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Announcements: [1] I have returned to work on Believe at Dawn ONLY. It will be posted as a NEW STORY.

I HAVE A FORUM!! (well, technically it belongs to Silver Leafx...) called "Grey Hat, Purple Scarf"!!

Name : call me J, JW, W, Whitney, Witnee, really, i don't care.

Age: 16

B-day: January 23 (don't forget to say happy bday to me!!)

Hey!! before anything, here's my deviantart!! Check out my awesome art and also stay tuned for updates on character illustrations.

You can watch some of my awesome Speed Paint videos at http://www.youtube.com/jwhitnee

Some awesomest things about me!! (well, not really)

Hobbies : Writing, playing games,chatting, drawing, etc.

Interests: Anime Anime Anime!! My favs are Hitman Reborn, Death Note, Soul Eater, and Disgaea. I also love Games, Zelda the most. I own a Wii and a DS.
Pokemon is cool. I don't know why some people think it's stupid. I love the games and the anime (somewhat) and I'm writing a fanfic on pokemon right now. I love art. I love both computer drawing and hand drawing. Its a good way to express myself. I also love music. Its the best thing humanity has ever thought of!!

What they think of me:

CyberWolf101: -"My secretive alter annoying ego, who knows just how to deflate my head,and bang it off the wall."

-"Your the supposedly cute adorable sister, who is in fact the demon computer drawer with a fixation for small people, fab abs, and a desire to see me ass ass in ated."

Silver Leafx: "Holy Buddha. She's like my long-lost twin or something. We think the exact same way. Aside from the way she thinks Gold is hotter than Green..."

An anonymous: "You have a wonderful story and please don't let anyone tell you any less. Don't be dishearted if someone if flaming you or disapproves you, you will always have steady reviewers,fans, and supporters. I see you improve Fanfic-wise to see that you are now a well-knowned Oc-Submit FanFic Author and please continue to update and immprove as much as possible."


Flaffy: "You, my friend, win an internet. ;D"

yuukifan001: "You rock girl!"

Ki-nee-chan: "I'd defiantly marry a male you."

Add on to the list!! :)

My FanFics!!

"Belief at Dawn"

(_) Complete "Belief at Dawn"
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(_) Finsih a sequal to "Belief at Dawn"
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Its a pokemon Fanfic called Belief at Dawn. I'm doing a Colaboration with Silver Leafx's "Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt", with i think will be very fun. NO, i KNOW its very fun, esspecially with our A.E.P. sessions. She is in my Favorite Authors, so check her out :)

Previous Summaries:

Ok, so first things first. I barely know him, I don't know where he's going, I don't know why we're traveling around Kanto, and I'm befriending the weirdest people and Pokemon. Plus there's bombs everywhere. So much for trusting everyone.

It all started with just one question: Who the hell are you! And now, I'm up to my neck in mysteries I can't seem to solve. Shady friends, unknown pasts, crazy Pokemon and worst of all, I'm stuck in all this chaos and can't get out. So much for adventure.

Summary: Long version.

Its really about my OC, Kira Uriwa, traveling around Kanto/Yori and experiencing a Pokemon Journey. She comes from the Yori Region (which i made up) and she travels around with Yoshiro Kaname to different cities where he has "business" at. She comes accross many friends and awkward people, catches a bunch of Pokemon, finds out the deepest secrects, and realize that compared to Sophie Ng, her journey is far from being horrible. Or, should she say she spoke too soon?

Anyways, Sophie Ng and co. will meet up with Kira and co. again sometime soon, so read Silver Leafx's "Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt" to see what her insane friend is doing while Kira is going crazy with weird dreams of her past, whale-like sounds that give her warnings, weird histories of friends, bombs that seem to be everywhere she goes, and the biggest mystery she's come across: Why is she following Yoshi around Kanto aimlessly? Better yet, what is this "business" that Yoshi is so big on keeping a secret?

Kira lives life on the road with a self-obsessed and overpowered hothead, a socially naive TM collector who doesn't have emotions, a loud and nosey reporter-wanna-be who owns a whiny camera man, a lady obsessed with working out so much she's never standing still, a little girl who goes crazy for eevees and evolution stones, and a girl who zones out to la-la-land every two minutes of her life. What fun. (and that doesn't include a giant Bulbasaur who bites through rocks XD)

Kira also meets up with a lazy flirt, a sugar crazy blond-shoulda-be, a weak boy who can't say an entire sentence without stuttering, and best of all, a girl who is sarcastic, athletic, and pretty much is going crazy with ghosts haunt her while her sugar-crazed Cubone, her Totodile Bulbasaur, her might-as-well-be-dead-magikarp, her urine factory Growlithe, and her double-gender Doduo keep her company. Yup, Sophie is going insane, and she's bringing Kira down with her.

"Pokemon ABC!" (no longer active/worked on)

(_) Complete "Pokemon ABC"
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Also, i just came over with Pokemon ABC, which is going to be just a bunch of shorts put together in an alphabet. Each letter will be represented by a pokemon and there will be a short/one shot about it. I'm looking for people to submit shorts.

EDIT: Redid the list for easier-to-use purposes. If you don't see a name behind the letter, it isn't taken, and if you only see a name, the one-shot hasn't been submitted.

Authors' Names appear in BOLD. All the chapters are written by the respected authors and only "A is for Absol" belongs to me.


