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I won't tell you much about myself, because that would be boring. I expect I'm just like most people here. Besides, I mostly read, and often leave reviews, which tell you about me. Instead, I'll tell you here about my main storyline, which you'll see in bits as I get it written and uploaded.

Faerthurin, my main OC, is a terrible Mary-Sue. She started as a role-play character, and I actually intended her to be me, but soon found that she had a life of her own, and would sometimes do things I distinctly did not want! ;) So I've been trying to reduce similarity to my OOC self, even if I am using her name as my screen name.

A quick timeline of Faerthurin's life, so that you can pick up the threads of stories at different time:

12 September 1985 - Born in Australia
2002 - Met Estel (Don't ask me how yet - I haven't quite written it. Besides, I have to do shocking things to the canon to make my fanfic work, and I'm ashamed of that, so it may not ever be written.)
November 2004 - Joined Rangers of Arnor as apprentice and immediately taken to Middle-earth with Estel. Date becomes Hithui 2992.
Ivanneth 2998 - Promoted to full Ranger on turning 25, the Númenorean coming of age.
Ivanneth 3018 to Gwaeron 3019 - The War of the Ring. 45-year-old Faerthurin's part is small enough, but she lives through the War.

Faerthurin's name is not gender-specific, and especially as a Ranger she has always tried to look like a male: cropped hair, deep voice, men's clothes, etc.

I also write stories of other Rangers - of Aragorn, obviously, but of his childhood as well as his time as Captain of the Rangers; and I'm working on Halbarad's story, because he's an amazing character, and I think he's too often overlooked.

Although I don't write very much, being terrible at getting a story complete enough to publish, I have been known to beta-read, with particular emphasis on canon-accuracy and grammar. Fandoms I would be confidant enough to beta include LotR (obviously), Narnia, Harry Potter, and My Little Pony. Ask me about others.

By the way, if anyone has lyrics of a song in a fanfic, for which they'd like music, I'd love to try my hand! Ask me about previous work if you like, or ask what ideas I might have for your lyrics.

A note on my favourite stories (in case anyone actually pays attention to that): I am very particular about what I favourite, but I will endorse AU stories of various sorts. As a Tolkien scholar and purist, it takes a very well-researched story for me not to find canon errors, but AU stories tend to be quite clear on what they change (for example, Not Quite a Maia sends a Hogwarts wizard with the Fellowship after Gandalf falls). And past that, the stories can be as close or far from canon as any other. I tend to look primarily at characterisation and historical events in determining this.

But if anyone is interested, stories in my favourites list come with high recommendations.

Gratitude always to dreamingfifi and her website Merin Essi ar Quenteli ( for names. She has long lists of trustworthy names in several LotR languages.

Gratitude also to Lady Anke Katrin Eissmann for her assistance and encouragement. Please read her fics ( and look at her stunning artwork ( - available as prints and posters). OK, that's a bit of a plug, but I am in high reverence of her!

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