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A bit (actually a lot) about myself

So I love anime, manga and Asian dramas to an extent, though it's hard to find truly good ones. I'm pretty much what some people socially call an otaku in this part of the world (though in Japan it's an insult), and it's not necessarily something I'm either ashamed of or proud of.

I live in Mexico, but I'm not hardcore about my country or culture. In fact, other than the food, I dislike most things about my country. I'm the least patriotic person you'll find, and even when others say it's bad to be apathetic about politics, I like being so. There's joy when retaining simplicity and simply focusing in improving who I am rather than trying to solve everyone else's issues.

I recently finished my Bachelor in Science, majoring in chemistry and minoring in math. I want to work for a year or semester for experience and get into graduate school. I love understanding matter better. The feeling I get afterwards is just mind-blowing and makes my heart thump with eagerness. I did not go to a top university, not even close, but I'm positive I can go much further. I want to learn so much more, do so much more. I might be a bit lazy and easily distracted, but I definitely wanna do this. I wanna be a full-fledged scientist. Writing comes second, which is why my updates are not as frequent as I wish they were. That doesn't mean I don't put my love into each chapter I type.

I suck at sports because I don't exercise like I should.

I'm neither good nor bad in math (yet I'm actually minored in math at college... Does that make sense? No, I suppose).

Throughout my life as a student, from elementary to high school, I always thought I had had decent teachers. Then I arrived to a community college, take a Physics course, and realized none of my previous instructors were competent enough to even make me grasp why science is important to begin with. They didn't show me how truly fascinating it can be, why scientists are amazing people. It was obviously partly my enclosed mind's fault. Back then I used to think I'd study humanities and didn't even THINK ONCE of what it would be like to work in a scientific field. My awesome and knowledgeable teacher for that class changed my life. Even now, I find physics a little boring and not to my taste, but the reason I decided to try studying science is because he showed me how the world can be viewed differently when you know how it works. By the 'world', I don't mean the intricate and annoyingly incomprehensible minds of common humans, but the mechanisms behind nature, which is a lot easier to get along with. Hence I'm now majoring in chemistry, which was my favorite science course in high school.

Back to writing, I'm so fascinated about this! I know I still have a long way to go before writing my own novel, so fanfiction is an OK start. I can develop a style while the characters are already developed, and if the day when I consider myself good enough to write a novel comes, then I will be grateful for fanfiction more than I am now.

I'm writing four stories these days even though my sophomore year at college has been so hectic I have hardly had the time to write much lately :( Really, I actually update them yearly, it seems. Still, I do NOT want to put them on hiatus either because I feel that doing that will make me unconsciously give up.

I've had plenty of inspiration for all the stories, and three of them are gonna be real long...

I personally think we always search to have what we can't easily have. We like challenges, yet when we can have something we sometimes reject it... It has to be an authentic challenge to our person so it gets our attention. That's what makes us so contradicting beings.

I like music. I don't play any instruments nor am I knowledgeable about it, but I like it. My YouTube favorites consist mostly of rock, classical and other instrumental pieces, mostly OST for anime and drama series, with some jazz and tango. I don't care what language it is, if I like it, I like it. I am open about most genres except reggaeton and death metal.

I like black. Ironically, I barely have black on my wardrobe. I wear blue the most, probably because of my jeans. That is why I love Converse, which explains why I make basically every main character in my stories wear them (or they will in the future!)

My favorite color is probably blue, though. The weird thing is that I don't know what shade I like. It's sort of like the sky blue or aquamarine. One day, I'll know which shade exactly I love.

For those wondering, no, my name is not Sayume. I am a bit more original than just adding a number to my name. I consider a username very special and important; for us writers even more so than any other kind of online user.

The story behind my username started when I read Memoirs of a Geisha. I loved the name Sayuri and wanted to come up, for some unknown reason, with one that sounded similar. I came up with Sayume. Imagine my disappointment when I saw online many had already thought of it too...T.T

214: 2 = B for Bleach 14 = N for Naruto

Those two animes changed a lot of my perspective on anime and are the ones I liked most during my beginnings as an anime fan. That doesn't mean they're my favorites. I should've thought of including FMA too, since that's about the first one that got me ENTRANCED, that is, the 2003 version. I didn't watch Brotherhood until much later. If you ask me, I give both of them a perfect 10. Both are masterpieces that are too different to compare, both are praiseworthy.

As a matter of fact, I no longer love Bleach. I enjoyed the first arc and setting a lot, but then the quality of the stories in the arcs was severely diminished in my humble opinion. I only continue my Bleach fanfics for the aforementioned and because it has 2 of the most beautifully intricate and deep pairings I've seen, beating even most of shoujo ships. IchiRuki and UlquiHime :) As well as some really compelling though somewhat neglected characters, like Urahara, Byakuya and Rukia. Urahara Kisuke is a Japanese version of the Mad Hatter, my favorite character of Alice in Wonderland :D Byakuya's background is fascinating, to the point that I felt obliged to write a whole fanfic for his sake! XD Rukia's personality, especially her strength of character, is enthralling. It's no wonder she's one of the most popular female characters among manga series! For those reasons, I can still write about Bleach with care.

My thoughts/pet-peeves about fanfics

As a fanfic writer, there's much I can say about things that ruin them. In broad terms that are more about writers, not exclusively for fanfiction in all points:

1) Bad or boring plot or lack thereof. Nothing is worse than this. Nothing. I should note the slice-of-life genre does have a plot although it lacks the fantasy element. I understand if in the first few chapters one is not sure where things are going, but after a while, they should take the time to plan according to what has happened and lead things SOMEWHERE. No effort in planning makes a rushed or badly-written story that is ultimately not worth reading. Then authors will use cliche and overused materials that are not interesting. What is the point of writing if you don't even have a MESSAGE to give to the readers?

2) Awful characterization. Of course, when relevant to the plot, it makes sense to change some things, and when done it should be stressed that's not the character's normal mode, but if the authors intentionally change them to who they wish the characters were or for the sake of the story itself, then it's not a fic written by a true fan anymore. This is especially noticeable in the romance genre. It's especially irritating to see my favorite characters paired up such that they are OOC as well.

3) Annoying/unengaging/Mary Sue original characters. It's because this kind is so common that some people go as far as saying they hate all OC. I personally try hard to make good OCs, and I think it's great to add your own so long as you make sure things fit. No one likes Mary Sues; enough said. However, for the sake of avoiding making one and the misconceptions of what a Mary Sue is in the first place, some people make the most BORING characters ever created, and that irks me just as much. If I'm gonna read a story where an OC is given an important role, I want that character to deserve being written about.

4) Centering the story on the OC just because it's the OC. If the story is told from the OC's perspective all the time, then I will expect that to be necessary for at least a few reasons. The OC should have a role very relevant to the plot to be under the spotlight. This is especially important when there are numerous characters. Say for a fandom like One Piece, with 9 main characters. I don't like it when only one or two canon characters are shown with the OC and everyone else is just background scenery. It'd be a different story if the others were not around at all, though. That said, if there are multiple arcs, I see not why not let others be under the spotlight and make the OC a background character for once. There's also the fact that people reading fanfiction expect to read about canon characters too, so I personally feel they MUST receive attention and important parts in the story too.

