there? If anybody says Rock I'm gonna laugh at your lack of taste...)

Elfen Lied- the ending makes no sense but funny, bloody, twisted, and a little sad
Anime Rating: 6
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 1 (I suppose Kohta or Kurama...maybe?)

Gunslinger Girl- kind of tragic, very twisted, dark, noir-ish even, some character development, action packed
*Anime Rating: 8
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 2 (Jose? Jean? Hilshire?)

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust- turned out better than I thought!, very traditional forbidden love but with a twisted ending, dark, very HP Lovecraft-esque world, D's gorgeous but his hand freaks me out (can you see why he can never have sex?)
Anime Rating: 8
Book Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 4 (D's hot...I guess Link was OK but a little too dramatic on the vamp culture)

Mnemosyne-erm...basically like a hentai with some plot...too much sex, some action, an annoying ending, but I really loved the world portrayals with how technology integrates into human life and how the fragility of human life is emphasized as Maeno the Original dies, then the Maeno we know dies, his son grows up, then he has a daughter...very sad and really emphasized to me as how easily we humans die and are forgotten
Anime Rating: 5.5
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 0

Ouran High School Host Club- REVERSE HAREM! xD, very funny, very light, great character development, loved it, recommended it to my picky sister who likes it as well, great bishies, a huge satire on traditional tropes, wonderful!
*Anime Rating: 9.5
*Manga Rating: 9.5
Bishie Rating: 10 (Kyouya!, Tamaki, Kaoru, Hikaru, Mori!, Nekozawa)

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji- lolz, I swear the manga has made me think a little higher of yaoi-fangirls, it's so good! fun characters, good action, Sebastian makes me wanna sell my soul right now (which incidentally I just did on EchoBazaar by accident), a little dark, I don't recommend watching the second season because it's stupid, and I hated Pluto and the silly explanation they came up for Ciel's past with hermaphrodite angels, but the manga's AMAZING!!! I loved the Noah's Circle Arc (pun intended)!
Anime Rating: 3
*Manga Rating: 10
Bishie Rating: 9 (Sebastian holds the Bishie-Castle! Lao, Joker, Snake, etc)

Hakuouki- another REVERSE HAREM! I swear Rurouni Kenshin's made me a sucker for the Shinsengumi! Watching this made me wanna know EVERYTHING about them! Souji's so gorgeous...and tragic...I love him!
Anime Rating: 8
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 10 (Okita, Saito, Hijikata, Harada, Shiranui, Kazama!)

The Legend of Basara- think new forbidden romances have gotten lame? then go back to the older but better ones! Sarasa and Shuri...the way the relationship unfolds is so realisitc! Love isn't pure, it isn't selfless, it doesn't cure everything! But if you're willing to try...that's different! I love the manga so much I finished all twenty-some books in one night! I enjoyed the Japanese cultural references too!
Anime Rating: IDK
*Manga Rating: 10
Bishie Rating: 8 (Shuri!, Hijiri, Ageha, Asagi?)

Angel Sanctuary- after all that shitty Mary Sue crap from Angelique and Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique, the darkness and bloodiness of this show was a refreshing switch...which is not to say that the incest in it doesn't bother me, I like the world's setting, but the 3-episode OVA isn't enough for me to truly judge it yet
OVA Rating: 7
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 8 (Setsuna (I've always loved that name since I was a kid...I first heard it as Sailor Pluto's real name), Kira/Nanasatsuya, Katan, etc)

Baccano- DO NOT GIVE UP WATCHING THIS JUST BECAUSE THE FIRST EPISODE MAKES NO SENSE!. it's meant to be an episode that you watch after the entire series to go "Oh! Wow! I know what they're talking about now!", amazing writing, very awesome and original characters, great plot and lots of action, everything flows together nicely and the music is great!
*Anime Rating: 10
Light Novels Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 4.5 (Firo's adorable, Luck's kind of cool, Vino is pretty awesome, Ladd's not a bishie but he's fucking hilarious!)

Yami no Matsuei- yaoi!, blatant but funny, awesome graphics, very pretty bishies, somewhat interesting plot
*Anime Rating: 8
Manga Rating: IDK
Bishie Rating: 9 (Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Tatsumi, Oriya, Gushoshin...jk)

Archer- "American anime? That must be shit!" That was my first impression. But it's fucking hilarious but also extremely disturbing.
Anime Rating: 7.5
Bishie Rating: 0 (it's American animation!)

Cowboy Bebop- I can't believe I didn't watch this earlier! It's amazing! Great writing and it makes the non-bishie Spike a complete loveable person! I'm still depressed from the ending though...
*Anime Rating: 9
Bishie Rating: 4 (Spike, Gren [lol]. Vicious, Shin, Lin, etc)


Black Bird
D. Grayman (on hiatus, cuz I'm fickle) Episode 28, Season 1
Neo Angelique Abyss (on hiatus, cuz annoying) Episode 09, Season 2
Magic Knight Rayearth (on hiatus, cuz it's been spoiled to me) Episode 13, Season 1
Devil May Cry ( on hiatus cuz I'm fickle) Episode 06

I Need to See:

Koihime Musō
Trinity Blood
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Junjō Romantica
Shugo Chara?
Buso Renkin
Zero no Tsukaima
Kaze no Stigma
Tokyo Babylon
Cardcaptor Sakura?
Full Metal Alchemist?
Gundam (all)?
Read or Die
Romeo x Juliet
Oh! My Goddess
Penguin Musume
Love Hina?
Black Cat
Sengoku Basara?

