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Author has written 9 stories for Avengers, Phantom of the Opera, Naruto, Lord of the Rings, and South Park.

My name is Francis J. Toran, but you can just call me Franky! I'm 26 years old, born February 15. I'm happily married and moved back to my hometown. I'm a gay male who grew up on superheroes and heavy metal. I love to write about many things, particularly long stories. I don't like taking forever to upload and I usually finish what I start. I have many fandoms I follow and ready daily, so I get distracted sometimes but you should know I always finish a story. I welcome any hate anyone has to give me. I'm gay and married. Why would I care what anyone has to say about me? I'm awesome! And I'll never change myself for someone else, not even my husband who loves me for who I am! The hate is the firewood that keeps my soul burning strong! Feel free to PM me anytime you want! I love talking to new people and can have a conversation with just about anyone! Don't be a stranger!

ALSO!!! Check out my new Facebook Fan Page!!/pages/Francis-J-Toran-Franky/110709032432667 . I will be posting all updates and that on the page, as well as future polls and if I need a BETA. Please come check it out and like me!

If I couldn't get anymore lame, check out my Tumblr Blog where I will more up to date with than Facebook (I never get on it), and keep updated along with a few extra things. Keep in mind, it will more than likely be NSFW!!!

Francis J. Toran (Franky)



Accepted Requests

Narutosfangirl - Thor/Steve AlphaBetaOmega Verse (Avengers)

Anonymous - Butters/Bebe (South Park)

Request Guidelines


Requests must be submitted in a PM (Private Message).

You MUST have an account on It is easier for me to contact you should I have any questions or to notify you on updates on your request.

Request Periods are very time sensitive. You have 30 minutes passed ending time to get a request in. I understand if there are internet troubles or something important has occurred. (EX: Closing Requests as 12:00 AM US. Central Time.)

I will only right One-Shots, or VERY short Multi-Chapter Requests due to the possibility of having multiple Requests at once. I try to get Requests out as soon as possible and in an orderly fashion so please bare. Expect at least 2 weeks for the Request to be completed.

All below content is subject to change at anytime.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime. I will reply as soon as possible.

Accepted Content

Nothing is off-limits. Seriously. No matter what you want, I'll write it.

I will do Alternate Universes (AU) (EX: High School, Non-Superhero, Vampire/Werewolf, Alpha/Beta/Omega Universe.)

Song Fics are accepted.

Furry is accepted (in the appropriate universe)

I will do Male Pregnancy (MPreg) ONLY if it makes sense. (EX: Loki Mystically/Historically giving birth to a wolf and a snake.) (EX: Alpha/Beta/Omega Universe which allows males to become pregnant.)

I will NOT do a MPreg that is unexplainable.

Yaoi (Gay/Slash)

Yuri (Lesbian/Slash)

Transgender/Transsexual (Gender Bender)

Original Characters (OCs)

I have no problem doing an OC.

You must provide the following:

Hair color

Eye color


Ethnicity (Country of Origin so Accents can be done properly. (EX: Ireland, England, Britain)

Personality (In as much detail as possible)

Everything you know about your OC must be provided down to the freckles on their ass. If you leave something off I will improvise where need be and this could complicate your request. I want my clients to be as happy as possible.

IF you have an ORIGINAL drawing of your OC, feel free to send me a link or by E-Mail.


Mass Effect OC must have Species listed. (EX: Turrian, Quarian, Asari, Drell)

Superheroes/Mutants must have a name. (EX: Real name: Steve Rogers. Hero Name: Captain America)

Underworld must have Species listed. (EX: Vampire, Werewolf, Hybrid)

Harry Potter must have House listed. (EX: Griffondor, Slytherin)

Twilight must have Species listed. (EX: Vampire, Werewolf)

Lord of the Rings/Hobbit must have Species listed. (Elf, Dwarf, Orc)

Legend of Zelda must have Species and Race listed as such. (Species: Zora, Kokiri, Gorons. Race: Gerudo, Hylian)

Dragon Age must have Species listed. (Elf, Dwarf). Also Class if they are Mage.

Elder Scrolls must have Species, Race and Class listed. (Species: Elf (High, Wood, Dark, Thalmor, Snow), Argonian, Kahjit, Orc. Race: Redgard, Imperial, Nord. Class: Mage, Warrior, Thief,)

Dynasty Warriors must have Kingdom Listed (Wu, Shu, Wei, Jin)

Category Request List (Will be added to in the future)



How To Train Your Dragon


Boondock Saints

Captain America

Iron Man



X-Men (Includes Wolverine Movies)

Gossip (NOT Gossip Girl)

Star Trek (2009)



Dragon Ball Z/GT

Death Note

One Piece

Fairy Tail

Fruits Basket Anime Only

Yu-Gi-Oh (Series 1)

Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club Anime Only

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Anime & Manga

Tiger and Bunny Anime Only (trying to catch up)


Harry Potter


Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit

Phantom of the Opera (mostly familiar with the movie but will be posted under books)