5) Lousy grammar. I'm not a hardcore grammar nazi with others although I am strict with myself. I admit I seldom double-check my own work. However, I've experience now, and I seldom make typos. Not to mention I revise as I write, so my way of writing does not lend itself easily to many mistakes. However, for authors who just freewrite and do not even bother double checking even if they have like 50 mistakes, I'll take it they don't care about their readers. English is not my native language, so I understand when people struggle with it, but if they know their mastery of the language they write about is very limited, I don't see why not get a beta-reader to help them get the gist of some grammar rules.

5) Inconsistent and/or inconsiderate format/presentation. There are numerous and unlimited choices for format for fanfics, and many of those differ even from one language to another. I like to mix English and Spanish notations in my stories, and I'm free to. I'll also adjust to the format used by others, but I expect it to be reasonable. Sometimes I've encountered italics being used for thoughts, narration, change of POV and other things all at the same time. I've also seen those who first denote dialogue with dashes and then suddenly change to quotation marks, which is confusing. And, of course, there's the classical 'carpet-writing', in which one sole paragraph contains the dialogue of like 10 characters and descriptions in between, a wall of text that's not reader-friendly at all.

6) Deconstructive AU. This is really a more personal preference of mine. I'm not referring to all AU stories; some are good. What I mean by 'deconstructive' is that the characters are employed not only in a different kind of universe of timeline, but in a kind of storytelling that is manages to deconstruct especially what made the canon story/characters great/likeable/interesting/unique in the first place.

Let's take Shingeki no Kyojin. What makes the manga and characters so enthralling? Many things, yes, but one of the more important aspects is despair. Despair is present in that kind of world where humans face much stronger enemies than them without even having superpowers. Everyone at the back of their minds know human extinction is more than likely the way things are going. For our main characters in the Recon Corps, despair leaves a notable mark in who they are because they've felt it in what they've been through, and the sense of rebellion and discontent they are currently showing is in part driven by that. That they also feel indignant with a government that does not even care about changing things is also because of this. Despair is clearly a key factor; SnK wouldn't be the same without it. That is why it should also be present in an AU to feel like SnK. Even if it's an AU set in modern day without titans or action, it makes sense to give the characters' past a sense of despair so that their personalities remain similar. Making a purely happy AU for this doesn't feel like SnK to me.

7) Half-hearted explanations. Those reflect slacking off in the planning. Building up on point 1, perhaps the authors choose to make changes with a good explanation behind it, but what if the explanation is not satisfying in the least? What if the story they wrote had a lot of buildup, constantly arousing intrigue from the readers as to why strange things are happening, only to be let down by a half-hearted explanation that is forced upon us as such? It's like a half-done resolution to a mystery story that employs deus ex machina. I need to know how that smart character from a normal background felt compelled so deeply to help those strange people that got him/her involved in a scary struggle, and made all those sacrifices throughout the story for their sake. I want to know how come the main character realized what the clues of the mystery were. I wanna know why the protagonist, who was always happy, is now angsty.

Say I must know why X and Y are a couple of true love despite that being a fat chance. X and Y's personalities, goals, values, priorities and backgrounds are seriously different. Don't mess with me saying it was love at first sight; at first sight there can only be physical attraction, and that is hardly a strong incentive to pull through all the difficulties of being together, especially if neither is a masochist. Even if they spend a lot of time together, if they are unable to communicate well, it's absurd for them to just fall in love. Even if the trope in which they are forced to sleep on the same bed happens, lust is the most that could happen. Proximity won't change the fact that they're so different, only emphasize it if anything. Feeling attraction might make some reconsider their feelings for people, but the love that could emerge from that is not true love, and if the couple is portrayed as such, I expect it to actually be the case. There must be the presence of understanding in greater amounts than just the default in their dynamics for them being an item even making sense. I'm not satisfied if things don't make good sense. I want to SEE that understanding, which leads to the next point.

8) Stating things as-a-matter-of-factly instead of letting the reader verify. There are things I need the author to tell me to know, like the specific year and place of the setting. Other things, I want to see for myself. A character is smart because the author says it. It's fine to say it, but I also want to see that character doing something smart. Some things, especially when talking about their psychology, might be complex, and it's great to help me, the reader, figure out things, but I want to verify that. The impressions we have of characters should be mine, not what the author tells me they should be. If the character's room has a large and full bookshelf, uses fancy-schmancy words often, understands situations easily, is fast to come up with solutions, or says insightful remarks, then people will verify the character is smart. I want to confirm things even when it's not the narrator in third person saying things but other characters. Other characters have their own opinions that are not necessarily my own. To a genius, the smart character is not quite.

You know what's even worse than doing the above?

9) Stating things as-a-matter-of-factly and, far from showing that is the truth, plot events only contradict the author. Among the many critical remarks about Twilight is that Bella was described to be an avid reader, yet she seldom is shown reading, and when she reads she's re-reading old books. So you see now the need for the readers to verify for ourselves instead of trusting what the writer says.

All of this, I aim to also apply to my stories, though I'm still learning.

I have far too many favorites to mention all (for now).

Some of my favorite anime series are Code Geass (awesome plot and epic anti-hero lead), One Piece (everything 'romance' should have), Monster (BEST development of characters I've seen; they're as intricate as they get), Gintama (hands down, best comedy ever!), Kino's Journey (most fascinating and thought-provoking series ever), Rose of Versailles (exemplary female lead; I believe real women should be like her!), Revolutionary Girl Utena and Mawaru Penguindrum (sweet mindscrew and craziness! XD), Nodame Cantabile (simply wonderful and hilarious with good music), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (the definition of epic), Gosick (one of the most beautiful romances I've ever seen), D. Gray Man (I wish the manga moved faster!), Mononoke (so unique!), Spice and Wolf (intelligently done interactions), Princess Tutu (don't let the girly first impression it gives trick you!), Steins;Gate (fascinating plot of time travel WITHOUT plot holes!), and, admittedly, Naruto; I can't stop loving the main character whom I've watched grow since he was 12. X3

Favorite manga series are Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro (masterpiece! why did it finish so soon, darn it?!), Akatsuki no Yona (finally, a manga where the girl is growing into a strong character in a believable way with an engaging story that does NOT prioritize fluff), Liar Game (different and genius), Amatsuki (most confusing plot ever; how not to love that?), Pandora Hearts (oh, sweet mystery and mindscrew), Great Teacher Onizuka (wish he was MY teacher), Q.E.D. (an INTELLIGENT series), High School Debut (one of the few shoujo that actually DEVELOP a relationship rather than just get to the point where they confess and then live happily ever after), Angel Densetsu (only manga about delinquents that could have such a moving and sweet protagonist), Mushishi (an absolute masterpiece of breathtaking art and appealing episodic chapters that give a magical feeling), Meteor Methuselah/Immortal Rain (a mix of shoujo and shonen to a perfect balance with a story that offers depth and is engaging), Claymore (strong female characters and intense plot), Annarasumanara (beautiful and magical), Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (most beautiful though short story; only manga that made me cry, even though the ending is clear from the beginning!), Beelzebub (humor and action in ridiculous circumstances = win), 07-Ghost (I wish updates came more frequently; it's soo good!!), and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (epic mindscrew in an entirely different way than Utena or Evangelion).

