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Call me Tia

Paring of the Moment: Parker/Hardison [Leverage]

Favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel characters, pairings.

Angel/Faith - I loved them since the Buffy series, the way Angel wants to help her and actually succeeded in it makes me happy and how Faith escapes prison when she founds out Angelus is back.
Darla/Angel -
The way they got written is amazing. Angelus or Angel wanted to be with her even though they sure had a lot of issues when Angel got the soul, sometimes I just wish that Darla could have accepted him with a soul cause he really still wanted to be with her but he just couldn't kill but their story just never stopped and that's what I loved about it.
Willow/Oz -
Wolf falls in love with a witch, lovely! I love them and I just love going back to re-watch their beautiful moments.
Spike/Buffy -
I like them, the love/hate relationship was just something refreshing to see at the time.

Cordy/Gunn - Great Friendship, their scenes were so amazing all the time.
Angel/Cordy -
Friendship only.
Cordy/Doyle -
awww they were nice, too bad we didn't get to see more.
Cordy/Groo -
Nice relationship to see.
Buffy/Angel -
When I re-watch, I appreciate them more.
Spike/Fred -
Great friendship, and I'm surprised that I wouldn't have had a problem with them being more than that.
Spike/Illyria -
Love them.
Lindsey/Darla -
For their scenes
Gunn/Angel -
Friendship was great, they are both leaders so it was interesting.
Fred/Angel -
Wonderful friendship, I love the crush she had on him in the beginning of the series.

Favorite Characters from both series.
1. Angel/Angelus
2. Buffy
3. Darla
4. Willow
5. Spike
6. Gunn
7. Oz
8. Cordy [Angel series]
9. Faith [Angel series]
10. Lindsey McDonald

Favorite trio team working/friendship.

1. Angel/Gunn/Spike
2. Angel/Buffy/Spike
3. Cordy/Gunn/Wesley
4. Buffy/Xander/Willow
5. Angel/Cordy/Doyle

Favorite Characters on Heroes
Peter Petrelli-I became a Peter fan from day one I just loved how caring he was and that he had a big heart and I will always love him.

Hiro Nakamura-Another character I loved from day one I just loved his personality I like how he loved his ability and wanted to Save the World.

Mohinder Suresh- It's something about Mohinder that I always like and I don't quite know what it is even though I'm not loving him very much this season he is still one of my favorite.

Daphne- I love her character and her speeding ability she is just awesome.

Claire Bennet-At first I didn't know what to think of her she wasn't really one of my favorites but I love she is this Season. I just like how she finally want to do something and save people and want to go after the bad guys, I think if she learns to fight better she could really catch some Villains.

Ando Masahashi-He just became one of my favorites this season, I always liked him but he wasn't my top person but I just like how smart he is this season and he make very good choices.

Sylar-Now we all know he is the bad guy everyone loves to hate but it's something about him I like but I do have a love/hate relationship with him.

Nathan Petrelli
-I never really like Nathan until How to Stop An Exploding Man and ever since that I loved him and he is still one of my favorites.

It's probably more character that I will add later.

Couples/Friendship I love On Heroes
Paire-Now I always thought after Homecoming that Peter and Claire will happen and then the whole related thing happen so I'm going keep hoping that one day they get unrelated cause I really love how they is with eachother they always care for eachother and they became close really quick.

-Even though Charlie was only in two episodes I really loved them they will always be remembered and my heart and I actually just brought the Saving Charlie Book and I'm about to read chapter 3 so I love this couple alot.

EDIT HIRO/CHARLIE - WOW He Hiro actually went back in time to Save her and then she got taken away from him again so Hiro's mission is Save Charlie all over again, best thing Heroes has done in awhile, not they just need to unrelate Paire and the show will be alright!

Ando/Hiro-I loved they friendship from day one and they friendship is always tested to me and they always remain friends I hope they stay friends forever.

Niki/Micah/D.L-God I miss the family moments I like the way they all interacted with each other it was great to watch.

Nathan/Peter-I love how they is with eachother it's cool how Peter always Nathan approval for everything and Nathan always helping Peter out. They are really one of the best brothers out there and they will always be close brothers.

The Bennet Family- I love watching this family, I could watch them all day I really hope for more screentime for the Bennets

Noah Bennet/Claire Bennet-Even though they disagree they will always love each other and Noah would make sure that no one ever hurt Claire and Claire would be devastated if something ever happens to her father.