South Park

Invader Zim

Powerpuff Girls

My Little Pony



Young Avengers


Kingdom Hearts (1/2)


Final Fantasy (7/8/10/13)

Legend of Zelda (Any except Skyward Sword)

Mass Effect (1/2/3) (Face Codes and Slider Codes are accepted)

Dragon Age (1/2) (Slider Codes are accepted)

Assassin's Creed (Available to Crossover with Prototype)

Elder Scrolls Series (OC's Only) (Mostly going off Skyrim)

Devil May Cry (I only played 4, but I've watched the Anime)

Left 4 Dead (1/2)

Dynasty Warriors

Bioshock (1/2/Infinite)

Gears of War (1/2/3/Judgment)

Borderlands (1/2)

Prototype (Available to Crossover with Assassin's Creed)

Call of Duty MW (1/2/3) Ghosts



TV Shows (I don't watch a lot of TV)

Walking Dead

Misc. (not the category, just side notes)

Norman Reedus related Movies/TV. If you want something written involving a character he has portrayed, let me know and I'll get to it. FLANDUS is accepted (Flanery/Reedus... will be found under Boondock Saints (Movies)).

I have done some Dir En Grey work in the past. So Dir En Grey is on the table should anyone want that.

I the only crossover I'm mostly familiar with is Prototype/Assassin's Creed. It will be accepted if you wish to Request it.

Request Application

Please fill out the following application when sending a Request through a Private Message. Please remove all parentheses text as it is sample text. If you are going to use an OC, fill the blanks with OC until you get to the OC application. Don't use a name on the first application or else I could get confused. (Following Example used is Avengers Tony/Steve)

Application Part A

Username:(Francis J. Toran)

Do you wish to remain anonymous?: (Yes/No. Or type (I would like to go by Jayson.) This is to save you any embarrassment and your pride.)

Do you want this story to be posted on Fanfiction?: (Yes/No. Should you say no, I ask you send me your E-Mail so I can send you the finished request. I will not send you spam and I ask you not send me any.)

Category: (Movies)

Sub Category: (Avengers)

Pairing: (Tony/Steve) (If using 2 OC's (EX: Elder Scrolls Series) please add one of the following (Yaoi/Gay/Slash, Yuri/Lesbian/Slash, Straight, Gender Bender, Other (You must specify your answer.))

If Slash (Yaoi/Yuri... Gay/Lesbian) Please Fill out the following two subanswers. Otherwise ignore.

Top: (Steve)

Bottom: (Tony)

Please provide a summary of your request: (Give every detail you can. Every major plot point. EX: (using my The Right Partner fic) Tony and Steve become close friends. They both have feelings for the other but don't want to accept them. A life-or-death situation arises and they confess. (This type of situation will need detail on your part.) They develop their relationship, fall in love. A problem arises when Pepper walks in on them about to get frisky. Tony hadn't broken up with her yet and is already with Steve. They argue and eventually come to terms as they talk it out.)

Please provide content you wish to see in your request: (EX: Erotic Romance, Bondage, Master/Slave, MPreg, Rape, Death)

Please provide content you DO NOT wish to see in your request: (EX: Sexual content, MPreg, Death, Rape)

Provide the rating you want on your request: (EX: K, K, T, M)

Other Details: (Songfic (I will listen to any song, but make it serious), Add a Poem to it (Must be provided), Alternate Universe (Must be specific and detailed where it need be))

Are you using an OC?: (Yes/No)

If you answered yes, please fill out Application Part B. If you are using more than one OC, please copy and paste Application Part B again and fill it out again. Make sure you specify they are different (EX: OC 1, OC 2, OC 3)

Application Part B

Name: (OC Name)

Age: (OC Age)

Gender: (Male/Female/Hermaphrodite (Please keep it in an appropriate universe))

Hair Color: (OC Hair Color)

Eye Color: (OC Eye Color)

Height: (Tall, Short, Average)

Weight: (Slim/Slender, Masculine (Very/Somewhat), Fat (Chubby/Very Overweight/Morbid), Scrawny)

Ethnicity: (African-America, Native-America, Japanese, Korean, German)

Country of Origin: (Japan, Korea, Germany, Ireland)

Personality: (Excitable, Angry, Short-Tempered, Gentle, Loves Children, Protective, Shy)

Other Details: (Scars, Amputation, Birthmark, Beauty Mark, Freckles, Tattoos, Piercings) (Any Furry of any type is accepted. EX: Neko. I do ask that you use them where they are appropriate.)

If your request applies to any of the following Categories, fill out only the applying questions. See Request Guidelinesfor reference.

Mass Effect

Marvel Movies (EX: Avengers, X-Men, Thor)


Harry Potter


Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Legend of Zelda

Dragon Age

Elder Scrolls Series

Dynasty Warriors

Species: (Elf, Dwarf, Vampire, Werewolf)

Class: (Mage, Warrior, Thief/Rouge)

House: (Only applies to Harry Potter.)

Superhero/Mutant Name: (Only applies to Marvel Universe Movies/Comics)

Kingdom: (Only applies to Dynasty Warriors.)

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