My bucket list (written when I was 16, and I am at present too lazy to edit it)

Prior warning: Extremely weird in some points.

-Close a corpse's eyes, in case he/she died with his/her eyes open.

-Jump out of a plane. (With a parachute! I'm not that insane!)

-Know how to change tires.

-Be as cool as the classic mechanic girl you can see at TV. :D!

-Write a novel before I'm 30.

-Finish my list of TO WRITE fanfics, and there are many.

-Find the one shade of blue I like.

-Wear a kimono. (Preferrably a furisode.)

-Create a cool webpage or blog.

-Draw a beautiful landscape.

-Finish my 'to watch' anime list.

-Finish my 'to read' manga list.

-Play the guitar.

-Play battery once.

-Travel on limousine.

-Play the harmonica.

-Create a bubble when chewing gum.


-Write a movie script.

-Visit Hard Rock Cafe!

-Take plenty of photographs.

-Get purple Converse

-Play with snow

-Learn to surf.

-Participate in a snowball war!

-Participate in a paperball war!

-Go to Europe!!

-Play with a band.

-Go to tons of concerts!

-Visit lots of interesting places around the world

-Sit in tree branches.

-Get the coolest electric guitar ever.

-Sleep in a coffin (while alive, thanks)

-Learn to fix cars.

-Dye my hear black. (My current color is brown)

-Dye my hear red.

-Dye my hair white and/or silver.

-Paint my lips in a classic red tone, for once. (Marylin Monroe style) (And I'm not even blonde...)(XD)(And it's ONLY for the lulz, not for anything...serious)

-Stop being so undecided about which career to study. (I really hope Chemistry's it)

-Write articles.

-Bake something.


-Plant a tree.

-Eat ice cream fast and experience brain freezing...

-Dance tango and flamenco.

-Wear a cool jacket.

-Watch the rainbow from a really high place.

-Travel on a hot air balloon.

-I want to wake up in the middle of the night with the full moon's light guiding me to outside my balcony and look down to a serenade playing for me to cheer me up! (NOT a love confession) (It would be so LOL)

-Get a balcony.

-Play tennis.

-Make a sand castle!

-Ask for an autograph to someone I admire.

-See a grape pie (maybe even taste it).

-Try a tres leches chocolate cake!!

-Attend an anime convention and cosplay.

-Ride a motorcycle.

-Dance under the rain.

-Become someone's muse. [ACCOMPLISHED!]

-Go to a picnic.

-Witness a hair stylist cut his/her own hair.

-Have someone compose a lousy song for me for friendship.

-Hear classical music played while on a beautiful scenery for the drama and lulz.

-Be ambidextrous.

-Try a spoonful of a mix of both pure sugar and pure salt.

-Fill my iPod with 7500 songs.

-Receive a bouquet of flowers as congrats for a nice accomplishment.

-Get an antique picture with someone meaningful to conmemorate something great.

-Try a white chocolate covered, raspberry muffin. (Thanks to a certain fanfic!)

-I want to go to Japan and see the cherry blossoms blossom in Hanami. (It's my favorite tree.)

-I want to watch someone play the harmonica at the docks in a moonlit night with some mist while sitting on top of wooden cargo boxes... I somehow think that's gotta be a classic thing.

I'm freaking weird, I know, but you know? I think it's good to be weird; because then it means you're different. And different isn't always a bad thing. I tend to take those comments as a compliment. They're saying I'm unique and original! Who wants normal anyways!? That's so...common...nothing extraordinary.

Have you ever felt like eating something weird? Have you tried doing the following?

Do you like spicy things? I'm a sweet-tooth girl, but I love spicy things too. If you feel like trying the latest experience in hot and acid: In a bowl, place some Flaming Hot Cheetos, with Louisiana hot sauce, and plenty of pickle juice! You read it! Pickle juice! (The sourly acid liquid that comes with the pickles in the jar) You're not gonna regret it, unless your stomach's pretty sensitive, then I don't recommend you to do this...

Not very known fact: Yoghurt tastes just fine. Jell-O...Well, some like me don't think it tastes well by itself if it's made with water. But mixed...They're nice! So...Add yoghurt to your Jell-O today!

Has anyone ever had spicy, crispy potato chips with a strawberry-flavored hall on your mouth? It's odd, but it leaves a spicingly refreshing sensation in your mouth... Not tasty, though.

Ever added m&m's to your cereal? Believe it or not, the milk can get dark because of the chocolate without the candy coating being undone, only the colorant washes away. It's not that tasty but I wouldn't mind eating that again.

This is an idea I got from a fic, but ever since then, I loved that line:

Darkness is the absence of light. We cannot enter in contact with light. We cannot see the light. But because of light we see. Light is for sure a mystery, an enigma, but since it's common, we don't see it as such. Yes, it has a scientific explanation, but how we predeterminatedly relate light to good and darkness to evil doesn't. Both light and darkness are abstract therms.

These are some phrases I love from some songs and quotes, so I take no credit for them, but I'll mention them:

-I wake up after seeing only the beginning of my dream.

-Even if we push through the distorted winds and get ahead of the cold sky, we are still lost.

-We have to expose our weaknesses and wounds and continue to struggle, or nothing will begin.

-Just believing isn't the answer.

-Looking at the sky, tomorrow is supposed to come, yet it looks like I cannot control my heart, for it is full of worries.

-Will you let me on your wings to leave me at the world's highest place, taking me away from kindness?

-From my own weakness has to emerge a determination to pass through reality without shedding tears.

-With the world again neglected, the paradise of one man starts moving.

-Yearning in the wait, a frozen future is awakened.

-Summer comes every year, yet the same summer never comes twice. - Takaya Natsuki (Creator of Fruits Basket)

-Time is not a reality but a concept. - Antiphon, a Sophist.

-Silence was never written down. - Italian proverb.

-Write the bad things that are done to you in sand, but write the good ones in marble.

-Never walk the path that's already traced; it will only lead you to where everyone else has gone. - Graham Bell

-Life can only be understood when looking back but it can only be lived when looking ahead. - Soren Kierkegaard

-If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. - Derek Bok

-True philosophy is to re-learn to see the world. - Merlleau-Ponty.

-To be original doesn't mean to be different, but to be yourself. - Dragonmaiden50

-Snow is white because it's forgotten what color it's supposed to be. - C.C. (Code Geass FTW!)

-It's Mother Nature, not Father Nature. Ergo, nature is prejudiced towards females. - My penpal Blade - Kun.