Not Great, Not Horrible. Just Alright:

Wolf's Rain: got bored, never finished

Special A: got repetitive and boring, never finished

Tokimeki Memorial Love Only: I'm sure guys would enjoy the harem but I didn't, not horrible but not my cup of tea. never finished

Hanasakeru Seishounen: as far as most reverse harem stories go (barring Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, and Hakuouki) this was actually somewhat tolerable, the main girl is still extremely annoying, stupid, and lacks common sense (just like the Angelique franchise) but I did enjoy the portrayal of Fang Li Ren and some other things

Battle Vixens: too much boy fan service and annoying, never finished

La Corda d'Oro: cute and fluffy harem-esque but with annoying characters and predictable results. never finished

Kaichou wa Maid-sama: quite cute and I did enjoy Usui's portrayal but certain undertones annoyed me such as how Usui always ends up saving her, lots of fanservice. this is recommended to girls not as picky as me

Trash Bin:

Rosario + Vampire (terrible: too fluffy and Mary Sue)
Blood: The Last Vampire- (kind of terrible: too convoluted, made no sense)
Fruits Basket (terrible: terrible voices and Mary Sue)
Revolutionary Girl Utena (terrible: total waste of my time and extremely repetitive)
Koi suru Tenshi Angelique (terrible!: Ange was sooooo annoying...I hated everybody except Oscar and Sei-Lan)
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (terrible: Haruhi was bossy and annoying...and her being God is absolutely egotistical)
Angelique (terrible!: I wanna throw up every time I watch's such an obvious Mary Sue...the only reason I even watched it was for Oscar)

Any recommendations out there?

~Please keep in mind that I dislike fluff-dominant anime (like Rosario+Vampire) and enjoy a good plot with well done character development and graphics. I also hate over-the-top stuff (Rosario+Vampire) and usually don't like what the masses like (Naruto). Pokemon and Sailor Moon don't count because I've watched them since I was a child.

I Am:

Tall, self-centered, book-smart, an animal-lover, Chinese, female, unhappy with life (who is?), ambitious, a bitch, a procrastinator, forgetful, crude, perverted, defensive, not good with people, nerdy (come on I got the highest math testing score at my school and I play the piano and I'm a straight-A student and I write Fanfiction!), pale, a bit of a sociopath/ misanthropic/ sadistic/ masochistic/ nihilistic, a dreamer, very open-minded, very judgmental, a hypocrite, a hypocrite-hater, into urban fantasy, manga, and anime, an excellent cook (I made all the food for an eight-dish Chinese party and people didn't believe me), smart enough to know when to act stupid, a parent-hater, terrible at cleaning, amazing at the piano, in love with a bunch of anime characters and completely uninterested in real people, therefore a little mentally ill, a person who will bend over backwards for my friends, very picky when it comes to acknowledging who's my friend, very picky in general, annoying to be around for more than five minutes if I don't like you, conceited, greedy, and everything human and everything not, and I feel and I don't, and I make sense and I don't, and I'm weird, but not to me, so there!

I Am Not:

Short, blonde, red-headed, Irish (Ok these go without saying), nice, talkative, sweet, witty (unless we're online), a perfect person, very kind, good at cleaning, good at science (except Biology), good with babies, patient, reasonable, downright evil or racist or your slave!!!

I Like :

VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!, bishies, Kuroshitsuji, Rurouni Kenshin, Blood Plus, Starbucks!, books over scanlations, seafood, Code Geass, Ilona Andrew's Magic series, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's (fuck all you haters), Dragon Age: Origins (the GREATEST game EVER), chess, living, Elfen Lied, doodling, being in charge, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, making money, Calvin and Hobbes comics, Angel, Pokemon, being a bitch, sushi (nagiri especially!), ice water, cheese (brie, gruyere, buffalo mozzarella, etc), Harry Potter, dark chocolate!, Sailor Moon, Neopets, boys, writing, walking on a sunny breezy day with no shoes on, running outside when it's raining heavily and screaming like an idiot, cooking, Scooby-Doo, gummies, reading, my sister Susan, Pride and Prejudice, Ninety-nine Nights, basketball, me, my computer, my other computer (;P), showing off, being an idiot, free time, Garfield comics, Youtube, "children's card games that save the world" a.k.a. Yu-Gi-Oh, dumb games that suck your soul out, etc, etc.

I Dunno:

Death Note (It was OK, but nowhere as great as Code Geass. I mean Light doesn't accomplish what he set out to do so that was basically a waste of time, but Namikawa's cool! And L. And Ryuk.), peanut butter, Mass Effect (cool, but a bit overrated), death, shooting games, growing up, religion, Tarot cards, people as a whole, people who are too nice, global warming, whether cookies are going to take over the world or not :D, etc, etc.

I Hate:

SCHOOL! (It's an utter waste of time. I know everything my teachers teach me, and I learn the crap I didn't know within 5 minutes. Who needs to know when King George III died to be successful?!), hypocrites (everybody is one, but I can't stand people with double-standards on EVERYTHING), naggers, responsibility, commitment, life, Twilight series, bitter melon (has anybody figured out the purpose of eating a bitter melon? bcuz I have NOT!), parents, mosquitoes, fluff-dominated shows, over-the-top shows, authority, super creepy films that leave me wide-awake at night jumping at the slightest sound, bad literature, ignorance, bell peppers, the pop press, celebrity gossip rags, bad things, etc, etc

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

In a Garden Summer House by Han Xiang reviews
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Code Geass - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 52 - Words: 236,891 - Reviews: 1971 - Favs: 2,002 - Follows: 1,751 - Updated: 2/16/2012 - Published: 1/10/2009 - Lelouch L.
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