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Author has written 10 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Series Of Unfortunate Events, World Ends With You, Ouran High School Host Club, and Left 4 Dead.

Okay, for those of you who wanted to see the pic of The Emo and The punk, look it up on deviantArt. the name of it is 'The Emo and The Punk,' by akurokukisses (my name). Thanks!

Age: Waaay old enough to know not to put this one up!

Gender: Female, but somtimes wishes to be a boy... lmao

Name Infoness!!: Well the name is from my friend cuz we both love Kingdom Hearts. I am a total AkuRoku fanatic! That's why it was my first story up. Every 8/13, my friend and I go celebrate AkuRoku day. We are trying to make a coslay group of friends, her as Axel, and me as Roxas. It isn't really getting far though. I also am emo, but I know what it means actually, compared to most people... -.-'... But yeah, way off topic...but I could really care less about that. So yeah, that explains my name. Simple, right?

Lifeness!!(A/N: What I like): Well, so much to say, almost too much! Now where to begin...? I play the violin, addicted to anime, fanatic of Kingdom Hearts: 1,2, and COM, watch Death Note more than anyone I know(yet don't ask me about them, 'cuz I apparently suffer from a goldfish memory), reading over 50 books at the same time, all at different places, have read a lot of Manga and Tokyo Pop, and own a lot of them. I also write a lot of random stories, and most make no sense whatsoever! There is also my emo side, which is when I write poems that are very depressing...or so I have been told. And them being depressing used to be really off from me, 'cuz I was barely ever anything but happy! But now, it seems I'm down and depressed and tired a lot. So yeah...

Randomness Stuffz!!:

Quotes: (A/N: These are all my own fun things I think of at the most random time...)
1) Axel: Name's Axel. Got it memorized?
Roxas: Yeah, how can I not?! You say your name and ask people to memorize it in EVERY FANFIC!
Axel: Geez! Calm down, Roxy! Its my slogon, I have to say that!
Roxas: Ugh...

2) Demyx: Hey, Zexy?
Zexion: Yeah?
Demyx: Have you noticed that Riku and Axel fight over who has the better twin all the time?
Zexion: Demyx, everyone knows that, and your the only one stupid enough to point it out.
Demyx: Oh...But you love me anyways!
Zexion: Unfortunately...

3) When life gives you lemons'
Throw them back
And scream; "Don't make me get Axel!"

4) Roxas: Hey Namine?
Namine: Yea, Roxas?
Roxas: Why do we know so many ppl?
Namine; Cuz you drag to too many worlds that aren't even in the game!
Roxas: Are you sure? I swear we've been in the same one this entire time...
Namine: Wow Roxas...just wow

5) Sora: Hey Axel?
Axel: Sup, brunette Roxy?
Sora: Why does Xigbar have an eyepatch?
Axel: Well, Xaldin was running around with scissors and yea...
Sora: I thought your hair poked him in the eye...
Axel: Well, you better believe Xaldin and scissors 'cuz if you say it was my fault, your gonna be the next Xigbar!
Sora: Xaldin was running with scissors! Got it! (Walks away, scared)
Axel: Gets them everytime (Laughs, walking away)

6) Xemnas: Number V!
Saix: Yes, Supirior?
Xemnas: I need you to do this anagram with my name...
Saix: I don't think you want me to do that...
Xemnas: And why is that?
Saix: See for yourself...
Xemnas: M...A...N...S...E...X...My name spells 'MANSEX'?!
Saix: Told you didn't want me to do that!

7) Marluxia: Why do my flowers aways suffer?!
Axel: Well, no one really likes haveing flowers in thier bed!
Marluxia: But I do!
Axel: I rest my case! You're a 'no one'!
Marluxia: In case you've forgotten, you're one too...
Axel: I hate you...

8) Demyx: Hey Roxas?
Roxas: Yeah, Dem?
Demyx: If we have no hearts, how are we alive?
Roxas: Hmmmmm idk, really...
Demyx: Oh! I know! We're like the Culins from Twilight! (squeals like a girl)
Roxas: You've got to be kidding me... (animesweatdrop)

9) Namine: Hiya Roxas!
Roxas: Hey Nami! Wat's goin on?
namine: well, I'm trying to figure out what to get a certain someone for Christmas...
roxas: whos the someone?
Namine: a really handsome, sweet, blonde guy (smiling)
Roxas; darnit! where is he?! ill kill him!
namine: ummmmm i'm gonna go ask demyx about this one then...
roxas: o, so its demmy?! (goes to kill demyx, namine freaking out)

10) Marluxia:Babies, Mommy will be right back, okay? (walks away from garden)
Roxas: muahahaha!! this will teach you not to mess with my hair gel!
(messes up the garden and burns it and explodes it)
Marluxia: (back now) WTF?! my babies! (cry cry)
Marluxia: ROXAS!!
Roxas: tehehehe...MUAHAHAHAHAHA Rahahahah!!