-I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it.

-Today is the tomorrow you asked for yesterday.

-To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. - Heather Cortez

-Time is the most ruthless thing there can be, because it shows us no mercy when we need it the most. - Moi!

-I believe you can describe men with one word: Living. What you cannot describe with just one word is a man in particular. -Me, too!

-Too few fail to mention time is cruel with its passage but too many fail to remember its passage is what heals our wounds. - Me, again!

-Time steals nothing from you. Whatever faints or gets lost with its passage is the price you pay for your life to continue. - Me, another time!

It's not important to find sense to them if you can't... They sound pretty good, don't they?

Things about Bleach I need to shout:

1. In reality, I am not Momo Hinamori's fan. Why? Because she was foolish and was easily manipulated by Aizen; so great was the ease with which he could do so that he chose her as his lieutenant with pleasure. She betrayed everyone and Toshiro who was always there for her and truly cared about her. She's barely appeared so I don't get why she's so popular. I like her with Toshiro in conecpt but becaues of her prefering Aizen over her friend, I don't like their context and I mostly see them as siblings. Not to mention she loves Aizen. Toshiro seriously deserves better! When she tried to apologize to him, she obviously didn't mean it. She was just trying to make him use his power as captain to convince others Aizen is a good guy. I will not forgive her because she's appeared in Fake Karakura. I am waiting for her to give Toshiro a darn good apology! I won't until she proves that she has gotten over it. Why am I convinced she hasn't gotten over him? Because she still calls him Aizen taicho! Yes, she's skilled in kido and I cannot deny it, but I still think most other lieutenants are better fighters. I know this will earn me the hatred of many, but it's my sincere thought. It simply is frustrating each time I see posts where she is treated as some really important character, like she were perfect and people saying she deserves the best. Sorry, it's not hta I wish her evil. Just so you know, I don't write ill of her in my stories and I'm not part of any of her anti-clubs. As a matter of fact, I'm writing a possible way in which she'll finally get over it and be happy with Izuru. :p However, before she gets into any of that, I EXPECT aigze to Toshiro sincerely and humbly, because what she did is not the sort of thing she can get away with not apologizing for.

2. It makes me mad when they say Ichiruki fans are Ichiruki cause we hate Orihime! I don't hate her!

With her, I've had a love/hate relationship actually. In the beginning, I thought she was somewhat pointless, I admit, but I liked her. She was funny and her wierd cooking was hilarious. Also, she used to fight for many things, Tatsuki included...But then came the Arrancar arc. I started to dislike some of her actions. Like when she tried to steal a kiss from Ichigo; not only because I like Ichiruki, but because she should've said goodbye to Tatsuki! She preferred her crush; not true love, CRUSH, over her best friend who was always there to defend her. And I do know she has a crush, but she's still to prove she loves Ichigo. However, I did like some of the development they gave her. She was no longer a buxom airhead. I LOVED when she slappped Ulquiorra. Even he ended up calling ehr strong-willed. Truth be told, I became an UlquiHime fan then. I loved how she made him find a heart, more humane, and he made her stronger. She proved to us then that she's not a mere damsel in distress. But then Ichigo came, and it all went down the drain. It's freaking annoying to see her ACT DELIBERATELY like a damsel in distress to get his attention. I hate how she doesn't realize it's a crush. She says she would love him forever, even if she had 5 lifetimes, yet she doesn't truly understand him. She feared him. It took a toddler, Nel, to get some sense into her. Her recent actions are amiing me feel very disappointed abuot her. I can only hope Kubo doesn't let her remain so helpless, asking an unconscious Ichigo to help her, forever. It would be a waste. I do think she's an important character, and she does have intriguing aspects regarding her, as explained in an LJ post titled "veserh: Unified Field Theory of Orihime".

I sincerely think IchiHime is no good. Orihime acts like she does in frotn of Ichigo, suppresing ehrself, not daring to stand out...And it hurts her so much. They simply do not have the requried connection for them to be a couple. If only she accepted that, she'd me MUCH happier! Ichigo too doesn't even try to understand her. He is too thick-headed for a girl like Orihime. It takes what Rukia does, to hit him hard and straightforawd without fear, to get things into him.I don't hate Ichihime due to hatred towards Orihime. I just don't see them as a cute couple. Period. Though I hate it when I see stupid reasons to support that pairing. The award is so far with this one: 'They both have orange hair, so they fit together.' If I saw the one who wrote that in real life, I'd slap her. (I'm almost sure it was a she.) First, Orihime's hair may resemble orange, but it's not orange! I'm not even gonna bother explaining why else that is a statement that defies intelligence itself. Yes, that's correct, IchiHimers (term I use for people OBSESSED with this pairing to the point where they insult everyone who doesn't support it, to the point where they come out with the stupidest arguments, if they can even be called that, tot he point where they simply like it because they wish for their goddess Orihime to have the happiest happily ever after ever that will pawn Disney's style, to the point were they create an anti-rukia nation for the sake of this ship) have gotten THIS much into my nerves.

It pisses me off the way she's treated even in the IchiHime fandom. She's viewed like a trophy wife! She's said to be a better choice because of her boobs and they really take pride in her being so confused and just a poor girl. She's no idtio, you fools! She's a nice person too! Poor Orihime, even your supposed fans disrespect you. Moreover, they treat her like some goddess. I'm not exaggerating, they do! And that is absurd. Yes, she's important and she can be interesting frin a degree, but she's NOT THAT big a deal. Heck, I'd get angry if I saw any other character being treated like that, even one I like big time!

You know what's even more annoying? Apparently, not being IchiHime-shipper means you're anti-Orihime.

3. I once read this reasons why people hate Rukia in a thread:

-'She needs to grow up': Grow up? I believe she's shown many traits that are a bit childish, like her liking Chappy, but oh, you're gonna tell me there aren't 25 year old women with Betty Boop handbags? Gee... But she is certainly mature when she needs to. She is very prudent too. She showed us how mature she is in every arc. She never lets her impulse get the best of her (unlike Ichigo) and, although her reasoning was faulty, she believed it her fault that Kaien died, and she was willing to accept her death by the Novena Espada because she thought at first it was him, assuming her responsabilities rather than running away from them.

-'She's got nothing to show us for real. What is she so proud about?': Proud? I think everyone's got some pride, and hers by no means is at a terrible level. When has she shown unmeasured pride?! I don't ever recall such thing. She in fact can be humble, just look at every interaction she has with her captain; Ukitake even shows he'd like her to drop formality, but she doesn't. She doesn't like being a noble for starters, she never looks down at others for thinking herself superior. She never hands down her dignity, but proud? Perhaps, but only as proud as an average person can be. I think someone there is just trying to make us believe she/he knows 'fancy' words when they obviously don't. And au contraire, she has plenty to show and offer! She cares for and looks after her friends. She's just not expressive and doesn't brag about it. She's also strong, maybe not as strong as Ichigo or captains, but, dude, she defeated an Espada who was using pyscological tactics that hurt her deeply, and she was still able to fight and win! Even if she were 'proud', she's definitely got guts and determination to back it up!

