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PM us about anything and it is a 50 chance you get one or the other!!

Lets just say this is an attempt for bellamydarling and british-bella to work together on a story(ies). We had talked all summer about doing this but didn't get our act together but today during an art single, we decided that it was going ahead, with all guns blazing.

we both got into the twilight series after christmas this year. b-b got the book and loved it, so i leant it to bmd as she usually has very similar taste to me. now, all of our friends have read it and some of them are on here as well (jackforpresident). we both are completely and utterly in love with the idea of living in the us and i don't actually know one hundred percent why...

british-bella guesses that u may want a tad more info on us and why on earth we put up with each other so she will tell u her life story (or an edited version of it!!)

i still live in the same house i lived in when i was a baby. i still share a room (but it is actually HUGE!!). i still am imature and naive. i still find going on buses by myself scary and bmd does actually know that, i think. i hate the tube and try not to use it as i am slightly chlostrophobic and it doesn't help. i spend maybe a little too long on the computer. i actually love milky bars so there. i get hyper and get completely and utterly dopey/ very very witty, depending on the mood.

i am now the other one (bmd - the one you lot like less). i also live in the same house i always did - can' t wait to move out - and also shared a room (but not since i was like six). i'm much more mature than b-b and synical - this makes us an interesting conversations. i get very self-conscious on buses as people behind me like to talk about me but i actually love going on tubes so there. on 15/09 i told b-b that i actually really like orange ribena because it tastes like oranges but it is sweet. most mondays i walk to b-bs house (opposite direction) to catch up on our lives and then take a tube back. i find it funny when people think that i am stupid.

TWILIGHT will be released nationwide on December 19th IN THE UK.


B-B: you see them plants, do they know when they are about to be killed and try and lean away??

Mr Jones (we love him!!), my biology teacher: Please think next time before you speak!

B-B: the thing i love about glasses is you can read the bottom as you drink it...

Emily: what shape has two sides?
B-B: nothing does.
Emily: but they do. half a semi-circle.
B-B: no half a circle love.

B-B: New landish
Lucy: no. but what is it?
B-B: kiwish!
Lucy:that is legendary!!

B-B; Lucy: TRUST


B-B: who is Jack Bailey

Lucy: If I say the name and yell at someone it kind of gives it away love.

B-B: Yeah but who is he?

Jack: Me!!

BMD: Where do you put your rape alarm??

B-B: In your rape pocket?? EWW THAT SOUNDED SO WRONG!!

Lucy: No Frances.

B-B: It sounded good in my head...

(someone takes out some lip balm)

BMD: HEY! Is that Body Shop?

Someone: Yes, it smells really good.

BMD: Yeah, I have the body butter. And the shower gel.

(BMD takes some lip balm)

BMD: Wow, its like an exfoliater.

(later on that day)

BMD: I was squished up in the corridor behind Mr. Meade and all I could think was that he smelt really good. I kept sniffing him subtly. Really good.

Lily: I think its your lip balm.

(even later that day)

BMD: It was so distressing - my mum made me look in Topshop for bridesmaids shoes and I had no money.

B-B: And?

BMD: And the shoes were all the way at the back.

B-B: Ohhhh.

BMD: It was so painful - I had to keep my head down.

B-B: Ah.

Secondary Socialisation reviews
An overworked and overly stressed Bella comes back from a wedding to her not so empty apartment and the new addition to the city smashes into her life in extraordinary ways... R&R - from the amazing two that is bellamydarling and british-bella! xoxo
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 8 - Words: 18,697 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 12/14/2008 - Published: 9/15/2008 - Bella, Edward