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Author has written 2 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog.

My first story, was inspired by Estrellas, which was created by Annamay168: http:///pic-723534.html. I'm happy with the way the fan fic turned out. unlike a lot of other firsts, I tried to make mine nice, smooth, and detailed.

Not much to say, but I have a good imagination when it comes to thinking about stories. However, if I work on one a lot, I tend to get tired of typing about it. I tend to take breaks, sometimes days, or a week at a time before I continue with most anything big I type. Now, if I recall…I started on that first story of mine sometime in late October, of 2008. Got it finished on the 26th of December I believe, but didn’t really bother with uploading it till next year. that’s just how I can be at times.

Speaking of that story, their was a deleted scene, but decided to leave it out, mostly because of it’s nature, I probably would have had to raised the rating by a notch.

“Look at that Sonic, a shooting star!”
With amazement, the kit smiled at the passing light, as his hand fell back to the soft grass. Sonic to, looked at the star which seemed to honor their presence with.

“Hehehe, I’ll bet I can run faster then that shooting star…”
“well, you sure looked like one when you were on fire when you fought Eggman…”
“Hey-hey-hey hey-now, running did make the flames go away, didn’t it?”
“Yah, after tripping, and falling face first into shallow water…”
“But that rock btotally/b jumped in front of me!”

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