-'She punches Kon all the time without a care for his feelings': Oh, so does that imply that YOU would care for the feelings of a pervert who's always peeking under your skirt?

-'She let Kaien die before her eyes without doing anything': First of all, she did do something, she killed him. XD. But she had no choice. It wasn't her fault that hollow took over his mind. She did a favor to him for letting his agony end. He thanked her for it. And despite so, she still felt guilty about it for many years. In fact, Ukitake blames himself, not Rukia.

-'Out of the women in Bleach, she's the weakest. She began a shinigami because Byakuya adopted her. She doesn't know the meaning of hard work.': First, I think Orihime is weaker (no, I don't hate her). Remember she was trained by Rukia? Rukia's not as strong as captains, but she certainly isn't weak. It has been said that she could have been a lieutenant were it not because the very Byakuya told them she was to be an unseated officer so her life wasn't risked. She is yet to show us her true strength, but that doesn't make her weak. It's not like she doesn't deserve being a shinigami! She is freaking skilled in kido! She's not Momo Hinamori, but think about it. Even in her gigai that absorbed her powers, she could still formulate spells. THey weren't very strong but compare that to Renji, who even in his whole power can barely lit a candle. And obviously, the writer of this argument certainly isn't a fan of Bleach, for if he/she were, he/she would have known Rukia struggled to survive in Rukongai along with Renji. There is a reason for her being tough, you know?

-'Does she have a right to say "Why did you come here to save me, stupid?" when people got hurt and almost killed to save her ass?': The reason she had gone there in the beginning was to spare Ichigo from being killed. I'm not saying he was wrong to go. I'm glad he went to save her, but... Well, can you deny it was stupid? He was in complete disadvantage; not even he knew if he was strong enough to make it. Plus, she was grateful after everything was over, was she not? Remember the scene in which he and the others parted from Soul Society at the end of that arc? She was smiling and all, she was glad.

-'If she really wants to die, she should just shoot herself.': Again, not a great fan of Bleach. If he/she were an actual fan, he/she would've seen the clip in which she yelled at the bridge after Ichimaru gave her a tiny hope that she could live. She wanted to live. She didn't want to die, but she was willing to if that was to save Ichigo from her point of view; which was realistic. She didn't witness when he became strong and reached Bankai and all.

-'The way she talks to people, her voice, her hair...It's annoying': First, I actually am happy Kubo made her hair that way. It's a very realistic thing to do. In real life, no girl ever has her hair as perfect as most girls in anime do. Which is why I love little details that make it a bit disheveled. As for her voice...I don't find it annoying. I find Omaeda's far more obnoxious. But that's a matter of preference, which is why it's not a good argument to make others hate her. XP

-'Inoue's naivity and sincerity are far better than her fake face.': Rukia's face isn't fake; she merely supressed herself when Byakuya is present due to obvious reasons. :P. But can you blame her? Seriously? Also, when with the others, she's herself. She IS a respectful person...With her brother, her captain, even Ichigo. Sure, she is rough with him, but she shows him her respect with the strong faith she has in him and his strength. She can be respectful AND she can be sincere. When Kaien died, what falseness was there on her face? I saw no mask there. Naivity isn't a trait I like, no matter who shows it. Rukia is sincere; she is just not an open book. Rukia is no liar, as this statement implies.

This arguments are certainly not convincing. I honestly wanted to find out why do people hate Rukia; other than Ichihime fans' reasons. This...made me feel disappointed indeed. And for the record, most people that agreed were all saying 'Ichihime forever'. Hating Rukia because they want her out of the way between her and Ichigo isn't a good reason to hate her. If they hate Rukia, they hate Kubo; for she is found very special by Tite Kubo; she was the first character he created of the series.

4. I don't find it rational to just pair Rukia with Renji because they want Ichihime to happen. (As exposed above.) And I don't like it when people pair Orihime and Ishida to get Orihime out of the way for IchiRuki, either. Still, I like IchiRuki AND IshiHime...and UlquiHime and IshiNemu

5. Last but most important:

I'm sick and tired of reading everywhere: 'Bleach is action, not romance'. I can name many anime that intercept romance and action in one series and they're still good. The romance for Bleach would not be shojo, obviously. It wouldn't be a whole drama there, just an acknowledgement. But the characters are still human and humans have that feeling so it wouldn't illogical to believe they can fall in love, would it?! I'm not expecting to see (insert male) and (insert female) getting married or anythying so detailed; just a simple acknowledgement of their feelings would be enough. I'm not saying it should happen, but it IS very possible! Second and most importantly, it is the very Tite Kubo who started it all! If he wanted to make Bleach 100 percent action without any romance, he wouldn't have made Orihime like Ichigo in the first place! So STOP with your robotic and ANNOYING 'Bleach is shonen, not shojo'. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I'm not fond of copying and pasting into profiles, but please do so for this paragraph so this has a noticeable effect on people. That should make all of us happier.

Do I feel better now after spaming this much? Yeah. I do.

IchiRuki for the win!

I'll mention why I believe IchiRuki will happen:

-Rukia changed his life. Kubo himself mentioned she 'stopped his rain'. Indeed, ever since he met Rukia, Ichigo became much happier emotionally and outwardly shows it.

-I do believe he saved her at the SS arc out of gratitute, BUT not for gratitude only. I'm not trying to bash IchiHime fans here but compare it to the HM arc. The rescue of Orihime (and other characters like Princess Rurichiyo) was not as great as the the one for Rukia. When Ichigo went to Hueco Mundo, he had an idea of what he would face since he had already fought Yammy and he knew Aizen was no joke. He was already strong when he left to save her. But it was not the case with Rukia. He knew he was defenseless (back then) against Byakuya. He had been told it wasn't likely he'd make it alive and he even risked the lives of his friends. He had not the most remote idea about what he'd encounter once in Soul Society. Moreover, he was willing to risk his own life to regain his shinigami powers with Urahara so he could save her. And that wasn't the only time he riksed himself rather amazingly; he also went through the process of achieving Bankai in two days. Bankai, shinigami powers, Zangetsu... All of his powers, he earned them just to save her. I know he tends to sacrifice himself for others but that extent was something else; something he's only done for Rukia so far. Some may claim he tried to control his Hollow mask to save Orihime but that wouldn't be accurate; he started that training with the Vizard long before Orihime was even kidnapped. So he didn't do it for her.

-When Ichigo was down because he feared his Hollow to the point of prefering not to fight, only Rukia could bring his spirits up. And she did it with nothing more than her mere presence and words; which weren't even kind. That shows she has an exceptional knack for knowing what he needs to hear; she understands him very well.

-Some claim their relationship seems more like that of siblings and that's why they prefer her with Renji. (Again, not bashing RenRuki fans either) However, I'd say it's the opposite. Renji and Rukia grew up together in Rukongai; that's more sibling-like than her herlationship wiht Ichigo. Although they do fight a lot, couples that tend to communicate that way are not unheard of. I apologize if it seems I'm tyring to bash RenRuki fans, I am actually neutral about it, but then, RenRuki fans have used this argument a lot.