11)Roxas: so we meet again...
Snowman: (smirk smirk)
Roxas: Mr. Snowman!!
Snowman: ...
roxas: Take this! (chucks snowballs at snowman) HI-YAAH
snowballs: woooooosh!!
Snowman: (dead)
roxas: Told you you would never win!

12) Axel: Hey, does anyone know where I can get some smokes?
Voice from nowhere: Is it safe?
Axel: Is what safe?
Voice: Is it safe?
Axel; Ummmm Xig, is that you?
Voice: Is it safe? Is it safe?
Axel: Yeah...it's safe...
Voice: But is it safe?
Axel: AHHHHH!! All I want is some smokes! (runs out of store, screaming)
Roxas: (comming from behind counter) ha! 30 seconds! You owe me 5
Demyx: But I dont have 5!
-Thanks to Clerk's ep courage!

11) Life is like a sour patch kid...
Sour at first,
only it never gets better.

Favorite Pairings!!:


Do not judge my pairings that I like! I don't judge anyone else on the ones they like, so no lip! Thanks!

My Fave movies!

Sweeney Todd
V for Vendetta
Dark Knight
Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle
All Saws
All Pirates of the Caribbean
Kiki's Delivery Service
Tinker Bell!! (haha, thats right!)
The Univited
Angels and Demons
Session 9
Harry Potter(All)
Alice in Wonderland
Blind Side

Fave Bands!

Bullet For My Valentine
Sick Puppies
My Chemical Romance
Adam Lambert

Avenged Sevenfold
Three Days Grace
30 Seconds to Mars
Green Day
Good Charlotte
Linkin Park
Utada Hikaru
3 Doors Down
Avril Lavigne
Kanon Wakeshima
An Cafe
All That Remains
Five Finger Death Punch
Owl City

Quotes I love from movies and games and other places!

Joker: I have given a name to my name, and it is Batman.
-Batman (1989)

Vicki Vale: You're insane!
The Joker: I thought I was a Pisces!
-Batman (1989)

The Joker: And now, folks, it's time for "Who do you trust!" Hubba, hubba, hubba! Money, money, money! Who do you trust? Me? I'm giving away free money. And where is the Batman? HE'S AT HOME WASHING HIS TIGHTS!
-Batman (1989)

The Joker: My balloons. Those are my balloons. He stole my balloons! Why didn't somebody tell me he had one of those... things? Bob, gun.
Bob hands him a gun, Joker shoots him
The Joker: I'm gonna need a minute or two alone, boys.
-Batman (1989)

Joker: I now do what other people only dream. I make art until someone dies. See? I am the world's first fully functioning homicidal artist.
-Batman (1989)

Delia Surridge: You've come to kill me, haven't you?
V: Yes.
Delia Surridge: Thank God.
-V for Vendetta

Lewis Prothero: You... it is you!
V: The Ghost of Christmas past.
-V for Vendetta

Finch: Who was he?
Evey Hammond: He was Edmond Dantés... and he was my father. And my mother... my brother... my friend. He was you... and me. He was all of us.
-V for Vendetta

The Joker: Wanna know how I got these scars?
-Dark Knight

The Joker: I want... my phone call. I want it. I want it! I want my phone call!
Detective Stephens: That's nice.
-Dark Knight

Alfred Pennyworth: I suppose they'll lock me up as well. As your accomplice...
Bruce Wayne: Accomplice? I'm going to tell them the whole thing was your idea.
-Dark Knight

Batman: about the Joker Where is he?
Salvatore Maroni: Nobody knows, he came to us!
Batman: He must have friends!
Salvatore Maroni: incredulous Friends? Have you met this guy?
-Dark Knight

The Joker: Tell your men they work for me now. This is my city.
The Chechen: They won't work for a freak...
The Joker: mocking his accent A freak...
pulls out his switchblade and tosses it to some goons, who grab the Chechen
The Joker: Why don't we cut you up into little pieces and feed you to your pooches? Hmm? And then we'll see how loyal a hungry dog really is. It's not about money... it's about sending a message. Everything burns!
-Dark Knight

