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Hello, I've decided to introduce myself since I have nothing better to do right now...

Hair: It's to my shoulders, black and parted from the left so it covers my right eye most of the time.

Eyes: Red (contacts)

Skin Tone: ashened/pale in the sun

Age: 13

Nickname: Karasu

75 Questions About Me

1. Why not me? - ?

2. Am I nice? - Too nice sometimes...

3. Am I doing what I really want to do? - Hell no.

4. What am I grateful for? - For being ASIAN! XD

5. What’s missing in my life? - A boyfriend sigh...

6. Am I honest? - Sometimes, I can be decieving depending on the situation

7. Do I listen to others? - Of course!

8. Do I work hard? - Yup, in everything I do, I believe I do my personal best

9. Do I help others? - All the time, I'm like a councelor, a shoulder-to-cry-on kind of girl.

10. What do I need to change about myself? - I have to raise my confidence more (it's down to rock bottom)

11. Have I hurt others? - I think, but I apologized, and now we're friends _

12. Do I complain? - Sometimes

13. What’s next for me? - I want to find out what it's like to be appreciated for once... sigh

14. Do I have fun? - I don't think so, rare times I do.

15. Have I seized opportunities? - Rare occasions I do seize opportunities

16. Do I care about others? - Of course!! Remember? The therapist of my group of friends?

17. Do I spend enough time with my family? - sigh No...

18. Am I open-minded? - Yup, but only when I don't believe my ideas are strong enough

19. Have I seen enough of the world? - Of course...NOT! I would kill to travel the world and try new things

20. Do I judge others? - I would learn their personalities first, but I'd be tolerant, so no.

21. Do I take risks? - Usually, I deduct on if the risk is worth anything

22. What is my purpose? - I really don't know, but sometimesIfeel as if I'm being used.

23. What is my biggest fear? - Losing someone dear to me.

24. How can I conquer that fear? - I don't think I can ever conquer that fear

25. Do I thank people enough? - I guess I can thank all my friends for being such great buddies _

26. Am I successful? - sigh Only in my dreams... But, hey I'm only 12!

27. What am I ashamed of? - My looks. I think I'm ugly as Hell

28. Do I annoy others? - Sometimes, but if they want me to stop, I'll stop.

29. What are my dreams? - To become a trauma surgeon, (definitely) an author, to be loved, and to be successful

30. Am I positive? - sometimes

31. Am I negative? - sometimes

32. Is there an afterlife? - Sometimes I believe there is, but other times I want to go into Heaven and just be me

33. Does everything happen for a reason? - Of course.

34. What can I do to change the world? - Start helping the enviroment! Earth is the only planet with chocolate...

35. What is the most foolish thing I’ve ever done? - Uh... I could name five pages of that...

36. Am I cheap? - Nope

37. Am I greedy? - Hell no

38. Who do I love? - sigh I have a crush, but I'd like a guy who's cute, but mostly I want him to be smart, caring, funny, protective, and the shoulder-to-cry-on type of guy

39. Who do I want to meet? - I've always wanted to meet Gackt!

40. Where do I want to go? - Japan, home of cherry blossoms, sushi, and manga/anime!

41. What am I most proud of? - My awesomely awesome writing skills, and my skills to comfort people

42. Do I care what others think about me? - Sort of, sometimes the truth hurts... a lot...

43. What are my talents? - Writing, origami, fencing, comforting people

44. Do I utilize those talents? - I don't know...

45. What makes me happy? - Seeing everyone else happy, but mostly standing up for myself for once

46. What makes me sad? - Seeing someone I know cry, animals dying, and seeing poor Mother Earth get sicker everyday

47. What makes me angry? - Seeing my friends get bullied, my parents being fussy

48. Am I satisfied with my appearance? - Sometimes, but usually I point out my flaws when I'm in a negative mood (which I usually am)

49. Am I healthy? - I believe so, but deep down I feel like I'm just a frail glass doll

50. What was the toughest time in my life? - When I was in the limelight

51. What was the easiest time in my life? - shrugs I don't now...

52. Am I selfish? - Definitely not, I always put my happiness last when it comes to my friend's happiness.

53. What was the craziest thing I did? - I got really angry cuz I couldn't get the bangs out of my face, so I cut them off... O.O

54. What is the craziest thing I want to do? - Start a clever, planned out murdering spree, and never get caught ;)

55. Do I procrastinate? - Sometimes... Like right now I'm supposed to be studying for a test tomorrow... OH CRAP!!

56. What is my greatest regret? - Saying stupid things that cause me to be the victim of bullies

57. What has had the greatest impact on my life? - Finding out that my friend passed away

58. Who has had the greatest impact on my life? - shrugs I don't know, maybe my friends, but that's why I'm there for them all :)

59. Do I stand up for myself? - I wish, but I stand up for my friends instead of myself.

60. Have I settled for mediocrity? - ?

61. Do I hold grudges? - Not anymore, but maybe a 10 minute grudge

62. Do I read enough? - I read A LOT

63. Do I listen to my heart? - Sometimes I wish, but that loud voice from my brain is bothering me

64. Do I donate enough to the less fortunate? - I don't think so, I'm only 12, but I'll see what I can do _

65. Do I pray only when I want something? - Yes, I pray to my Guardian Angel/Guardian Animal (the crow)

66. Do I constantly dwell on the past? - When it just happened recently, yes.

67. Do I let other people’s negativity affect me? - Sometimes, but I try hard to cheer them up

68. Do I forgive myself? - Never.

69. When I help someone do I think “What’s in it for me”? - Never, ever, ever.

70. Am I aware that someone always has it worse than me? - No, I don't think so

71. Do I smile more than I frown? - I smile more when I'm with my friends, and frown more at home

72. Do I surround myself with good people? - Yeah

73. Do I take time out for myself? - I don't think so

74. Do I ask enough questions? - Nope, bring on more! XD

75. What other questions do I have? - Tons more.

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