-Others say she doesn't care for him. Sure, there are no solid proofs that she loves him but she certainly cares for him. She's always there standing at his side, telling him what he needs to hear, bringing him back to reality so he doesn't get discouraged (although her ways are rough), supporting him as she tells him to move on to save Orihime while she fights to back him up and looks worried everytime she sees him getting hurt. Yes, her feelings are not as explicit as Orihime's, but that's part of her character. She's not expressive.

-Besides what stated in the point above, it can be added that Ichigo changed her as well. She was rather cold and even less expressive before meeting him; except with Kaien. Kaien's death affected her greatly but she seems to smile more after she met Ichigo. (No, I don't believe Ichigo is Kaien's reencarnation)

-Ririn, Nel and even Orihime have gotten jealous of Rukia as they see her with Ichigo. Now, IF there really was nothing going on between those two, then what is there to get jealous about?

-Tite Kubo himself has gotten quite involved with the anime production and movies. Let's take movie 3's example. Don't say movies don't count. Yes they do, and so do fillers and extra materials, though I admit they're not as important. You may disagree with me there, but in Bleach's case, you can't. Again, KT is involved so the anime fillers and movies are like an extension of his work as well. Now, movie 3 states clearly that they both care for one another. It is not explicitly romantic but definitely more than just friends or siblings. Once more, the creator is involved! He himself said they were more than friends, though not lovers. Why would he allow producers to create so much material that hints IchiRuki if he were planning to make it in the end IchiHime? It would contradict his work there. But if he were planning it to hint IchiRuki in the end, then...It would make sense. :D

-Another argument is that since he's alive and she's dead, he should end up with Orihime 'cause she's alive. First, that's not a reason to stay with her. It's not like one goes to buy a specific DVD but cannot find it and say: 'Oh well, then I MUST buy this one instead'. The only reason for which I'd acknowledge IchiHime is only if Ichigo styas with her because he loves her. Second, he's practically dead too, since Rukia gave him her shinigami powers in episode 1! His soul will age slowly now, like Rukia's. His future self could be 35 and he would still look 15.

-Rukia might be 10 times older than him but you can't deny it sometimes appears to be the opposite with them. XD

-I really believe they're fit for each other. The way they interact SCREAMS they care for one another but they're both not about to admit it soon. Even if not necessarily in a romantic way.

-Even in appareance, look at how they contrast each other so nicely! He's tall, she's petite. His hair is like the day in sunset and his eyes give warmth like the sun and her hair is pure black with eyes like midnight's sky. Heck, even their zanpakuto are contrasting while related! It's worth mentioning their zanpakuto are supposed to be part of their souls. Look at them, his is completely black in Bankai and hers is completely white. Sode no Shirayuki's first shikai attack is White Moon, and all about it is actually allusive to the moon with circular shapes and white light. Zangetsu means Slaying Moon specifically. While none of his attacks are reminiscent of the moon, they all include the word 'moon' in them. Getsuga Tensho means Moon Fang, Heaven Piercer. In Bankai shape, Tensa Zangetsu means Heaven CHain Slaying Moon. His other attack, Kuroi Getsuga, means Black Moon Fang. Gosh, don't tell me that's just coincidence 'cause I'll laugh at you!

Proof that Rukia's symbol is the moon:

Not only did it appear in her first appearance in the first episode and that word is included in one of her attacks ('tsuki' in Japanese), while in the rest, though the word is not mentioned, the moon is allusioned? The theme song for the third movie is by Porno Graffiti and it's called 'Koyoi Tsuki ga Miezutomo'. That, translated is 'Tonight, even if you can't see the moon'. And who stars in that movie? :D Convincing enough?

One thing about the AWESOME Code Geass:

I believe Lelouch is still alive. This video I saw supported my belief.

He used his Geass on the gods of the Sword of Akasha, and that caused Charles's death. This has become the plausible explanation via which Lelouch obtained the Code. This conclusion is supported by the fact that Nunnally could see into his memories when she grabbed his hand at the moment of his death. It is mentioned that, as the user exchanges his Geass for the Code, the Geass is no longer in his power. But Lelouch didn't gain the Code from C.C., who granted his Geass, he earned it from his father. Hence, C.C. is still alive and so is his Geass. There is nothing suggesting it is impossible to get the Code from someone other than the one who granted Geass initially. Lelouch was the first to achieve Code Geass. The name of the show!

Also, about the ending scene in which CC was in a cart, I once read a comment about it being driven by an old man. However, when I looked into it, the man driving it was covered; there is nothing that indicates it's an old man. In fact, when CC was lying down and looking at the sky and then said '...Not so accurate, right, Lelouch?', she made an eye movement; and it made her eyes look at her north. If she was talking about Lelouch as if he were dead, her eyes would just remain looking up at the sky... To me, it seemed as if her irises were pointing at the driver, else, why change the angle of her eyes and even her voice tone? Listen to her words: 'The Geass was supposed to lead people to a life of solitude, but that was not so accurate, right, Lelouch?' She is noting that in the end his life wasn't lonely. However, that wouldn't make sense because, until his sacrifice, he was alone. Even if CC was beside him along with Suzaku, he was still living a sad life with no joy, for I am certain he had no joy in being Emperor, and he must have suffered whenever he slew the people to create a tyran government, necessary for Zero Requiem. So, why would CC say that in the end it wasn't lonely?

Another thing that makes me believe it is that the second season is named R2 (RR); like CC (C2). In Japanese, the 'L' character is treated as 'R'. Hence, it would make sense to assume it indicates that Lelouch gained the Code like CC. Someone told me it stood for 'Rebellion 2', but taking into consideration the anime's full title as 'Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2', why repeat the word 'rebellion' again?

To explain the scene in which CC cried at the church because of the loss of Lelouch's life, the video noted she might have been referring to gaining immortality since, from her point of view, that is a bad thing. I find sense in it. In a way, he did die. He could no longer consider himself a fragile human. CC once mentioned she didn't think of herself as human, for she could no longer die, and her life seemed to have lost sense. So, in a way, Lelouch did lose his life, but is now living another one, one she is very familiar with and undestrands how tought it is. If he were doing so, with CC, then, it would be coherent for CC to say he wasn't lonely in the end, wouldn't it? So, as listed officially, Lelouch vi Britannia died, but Lelouch Lamperouge may still live. ;D

Someone told me: 'Have you considered that, if he were alive, he'd be suffering?' My answer to that is that maybe he feels he's paying his sentence for all the crimes he made. Maybe he didn't plan to get the Code from his father, maybe he thought he'd really die and it surprised him when he didn't. But you know? I think he SHOULD pay for his crimes. "The cause justifying the means" is not something everyone agrees with. Lelouch killed a lot of people, directly and indirectly (though more throuh the latter). Remember the time he made Euphemia kill people, two hundred thousand people, resulting lately in her death? He did do many things he needed to pay for. Sadly, despite inwardly having acquired something of a selfless heart and having done the ultimate sacrifice in exchange for nothing of his own gain, he needed to continue paying for his crimes. Considering he is not really cold-hearted or someone who has pleasure in massacres, perhaps he himself deemed it necessary to pay a sentence.

