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to begin with-24 April 2009

Well, it's been a while. I've got, what was it, three or four chapters of Clav. Nox uploaded here. Updated A.S. and also did a one-shot called Heels. It's time for me to get down to study though, so I might not be here for a while.

Hates (this has the potential to be a really long list)
Shopping malls. Bright lights, people and me don't mix. If I'm not having a panic attack I'm getting headaches.
Idiots. You know who you are.
Extremely obvious incorrect grammar and spelling. I'm talking apostrophies and commas, you're and your etc.
Having to do chores while brother sits back and plays video games, leaves orange peels everywhere, and ruins all our furniture. See anything wrong there?
Fast food, and the accompanying 'ghost stink'.
Having to return library books.
Manga shop not having what I want, forcing me to go up and order it.
Make-up. I don't get the point of wearing it almost every day, or at school. There are few times I actually want to feel caked up.
The Radio. I haven't listened to it in a long time. I hope to keep our relationship that way.
Ex. Go die. I can't be stuffed avoiding you, so you'll have to avoid me.
Large groups of teenagers. You all know how annoying they are.

Doesn't hates
Trinity Blood. IxD. Actually, I love all the RCO. I hate Seth, and anime Esther annoys me.
Let Dai
Nodding off


General disclaimer for all my fics
Trinity Blood belongs to Sunao Yoshida (may he rest in peace), with Kiyo Kyujo responsible for the manga adaptation. These fanfics are not done for profit. Any references to real people and places are used fictuitously, and any plot line or character not found in the original Trinity Blood works was created by me.

Geez, I suck at all this disclaimer stuff. But yeah. I'm too lazy to upload every fic again with a disclaimer.

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Leon gets accustomed to prison, in particular the food slot. Not a character I usually write about.
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A mysterious visitor on a cold winter's night. What do they want with William?
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William wonders just what he has stumbled into when he decides to catch up with Isaac Butler. And it's not just Father Abel we're talking about. AU, WxI, in progress.
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Isaak, Dietrich and Guderian take a trip to the lake. Child Di, OOC Isaak POV, rather plotless and may be used to prevent a feeling of happiness.
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Isaak watches Dietrich working on a gun, but becomes more than just an observer...IxD, one-shot, language, blood, implied hanky-panky and a groin kick. Also featuring an extremely brief appearance of Radu Barvon and Helga von Vogelweide.
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