I'm Team Edward forever even though I think the teams thing is completely unnecessary Lol

I just became a huge fan of Edward and Bella cause was looking through book in the Library and I found the Twilight Book and I absolutely loved it so much so I have the whole collection now and I'm up to the 3rd book Eclipse.

I only ship Edward and Bella together and I love the friendship of Alice and Bella it's just so great.

I love Twilight and it's mostly because of Bella and Edward they are becoming a Addiction. I can't help it but I just love them they are so great together. I read the first three book and I'm about to get started on Breaking Dawn a book I heard so many mixed reviews about so I guess I have to wait myself to see it. My favorite book out of the series will always be the first book Twilight cause that the book that started it all. I could re read that book all the time and I will still love it. I recently brought the Twilight movie and I can see why some people would think it was a disappointment, probably cause the didn't have all the scenes in the book or some people said that if you didn't read the book you wouldn't understand he movie so that's probably the problem.


I actually thought it was pretty cool and I like the book a little better that the movie but it was both good to me cause I know how hard it had to be to change a book into a movie and I think that the chemistry between Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart is amazing and they both portrayed EB they best way they knew how.


Edward Cullen- It's not my faught he is so amazing, He is just so great and he will always be my favorite and I always seem to feel sad for him especially in the Eclipse.

Alice Cullen- I love her personality.

Bella Swan- (I like her sometimes) I understand what she goes through and I understand some decisions that she makes.

Jasper- He totally cool


JACOB BLACK- I liked him alot in some of New Moon but other than that I never liked him anymore. He just gets on my nerve.

My Couple Of the Moment:Paire-DAMON/BONNIE

Couple I Love

Smallville - Clark/Lois, Oliver/Chloe, Oliver/Davis, Lana/Jason
Charmed - Phoebe/Leo, Phoebe/Cole, Pheobe/Coop, Paige/Henry
No Ordinary Family - Katie/Joshua
Vampire Diaries - Damon/Bonnie
24 - Tony/Michelle
Twilight - Edward/Bella
Heroes - Peter/Claire, Hiro/Charlie
ER - Ray/Neela, Carter/Abby
7th Heaven - Martin/Ruthie, Kevin Lucy
One Tree Hill - Brooke/Nathan, Jake/Peyton, Julian Peyton
Moesha - Moesha/Hakeem
Veronica Mars - Duncan/Veronica
BTVS - Buffy/Spike
ATS - Darla/Angel, Angel/Faith, Darla/Angelus
Friends - Joey/Rachel, Monica/Chandler, Phoebe/Mike
Las Vegas - Samantha/Danny
Lincoln Heights - Charles/Cassie
WILAY - Val/Vic
TBBT - Sheldon/Penny
Leverage - Parker/Hardison

Friendships I love

Friends - Joey/Chandler, Joey/Rachel, OT6 [Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross]
Twilight - Alice/Bella
Veronica Mars - Veronica/Wallace
Smallville - Chloe/Clark [S4-] Lois/Jimmy
Dawson's Creek - Jack/Jen, Dawson/Joey, Pacey/Jack
One Tree Hill - Lucas/Haley, Nathan/Peyton, Brooke/Rachel, Nathan/Tim
Angel - Gunn/Cordellia, Angel/Gunn, OT4[Angelus,Drusilla,Darla and Spike, Angel/Cordellia, Spike/Fred

Favorite AU/Crossover Parings

Pathology/Heroes- Ted Grey/Claire Bennet, Smallville- Chloe/Oliver, Supernatural/One Tree Hill- Haley/Dean

Favorite Present Shows


Favorite Past Shows

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
7th Heaven
Veronica Mars
What I like About You
8 Simple Rules
Lois&Clark the New Adventures of Superman

Favorite Game Shows Deal or No Deal , 1 VS 100, Family Feud and Pyramid, Who Wants to be a Millionaire[Past version]

Other Past Shows I watch The Cosby Show, Who's the Boss ,Sister,Sister ,Good Times ,The Jamie Foxx Show ,Dawson's Creek ,The Parker's, Las Vegas ,The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Top 8 Favorite Wrestlers

The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, John Cena, Kane, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Shawn Micheals

Top 5 Favorite Divas

Lita, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Melina, Michelle McCool, Maria

Favorite WWE Parings or who I'd love to see.

Triple H/Stephanie McMahon, Maria/John Cena. Maria/Randy Orton, Trish Stratus/Chris Jericho, Kane/Lita

I haven't read fanfictions in quite awhile but when I do read it, I make sure to find the best one. I usually connect with a story easy and quickly. I write from time to time, but I don't consider it my strong suit just yet.

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