Also, remember the scene in which Jeremiah let Suzaku go through to kill the Emperor? He smiled! Watch it if you don't believe me! His whole life, Jeremiah wanted to do something for the death of Lady Marianne, and then he swore fealty to Lelouch, to protect him. So, Lelouch might have insisted that he didn't get in the way and he obeyed, but still, smiling makes it different. That can beckon he knew Lelouch wouldn't die.

And for those that are skeptical... Ignore all of the above if you wish. Explain to me, then, HOW did Nunnally see Lelouch's memories? While in one version of the manga she has a Geass, she does not in the anime, for the anime is a whole different version. (The manga is based on it!) That's right, the only plausible explanation is that Lelouch had the Code. That is ALL you should need!

Some argue that Nunnally didn't see that fragment of his memories; they say he remembered himself. Well, her lines right after that clip was shown said: 'Brother...All this time, you...' Not to mention her expression there! CAN you deny it now? She SAW his memories! Now, she didn't see ALL of them, just the pieces we viewers saw as well. Someone said that, maybe, she said that line for 'dramatic effect' or something among those lines...But that she didn't really see it. My answer -- ...?? How could that be possible?

YES! I do know the creator himself said Lelouch had died, but there is all this evidence that contradicts those words! That is absurd in many ways, right? No, I'm not in stupid denial! Look at all those arguments out there! How can you say they should just be pushed aside because the author says so? Do you really think they're illogical? Do they sound like delirious denial to you? Besides, the author is in the wrong there by doing that. The story is not what you say it is in an interview or in extra official material. A story is what it is based purely in the material that was presented in the book or anime or script or whatever you wish to insert here. You cannot expect your fans to see ALL extra material. Someone that did not get the publication declaring Lelouch dead will only take into account the anime to make an opinion. That's the way things SHOULD be. Besides, I alredy presented a possible explanation for that statement.

Well, I've exposed my reasons. Feel free to disagree with me. After all, that's the intention of the creators. They want us to debate about it, to assume whatever we want of the ending and give as absolutely no other option.

Fan Accomplishments:

-I've searched with this sites engine and I have written what is in FF, so far, the longest ByakuyaXOC, the longest story with Byakuya as its main character! I'm in there, fighting for it to be the longest of the fandom! Of course, I am mindful of quality too.

-I've watched One Piece's first 413 episodes in a month. (Gasps) Yeap...

-I've posted over 630 signed reviews to your stories. (Cheers) You're welcome.

-I've read Hana Yori Dango's 241 chapters plus the special in 4 days.

My top favorite anime openings! (I don't have a program to make an AMV nor do I have the clips, so I'll do it here! You have NO idea how hard it was! These are all good and I fullheartedly recommend them)

43. Yura Yura - Hearts Grow (Naruto OP 9)

42. Tsuki no Kaasu - Yui Horie (Loveless OP)

41. Kaze wo Sagashite - Yaguchi Mari (One Piece OP 12)

40. Drawing Days – SPLAY (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! OP 1)

39. Namikaze Satellite - Snorkel (Naruto OP 7)

38. Superdrive - Aya Hirano (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya OP 2)

37. My Pace Daiou - Manzo (Genshiken OP)

36. Casting Dice - Kanno Yuuki (Amatsuki OP)

35. Dream Believer – Osami Masaki (The Prince of Tennis OP 8)

34. Kokoro no Chizu - BOYSTYLE (One Piece OP 5)

33. Scarlet - Brace (Chibi Vampire OP)

32. Rakuen no Tobira – Door to Paradise (Mythical Detective Loki OP)

31. 19sai – Suga Shikao (xxxHolic OP)

30. Undo - Cool Joke (Fullmetal Alchemist OP 3)

29. Rose-colored World – Pierrot (Get Backers OP 2)

28. ALONES - Aqua Timez (Bleach OP 6)

27. After Dark - Asian Kung Fu Generation (Bleach OP 7)

26. Share the World – TVXQ (One Piece OP 11)

25. Shaft Drive - Tasaki Akira (Genshaft OP)

24. 88 - LMC (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! OP 4)

23. No Boy, No Cry - Stance Punks (Naruto OP 6)

22. Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsuki – ON/OFF (Vampire Knight OP)

21. Hishoku no Sora - Mami Kawada (Shakugan no Shana OP 1)

20. Papermoon - Tommy Heavenly6 (Soul Eater OP 2)

19. Ichirin no Hana - High and Mighty Color (Bleach OP 3)

18. Haruka Kanata - Asian Kung Fu Generation (Naruto OP 2)

17. Brand New World – D51 (One Piece OP 6)

16. D-Tecno Life - UVERworld (Bleach OP 2)

15. Velonica - Aqua Timez (Bleach OP 9)

14. Asterisk – Orange Range (Bleach OP 1)

13. Rose - Anna Tsuchiya (Nana OP 1)

12. Parallel Heats - FictionJunction (Pandora Hearts OP)

11. Zankoku na Tenshi no Teze - Animetal (Neon Genesis Evangelion OP)

10. World’s End - Flow (Code Geass R2 OP 2)

9. Boys and Girls - LMC (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! OP 2)

8. Joint - Mami Kawada (Shakugan no Shana Second OP 1)

7. Rondo - ON/OFF (Vampire Knight Guilty OP)

5. Resonance - T.M. Revolution (Soul Eater OP 1)

4. Colors of the Heart - UVERworld (Blood OP 3)

3. Rewrite - Asian Kung Fu Generation (Fullmetal Alchemist OP 4)

2. We Are! -TVXQ (One Piece OP 10)

1. Colors - Flow (Code Geass OP 1)

If you've ever seen a sentence that asks you to copy it into your profile in case you fit a condition, copy this into your profile! XP

List of anime and manga I've watched/read!


Alice on Deadlines

Fruits Basket

Absolute Boyfriend

Perfect Girl Evolution (as updates come)

Dengeki Daisy (as updates come)

Get Backers (still reading...)

Heart no Kumi no Alice

Hana Yori Dango

Yotsubato (as updates come)

Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie

Liar Game (as updates come)

Roots of A

Crimson Empire (as updates come)

Special A

Pandora Hearts (as updates come)

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! (as updates come)

Amatsuki (as updates come)

Rave Master (still reading 100-onwards)

Midori no Hibi

Skip Beat! (as updates come)

Magical x Miracle

Rockin' Heaven (as updates come)

Strobe Edge

Great Teacher Onizuka

Ouran High School Host Club

Ah! Itoshi no Banchousama (as updates come)

Q.E.D. (as updates come) :(

Angel Densetsu

Eternal Sabbath

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Oresama Teacher (as updates come)

The One (as updates come)




Very Very Daisuki! (as updates come...)

