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Author has written 7 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Legend of Zelda, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Naruto.

Age: Old enough for bars everywhere

Home: I'm from Western Washington, and yes, I am a proud Seahawks fan for any Twelves reading this :) I'm slowly rebuilding my life so I can get back to school in Idaho, graduate in music, and even go to grad school as a conductor! I've been negligent of my author duties here due to life being a prick, but I'm updating my profile as a start for something fun again.

My Pen Name: Airheadninja? I was in eighth grade and it's the first thing that popped into my head. My head is spinning at how long ago that was. Ack.

Favorite activities: I was very interested in being athletic at one point when I was younger but had to give that up due to lack of parental support (we were super poor). Instead I got really into band, and I decided music is where my life truly deserves to manifest. I'm a horn player, and I also very much adore conducting. It is my dream to become a professional conductor and maybe even composer. The past year I was student conductor for my university's marching band and pep band, and gained the absolute trust of my band director (a very rare feat). I loved the job and I miss it every day! I'm a band nerd to the bone, so shout out to any fellow band students reading this.

I've been through a lot of garbage the past few years, and lost my will to do anything, much less write. I am hoping that redoing some of my profile will help.

If you're considering something drastic, or on hurting yourself, please contact help. You wanna PM me, that's okay. I know sort of how you're feeling, I am still fighting to survive every day. There are many different resources online for you to get help when in a crisis. They've helped me, and I'm sure they'll help you too.

I'm a lot more experienced than I was when I was younger, and I still have a lot of learning to do. I hope to use all of my experience in guilt, depression, kindness, love, and much more to my advantage in my writing.

Below are my six published OC characters. I prefer OC stories, both to read and to write, as inserting a character into a well-established story line can take some major imagination. I'm also a hopeless romantic, despite having my heart broken by the man I still love, despite the fact that he hates me. Lots of drama in my life, but hey, it's all about picking yourself up! Which is precisely the attitude I tried to give all of these characters.

In An Historic Discovery, I have Bali. I wish to rewrite the entire story. Because I know it has so much more possibility and more depths I could go to than I did as a kid. I want to finish the original first, for my past. For a conclusion. Bali is a best friend to me. A strong, big hearted tough chick. She's a biker babe who loves small fluffy animals (the best metaphor I could think of). Her backstory is something I want to flesh out in the rewrite overhaul, and though I had come up with it as a kid, I can make it more realistic because I've experienced some of the heartache she's gone through now. Bali got her name from a piece I played in high school, "Bali," by Michael Colgrass. Go take a listen if you're so inclined, it's based on the traditional sounds of the island.

For Foreign Exchange Student, Marie La May is the person who I wanted to grow up to be when I was a kid. I'm a lazy-ass, and I passed my tests in high school with average scores because while I may be okay at learning, if I'm uninterested in the topic I become super lazy about studying. Marie is super smart, gets fives on AP tests ( I only got threes... But in AP Lit I got a four!) and is Valedictorian material as she studies when she has to. I had to give her some of my qualities of nerdy loserville to make her less perfect.

For Apprentice, Hallie/Farona is a princess from a distant Hylian bloodline. I'm not exactly happy with how I turned this story out and everything with Hallie. If I decide to continue this story, I might rewrite it so that it goes in the direction I believe it should go in my soul. Hallie is supposed to be ordinary in every sense, but extremely sassy. A good mechanic, actually bad with kids despite trying, hates doing new things, hates money... Her mother was a pirate, that is something I will very much keep. If I keep her as a lord's daughter, then she won't be one that's so important as a royal bloodline. She'll be someone without the blessings of the gods or any special powers or whatever. She just tries hard and if things work out, they work out.

In The Boys in Marching Band, the two characters are my sister and I. Plain and simple. Though we magnified the craziness and had fun with it. We never actually went to high school together, as she is nearly six years older than me.

My newest addition, Anders Nolst, is my lovely vision of what I'd like to be when in college. Trust me, I'm far from it. Anders was created for Yami. I wanted to write something fluffy and cute for romance, but still keep it light, friendly and funny. I like those kinds of stories, and An Historic Discovery is actually pretty serious. Especially now towards the end! Anyway, Winter Warmth will be a favorite simply because it's my cute romantic side coming out.

