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First off (though I'm sure everyone could guess) Shiho is not my name at all.
He's a complete and utter creation of mine...almost like a great grandson of mine.

His story is a tragedy really... And if you're interested you can read it here, but there's really no details here.

Shiho's story...

I grew up on the outskirts of a kingdom with my mother and adoptive father...and a brother.
My parents were both demons and from what I heard mother was a slut. Stolen from his family when he was nine and trained to be what he was for years until he met his brother, a demon Lord and heir to the demon's thrown. Both were sons of Sin, but when my mother went missing it was all left to his brother. The two eloped without knowing they were related until a few unforseen occurances happened.
It took a while, but eventually the two became mates... brother was older than me by four years; my mother and his brother had him before a seperation. Desperate, my mother went to the demon I know as my father; a monster named Renmei, and I was concieved.
Two days before my birth my uncle found my mother and took him in knowing full well he was pregnant with me, the son of a hated demon...but he took us in anyway.

When I was born in the winter month of January, I should've come with any cool eye color, ranging from pale white to a dark forest green (this also included blues, silvers, purples, greens) but what was me was
I am the golden fox known as Shihoudani.
My hair mirrors sunlight in its purest form as my eyes do the same. When I change into to my demons shape I'm a golden fox...just as my father was.
I was shielded from the outside world for a day after my birth, tucked away in my mother's arms.

As beautiful as I was my heritage was evil.
And the devil wanted my soul.
With my mother a slut.
My father a wretched beast hated by everyone.
Was I worth the air I was breathing?

My brother was beautiful to me. He was...the first thing I saw of the outside world when he curiously walked through the door, wanting to see his baby half brother. His emerald eyes found mine as I hid timidly behind my mother. His father, my uncle and mother's mate, was behind him and talking to either him or my mom- I couldn't tell, but my brother was focused on me and me alone as I was him.
My shield was taken from me and I was exposed to the two new creatures that had entered my life via door. As easy as that.
I watched them for a moment but it was my brother that I chose to touch first.
And that's where it started...
with one gentle touch and two open hearts...

I was ill often, something that never happened to normal demons. I knew instantly that something was wrong with me by that fact alone. My body was weak for reasons I couldn't understand... My brother protected me as often as he could. Always eager to help me no matter what happened so I hid behind him, filled him with my secrets and whispered wants, loved him like no other would ever be able to, depended on him beyond reason...
But that was my downfall.
I shouldn't have ever relied on someone so much.
It became a problem when my life was in danger and he risked his to save mine.
I should never have been worth it...

The devil was after I said before. And so my brother would be safe I gave myself up.

My mind was contorted into believing that my brother never loved me. No one did. That the only person in the world that I could trust was myself and in order for me to live a long and healthy life was to kill my brother. I spent years fighting back the words of hatred until they broke me down...until I had no other option than the one I chose.
And I don't regret it at all.

I forced my brother to fight me, knowing fully well that I had the power to kill him in one move but I held it off, my mind going numb all the while. I broke through the barriers that had consumed me for eight years under the devil's watch and care... And in the moment I broke them I forced my feet to plant themselves firmly into the ground; my brother...carried two weapons... two long jagged blades and he swung them both, gliding them past eachother in an outward motion to from an x.
I had forced my body to stay put...despite the instincts telling me to dodge, which could have been easily done. I saw... the shock that wracked his entire body when he realized too late that I wasn't going to dodge that fatal blow... The sickening guilt and frigid horror on his face when the cut was made.

Truth be told...I didn't feel it.
My body was sliced in half and I smiled letting go of one last "Sorry" to my brother whom I loved so much.

I had been trained to kill him and against the devil's wishes...sacrificed myself instead.

Was there another way?
But I didn't want to take that chance of finding one when my body was barely something I could control on my own.
My death...I heard, saved my brother in a way no one else but myself would understand.

For my mother and father...the one that raised me...I'm sorry that I wasn't as strong as everyone had hoped I'd be..but...
For Takumi...I will love no one else as strongly as I one and only brother. I will never regret what I did.


Yup. Thats about it.
And its missing a whole lot and I mean a WHOLE LOT of details but that was shiho..mmhm. Gotta love that golden child.
There was malepreg...


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