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When is Stephenie planning on publishing a sequel (if any) to The Host?! I have done lots of googling on it, and can't find anything except an old interview with MTV in which she says that she has it almost finished. Nothing on her website, and I check EVERY day, somtimes multiple times! (I know, really sad)

If you find ANY info on new Stephenie Meyer books, PLEASE PM me!! I would LOVE to know!

My favorites List is VERY messed up!! Used to just use it as a way to check stories that I might have wanted to read, so not all of the stories in there are ones I loved.

So, I know my description or whatever you want to call it that I had up here last made me sound like a ten year old. However, I do actually have a brain and can go more than two words without saying the word "like". Thank god! So, about me? Well, I'm obviously VERY into reading...and fanfiction for that matter. After reading the Twilight saga in a short period of three days during the summer, (all i did, literally, was eat sleep and read) and finishing it, I was very sad (can't think of better adjective) that it was over. So, for two weeks I went back and read my favorite parts from each of the books. After a while, getting slightly bored from re-reading the same sections, but still not ready to "move on", I did some research online. I got fansites and other things, but then i stumbled upon fanfiction; even since, I've been hooked. I must read twice as many fanfics as I do actual books (word-count wise) which is quite a few, especially when I get really into a series. That's the werid thing about me. Once i get into the book, there is no stopping me. I read TOO much and put off important things like homework, which SHOULD be a higher priortiy than reading...oh well.

Best Series of all time in no particular order: (in my opinion, that I've read)


The Host

Harry Potter

The Hunger Games

Princess Diaries (don't judge, chick-lit is entertaining if well written and not shallow) (I love it how the author makes fun of how wrong the movies are in the book too!)

Magic or Madness trilogy

Ransom My Heart (companion to princess diaries, written my main character (Mia) Not actually a part of the series HIGH warning though!)

Favorite Pairings:


Edward/Bella (close 2nd, but I can't choose which series I like better!)


Micheal/Mia (princess diaries) I know it's chick-lit. I know it's shallow, but I was in the mood for a good, long, girly series and it served that purpose.

Peeta/Katniss/Gale (Don't know which yet! Can't wait till Catching Fire comes out on Sep. 1st!!) (Hunger games)



Least favorite Parings (only the ones I really hate!)

Draco/Hermione (I mean really! Where did people get this idea from??)

Jared/Wanda (Ok, this never happened! It was just Mel as Wanda's host!)

Jacob/Bella (Jacob/Nessie is ok, but many reasons why I find it really weird!) Recently found more sympathy for Jacob after re-reading Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I semi-understand their relationship, but still love Edward/Bella MUCH more.

Non-cannon pairings unless with new character and the canon character was not paired with anyone else in the story!

Ok, I am very opinionated, I know this, so if you really want to have a heated discussion about any of my choices about then PM me, I love having cough cough heated discussions about these kinds of things! And trust me, I have reasons behind all of these things, not just following other people!

So, besides reading I do have SOME other hobbies...

-Singing (I'm in sounds, the honor choir at my school)

-Graphic/Web Design!! (Wow I love designing things, I've been using Photoshop since 4th grade when I had an amazing teacher who showed us how to make our own website, and if I do say so myself, it came out awesome!

-Scrapbooking (I like crafty things too)

-Just computers in general

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