Something I'd like to address with people who write: I know that hating pink is a real thing, but it's overused and sort of annoying. I used to be like you in sixth grade, but I came to actually love the color pink because it helped me feel really pretty, actually. My bedroom is pink. Kirby is my main in Super Smash Bros. Barbie has an extensive list of careers to inspire and she's pink.

I'm really passionate about pink, I am tired of the trope, and if a school uniform has pink in it, I can assure you the school system will not allow you to change it (lookin' at you, YGO writers).

Think open-minded. Think character depth. THINK PINK.

This next part is going to hold some ideas that I have for future stories. They may or may not be written.

There's a Yu Yu Hakusho idea that I've tried to write several times, but it's never worked out because I feel like my sister would do much better at writing it. Anyways, here it is:

There is an ancient legend from Makai that talks of a demon that sealed their great and expansive power within a human, and that the only way to reach this power was to find the human and eat them, body and soul. It was called The Dish of Wishes, for if a demon should eat the human, their every desire would be granted to them. For eons it had never happened, and thanks to the Spirit World barrier, it faded away from the minds of demons. However, all of that is about to change when an ancient demon from the pits of the Makai shows up and starts sending low class minions through the barrier to try and find the human, born only once every few hundred years.

Taida Yukiko is a first year high school student at a prep school for a culinary arts university. Her dream to become a master chef drives her forward, with her fiery attitude and somewhat solitary nature driving her. Because of her determination and focus on becoming the best, she doesn't have very many friends, which sometimes bothers her.

In a giant case of irony played by the universe, Taida Yukiko is the Dish of Wishes, and when low-class minions begin to chase after her, the Spirit Detective team is on the case. After having to explain why she is being targeted, Yukiko blatantly fears Hiei and Kurama because of their demon status. But she'll warm up to them after they prove themselves through protecting her.

I have another YYH idea that I've actually posted up once upon a time, but it was deleted because I abhorred where I took it. I have since started to rewrite it a bit, but not extensively. It was called Shinigami.

It's about a child cancer patient who dies and ends up in the Japanese reapers program, as there was a need for someone to replace the one who had finally made enough to pass on to judgment. Kenna is perturbed by the major culture shock and the hold up from heaven, but thanks to her new upper management companion Botan, she meets the Spirit Detective and gets involved in his misadventures.

I also planned a sequel, addressing the underlying story that goes on during the first story (the first story is based during the series). The sequel is far more dark than its prequel, but you can't have YYH without its sass and humor. A story about death itself.

I'm putting together an amazing Legend of Zelda story that isn't based on any particular game. A completely original story based in Hyrule.

The kingdom of Hyrule is plagued by guilds of thieves, the princess is young and is still ruling with a regent, and a young cleaning lady with green hair in Temporal Valley Town was orphaned from a ruthless and legendary gang of thieves, a branch of the Gerudo Clan that severed ties with their desert tribeswomen long, long ago. After a raid on her current village, she has enough and faces a bandit gang alone, which is against the law (so as to protect civilians). She ends up being brought down by a group, only to be rescued by a mysterious young man, who departs into the night soon afterward.

After recovering with her only two friends, the village doctor and the village apothecary.

Soon enough, she sets off on her own, to train herself so that she'll never need to be rescued ever again, and to also finally find the thieves who murdered her parents.

It's a story that's actually fairly well structured already, with interesting personalities that we haven't seen in some of the classic characters like Link and Zelda. The current fashions in the kingdom have 1920's flapper influences, but it's still the Hyrule we know and love. I'm excited to do more, to be honest. There's a lot more to it than it would appear!

That's all for now. I feel better changing this up from when I wrote this as a teenager. Whoo!

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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 25 - Words: 85,502 - Reviews: 375 - Favs: 181 - Follows: 165 - Updated: 3/30/2014 - Published: 11/28/2010 - Yami Yūgi, Yami Bakura
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Captured By Darkness by RandomButLoved reviews
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Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 24 - Words: 92,502 - Reviews: 106 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 9/2/2013 - Published: 7/6/2013 - Link, Hylia/Her Grace, OC - Complete
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