A - is for Absol (J. Whitnee)
Bis for Bulbasaur (Silver Leafx)
C - is for Celebi (somepersonoutthere)
D - is for Dragonite (pokemaniac)
E - is for Espeon (Ki-nee-chan)
F - (RawkstarVienna)
G -
is for Garchomp (Sajintmm)
H - (I didn't kill the queen)
I -
J - (EmeraldCelebi13)
K - (Flatire)
L - is for Lucario (The Process of Belief)
M - is for Magikarp (Kyuuketsuki Fang)
N - (Gidrah29)
O -
P - (pikachuhunter1)
Q - is for Quilava (kirby163)
R - (Serpent's Ballet)
S - (NightmareSyndrom)
T - (WolfSummoner93)
U - (GrAcEoFaPaNdA)
V - is for Vulpix (Chaos Dragon-Fox)
W - is for Wooper (littlmiget123)
X - (Jigglypuff's Pillow)
Y -
Z - is for Zapdos (winterkitten)

"Chronicals of Fate: The 17 Knights" (no longer active/ worked on)

(x) Choose OCs
(_) Finish "Chronicals of Fate: The 17 Knights"
(x) Finishing CICs!!

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Summary: The world is about to come to an end by the hands of the Creator. Before it could, however, the Power of the 17 Knights must be restored. Time is running out; a new power is rising, one more deadly that world descruction, and the scariest thing of all is that His Excellency himself seems to be tied to it. The Knights themselves are not as one, some unhappy about helping rebirth their own world, and those who know of this miraculous event are fighting to save their home. And with eighteen knights and only seventeen medallions, one must pay the price for the others' survival.

Ok, what "powers" are we talking about here? Powers of Pokemon Type!! Example, the Knight of the Flames is the Guardian/represenative of all the fire Pokemon, and she has all the abilites fire Pokemon would have, plus will learn all the fire type moves. I have 18 OCs representing the 17 Pokemon Types, 1 OC being my own. Check fic for details!!

Ok, what are CICs? CIC= Charactor Introduction Chapter. Pretty much, in this fic, every Knight OC gets their own little chapter as a introduction. This is for, of course, charactor introduction, for readers to see the charactor's personality / lifestyle, for the reader to get to know some background of the charactor, and for the reader to see how the legendaries appeared to them and call them up as a Knight.

Latest!! :

Synergetic Sins Series. (The Mind) (NO LONGER WORKED ON)

ANNOUNCEMENT: this fic is put on hold because of the 4 authors, CyberWolf101 is being hospitalized and DevoTheMadCashCow has not been heard from for over 4 months. Silver-Leafx and I are very worried about them. We're sorry for this inconvenience.

(_) Complete "Synergetic Sins: The Mind"
(_) Complete the "Synergetic Sins" Series.
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Yup, i made ANOTHER fic. This one i think has potential. It just sprouted one day randomly, and in some way or form it ended up evolving into this detailed complicated story that was so awesome. It ended up turning into a collaboration, lemme correct, a 4-way collaboration, between Silver Leafx, CyberWolf101, DevoTheMadCashCow, and yours truly, Me!!

Brief Summary

We all have our own lives. Some of us live normal, happy ones, some of us live in the lights of stardom, and some fail to step up the social ladder and remain deep in the ground. Each of us have become a Pokemorph in different ways. Some of us were bribed, others kidnapped, but in the end we experience the powers of being a Pokemorph. What we use our powers for differs, but in the end one thing stays the same: We all need a Heart, a Mind, a Body, and a Soul.

Our prologues give a better definition and understanding of the whole Mind / Body / Heart / Soul concept.

In this series, there are 4 total fics. Below is the entire set!! Read them all to truly know the plot!!

"Synergetic Sins : The Body" is written by Silver Leafx --this fic has been reported and removed by Fanfiction.net !! NOT FAIR.--
Summary: My life was at its peak, I was Champion of Hoenn, everything was great. Then everything went downhill fast. Now I'm a pokémorph with an effing tail that rips my pants open. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo.

"Synergetic Sins : The Heart" is written by CyberWolf101
Summary: All I wanted was a little power,just enough to injure a few people.Instead I get stuck with 9 tails.Just Great! Now I need more power,or I'll never get revenge on the people that double crossed me. Power can change a person, but by how much?

"Synergetic Sins : The Soul" is written by DevoTheMadCashCow
Summary: Living life on the run isn’t so bad if you ignore all the people trying to kill you, the other Pokémorphs who are sent after you, and all the loco allies you meet along the way. …ah who am I kidding, this sucks!

"Synergetic Sins : The Mind" is written by J.Whitnee
Summary: So, lemme get this straight. I met my long lost twin, I was morphed with my very own Pokemon, and now I have badass powers, all while I'm getting hunted down by retarded mad scientists? Wow...I sure didn't see THAT one coming...

And that's the Synergetic Sin Series! I have them in my Favorite Stories, so look below to get the links!

Well, check out my fanfics and thx for stopping by.

- J . W h i t n e e

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Living life on the run isn’t so bad if you ignore all the people trying to kill you, the other Pokémorphs who are sent after you, and all the loco allies you meet along the way. …ah who am I kidding, this sucks! ACCEPTING OCs
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Belief at Dawn reviews
I never asked for much in my life, but for once can I have a normal Pokemon adventure like everyone else? No, I gotta have the lunatic companions, the crazy Pokemon, the bombs, the mysteries,and all the complications in between! What's my life come to?
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It all started with just one question: Who the hell are you! And now, I'm up to my neck in mysteries I can't seem to solve. Shady friends, unknown pasts, crazy Pokemon and worst of all, I'm stuck in all this chaos and can't get out. So much for adventure.
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