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OMG, OHIO AIR FORCE MUSEUM WAS FREAKIN' AWESOME! Personally, my favorite thing there was the Lockheed YF-22 "Raptor" jet and my 2nd fav was the Northdrop B-22 "Spirit" Stealth Bomber (don't worry if you don't know what either of those are) but they inspired me on 3 new chapters for my sequel and trust me, it's gonna scare some people. I also made the leader femme-bot Supernova at least 57x better than before. Trust me, she used to look like a doche. And I've turned the Prowl equivalent of the Alpha Femmes (Avail will most likely be her name) from a "little bird" military helicopter into the Stealth Bomber.

(I'm uploading the sketches to my account on Just a heads up, Supernova and the Ratchet equivalent of the Alpha Femmes (might be named Starblaze) are both more like human females. They bitch, they scream, they smack, they fight, but they've both got super powered Cybertronian weapons to back them up. XD run while you can...

Anyway, it might take a little while for me to get the story up (not that more than 3 people care) and I'm having a massive writer's block (KILL ME NOW!!)

Can you tell I'm a retarded freak?

Let's face it, people need change over time...and I've changed to a robot-loving nerdo!! (sobs uncontrolably)

Since 2009 started, I've been obssessing over WALL-E, Futurama, and Transformers animated...mostly Transformers animated...

Anyway, I'm sure I'll kick back into my Spandy phase shortly since Mt. Sterling Wal-mart is having this 10 year Spongebob anniversary blowout sale in the front of the store. But for now, I'm stickin' with Cybertronians...can you tell I'm a nerd?

It also seems to reason I've found yet another fan couple of Sari/Bee and my own character Allsparcia and Blitzwing (not really a love love, but like a 'I trust you more than an idiot would' kind of way) I'm so freakin' messed up >_>

Oh, and another thing is my drawing skilz have kicked it up a knotch! (punches, accidentally hits Allsparcia, Allsparcia falls backwards, knocked out cold) T_T Why does that keep happening?? Megatron's gonna have my ass for this...

Pointless things I've been doing with my life since I've left...

~Practicing german accent

~Trying to get back regular accent since I practiced my german accent too much (blaming Blitzwing)

~Writing pointless fluff about sari/bee

~Trying to psych out my step dad so he'll give me 20 bucks

~Sleeping in school

~Drawing in school

~Eating in school

~Laughing in school

~Running in school

~Practicing the Transformers theme song on my keyboard

Typing with german accent from here...

So if j'ou v'ant to get mad at z'he Autobots and Decepticons for brainv'ashing me into z'he nerdy v'eirdo I already v'as, I don't z'ink z'hat v'ould help anybody crazy enough to care! AHAHAHAHAHA!!

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