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hey ya'll
I'm just a little southern girl who loves Anime, books, drawing, loud music, and horse back riding. My favorite anime series are: Gundam Wing {Herro is mine!& Duo belongs to Hellsong, my bff!}, Sailor Moon { in the eariler series Darien was such a great charactor, and now um...hes just gay}, Dragon Ball Z {Vegeta is hellsong's & mine}, Cardcaptor Sukura { Li is sososo cute}, Batman Beyond {Terry is a major hottie, Ayashi No Ceres [i love Tooya! mega hottness, he makes me melt!, Planet Ladder {kegami is so sweeet and adorable!} Inu-Yasha {inu-yasha is just a bad boy with ears, way adorable!}, Fushigi Yuugi {Tasuki! red head w/ a temper love him lots!].
my favorite parings:
* Spike + Buffy { and anyone who says Angels better, well, you are so terribly wrong. I mean spikes british accent is to die for, and his clothing is so sexy. and black and red are so the colors that I love! ^-^}

Hero + Relena { they are such a cute couple in japanese, the american version just doesn't show the full Kawaiiness of their relationship. and hero is so hot, i love his voice, hello, i mean anyone with that kind of voice is worth while! and those sickos who think the gundam boys are gay, well you are seriously disturbed!}
* Hermione + Severus Snape { i know i know @_@ hes an older man by far, but, it just seems so right, hello, ...um, ya okay, i am getting scary, my appoligies !_!}

Draco + Ginny ( ya, i know draco is always putting down her family, but if you stop and think they would make a great pairing}

Jereth + Sarah { i know he seems so evil, but i know that he loves her, and if sarah would just stop and look at him she would relize how great he is. and the whole midevil appeal about Jereth is very um...nice or...yummy?^.~

Max + Liz { max is so dead sexy, he has all those special powers and he really cares for liz, i almost died when he did. i am a very very emotional person, ask anyone who knows me}

Micheal + Maria { Maria kicks butt, she sings, and has great taste. i love micheal and maria's relationship because he loves her, and she loves him, but she can't be with him because hes an alien and... and then *sniffs* she doesn't want to be trapped in the whole alein group forever, because she feels that she will never get out *sobs*.}
*Draco & Hermione*{Hes always calling her mudblood but you know what, love hate relationships are the best! hes so sweet and nice then he turns around a rips your heart out while remaing so ever hot!}
i am one of those people who loves to read romantic stuff, you know? i can't help it. and once you read my depressing/ faintly romantic poems you will see what i mean.
just for the record hellsong is my bestfriend,and always will be, her writing ability is incredible, please read her stuff!!!!!!!!!
luv ya'll
~ WillowAngel~

note* i have changed my name for a little while , i was Willow Angel, and i will return to this name soon*

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Feelings for a Death Eater reviews
Hermione and Snape were thrown together in Hermione's 5th year, but now in her 6th they have grown to become close friends. Sometimes she knows Snape is watching her, and relizes he might want more than just friendship, could she ever love him?ch.9 up new
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