Bruce Wayne: How will it hold up against dogs?
Lucius Fox: We talking Rottweilers or Chihuahuas? Should do fine against cats.
-Dark Knight

Sora: Ha! Is that all? I can defeat that with one swing of the Keyblade! (Begins laughing)
(Heartless grows 10 times its size)
Sora: (Stops laughing, slowly) Oh, uhhhh what do I do now?
-KH Chronicles

(In cave on Destiny Islands)
Sora: Do I have somethin on my shirt? Do I have broccili on my shirt? I don't think I have broccili on my shirt... I wore my bib!
(Sora now wearing bib that says 'I love Kairi')
Sora: AH! My secret bib!
Kairi: Soooooraaaaa (zombie like and goes through him)
(Sora now running down a random path in the cave, holding keyblade)
Sora: AHHHHH! Where'd this key come from!! AHHHHHHHHH!!
-KH Chronicles

Kairi: uhhhh Sora? Are you sniffing Paupu leaves again?
Sora: Uhhhh no, they're Fluffies...
Fluffy (Sora's pet slug): No they're not!
-KH Chronicles

Sweeney Todd: There's a hole in the world like a great black pit, / And it's filled with people who are filled with shit, / And the vermin of the world inhabit it, / But not for loooong!
-Sweeney Todd

Tobias Ragg: Tobias has been driven mad
Tobias Ragg: singing Pat-a-cake... pat-a-cake, baker man... bake me a cake... no, no... bake me a pie to delight my eye, and I will sigh if the crust be high...
sees Todd, sobbing over the Beggar woman's body
Tobias Ragg: Mr. Todd... it's the old woman. You've harmed her too, haven't you? You shouldn't, you know... you shouldn't harm nobody...
sees Todd's razor blade and picks it up
Tobias Ragg: Razor... razor... cut-cut-cut Cadougan, watch me grind my corn... pat him and prick him and mark him with a 'B... ' and put him in the oven... for baby and me...
he cuts Todd's throat
-Sweeney Todd

Signor Adolfo Pirelli: singing I am Adolfo Pirelli, da king of da barbers, da barber of kings, e buon giorno, good day. I blow you a kiss! And I, the so famous Pirelli, I wish-a to know who has-a da nerve-a to say my Elixir is piss! Who says this?
Sweeney Todd: I do. I'm Mr. Sweeney Todd from Fleet Street. I have opened a bottle of Pirelli's Elixir and I say to you, it is nothing but an errant fraud, concocted from piss and ink. And furthermore, "Signor", I have serviced no kings, yet I wager that I can shave a cheek with ten times more dexterity than any street mountebank.
-Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett buy what appears to be Pirelli's Miracle Elixir
Sweeney Todd: opens the lid What is this?
Mrs. Lovett: What is this?
Sweeney Todd: Smells like piss.
Mrs. Lovett: sniffs Smells like, eww!
Sweeney Todd: Looks like piss.
Mrs. Lovett: unison I wouldn't touch it if I was you, dear.
Sweeney Todd: This is piss. / Piss with ink.
-Sweeney Todd

Toby: Ladies and gentlemen, / May I have your attention, puh-lease? / Are your nostrils aquiver and tingling as well / At that delicate, luscious ambrosial smell? / Yes they are, I can tell. / Well, ladies and gentlemen, / That aroma enriching the breeze / Is like nothing compared to its succulen source, / As the gourmets among you will tell you, of course. / Ladies and gentlemen, / You can't imagine the rapture in store... / Just inside of this door!
Goes into the pie shop
Toby: There you'll sample / Mrs. Lovett's meat pies, / Savory and sweet pies, / As you'll see. / You who eat pies, / Mrs. Lovett's meat pies / Conjure up the treat pies / Used to be!
Mrs. Lovett: Toby!
Toby: Coming!
Mrs. Lovett: Ale there!
Toby: Right, mum!
-Sweeney Todd

ATTENTION ALL PPLZ WHO SEE THIS!!: I am thinking of doing one-shot drabbles of anything! If anyone has anything they want me to write as one, send me a message or email me! I'm gonna put pairings and just random crap in them. Also, any story ideas anyone wants to see, tell me and I will write it!

Thx Guyz! luv- emoxarkuroku813

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Kingdom Hearts - Rated: M - English - Angst/Horror - Chapters: 15 - Words: 137,041 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 5/27 - Published: 7/6/2015 - Axel, Vexen, Roxas, Saïx
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