Hatsukanezumi no Jikan

Meteor Methuselah

Touhou Shinigami Meteor Methuselah Gaiden

Tokyo Crazy Paradise

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Samurai High School

Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

Natsukashi Machi no Rozione (er…right)

07-Ghost (as updates come)

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Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (as updates come)

Venus Capriccio

Gokinjo Monogatari

C: Sword and Cornett (as updates come)


Tennen Pearl Pink

Asatte no Houkou (…whatever)

Gate 7 (as updates come)

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Nicoichi (as updates come)

Fairy Cube

Akagami no Shirayukihime (as updates come)

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Otoyomegatari (as updates come)

Mixed Vegetables

Piano no Mori (as updates come)


Noblesse (as updates come)


Otomen (as updates come…)

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Gun x Sword

Gunslinger Girl

H2O: Footprints in the Sand

Haibane Renmei

Hakushaku to Yousei

Hanasakeru Seishounen

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Hayate no Gotoku

Heat Guy J

Hetalia Axis Powers

Hidamari Sketch

Hikaru no Go


Honey and Clover

Hunter x Hunter


I, My, Me - Strawberry Eggs



Itazura na Kiss

Ixion Saga DT

Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi no Senki (not recommended)

Jubei Chan: The Ninja Girl

Kaiji (up to 23)

Kamisama Kazoku



Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Kaze no Stigma

Kimi to Boku

Kino's Journey

Kokoro Connect


Konjiki no Gash Bell

Kujibiki Unbalance



Kuroko no Basket


Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

La Corda d' Oro

Last Exile

Law of Ueki

Le Chevalier D'Eon

Lemon Angel Project (meh)

Looking-Up At the Half-Moon


Lovely Complex


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Mai Hime

Martian Successor Nadesico

Master Keaton

Mawaru Penguindrum

Meine Liebe

Mermaid Forest

Michiko to Hatchin

Midori Days


Mirai Nikki




Murder Princess

Mythical Detective Loki



Natsu no Arashi!

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Nazo no Kanojo X

Neo Angelique Abyss (Not recommended)

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Night Wizard!

Nijuu Mensou no Musume

Nodame Cantabile

Noein - To Your Other Self

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (Not recommended)


Now and Then, Here and There

Oban Star Racers

One Piece (as updates come)

Onegai Teacher

Onegai Twins

Ookiku Furikabutte

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Ouran High School Host Club

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Sacred Blacksmith


Saint Seiya

Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 1


Sakamichi no Apollon

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Seirei no Moribito

Senjou no Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles

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Special A

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Super Gals!

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

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The Twelve Kingdoms (Not recommended)

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Twin Spica


Utawarerumono (whatever)

Vampire Knight


Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Yu Yu Hakusho

Zero no Tsukaima

Zettai Shonen

Top 25 anime pairings:

1. Ichigo/Rukia - Bleach

2. Lelouch/C.C. - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

3. Soul/Maka - Soul Eater

4. Shinichi/Nao - Liar Game

5. Reiji/Elen - Phantom Requiem for the Phantom

6. Train/Saya - Black Cat

7. Kyohei/Sunako - Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

8. Ulquiorra/Orihime - Bleach

9. Luffy/Nami - One Piece

10. Naruto/Hinata - Naruto

11. Kisuke/Yoruichi - Bleach

12. Ryuuji/Taiga - Toradora!

13. Haji/Saya - Blood

14. Oz/Alice - Pandora Hearts

15. Tamaki/Haruhi - Ouran High School Host Club

16. Watanuki/Yuuko - xxxHolic

17. Kei/Hikari - Special A

18. Chrono/Rosette - Chrono Crusade

19. Tsukasa/Tsukushi - Hana Yori Dango

20. Colonello/Lal Mirch - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

21. Edward/Winry - FMA

22. Tasuku/Teru - Dengeki Daisy

23. Tsuna/Haru - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

24. Inuyasha/Kagome - Inuyasha

25. Kyou/Tohru - Fruits Basket

Top 4 kick-butt and mad cool anime characters:

1. Roronoa Zoro

2. Zaraki Kenpachi

3. Hibari Kyoya

4. Himura Kenshin

Top 43 anime girls I think are awesome:

1. Yuuko Ichihara - xxxHolic

2. Sunako Nakahara - Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

3. Wilhelmina Carmel - Shakugan no Shana

4. C.C. - Code Geass

5. Maka Albarn - Soul Eater

6. Retsu Unohana - Bleach

7. Yoruichi Shihoin - Bleach

8. Alice - Pandora Hearts

8. Shana - Shakugan no Shana

10. Mika Seido - Geneshaft

11. Lal Mirch - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

12. Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

13. Saya Otonashi - Blood plus

14. Lust - Fullmetal Alchemist

15. Margery Daw - Shakugan no Shana

16. Nico Robin - One Piece

17. Kukaku Shiba - Bleach

18. Kuchiha - Amatsuki

19. Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist

20. Kallen Stadtfelt - Code Geass

21. Taiga Aisaka - Toradora!

22. Nana Osaki - Nana

23. Saya Minatsuki - Black Cat

24. Jiyu 'Jubei' Nanohana - Jubei - Chan: The Ninja Girl

25. Tatsuki Arisawa - Bleach

26. Misato Katsuragi - Neon Genesis Evangelion

27. Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist

28. Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran High School Host Club

29. Hinagiku Katsura - Hayate no Gotoku

30. Hikari Hanazono - Special A

31. Anju Maaka - Chibi Vampire

32. Nao Kanzaki - Liar Game

33. Hiyono Yuizaki - Spiral

34. Radical Edward - Cowboy Bebop

35. Finn Coupe Schuzette the II - Special A

36. Sharon Rainsworth - Pandora Hearts

37. Mai Kawasumi - Kanon

38. Misuzu Kamio - AIR

39. Cecile Croomy - Code Geass

40. Marlene Angel - Blue Gender

41. Chise - Saikano

42. Karin Maaka - Chibi Vampire

43. Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket

Top favorite crazy anime characters:

1. Kisuke Urahara - Bleach

2. Franken Stein - Soul Eater

3. Xerxes Break - Pandora Hearts

4. Undertaker - Kuroshitsuji

5 Graham Specter - Baccano!

6. Lloyd Asplund - Code Geass

Top swordsmen:

1. Kenshin Himura - Rurouni Kenshin

2. Zoro Roronoa - One Piece

3. Jiyu 'Jubei' Nanohana - Jubei - Chan: The Ninja Girl

4. Takeshi Yamamoto - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

5. Mifune - Soul Eater

6. Hiei Jaganshi - Yu Yu Hakusho

7. Kazuma Kuwabara - Yu Yu Hakusho

8. Haru Glory - Rave Master

9. Shana - Shakugan no Shana

10. Saya Otonashi - Blood plus

11. Xerxes Break - Pandora Hearts

12. Mai Kawasumi - Kanon

13. Taiga Aisaka - Toradora!

Top Gun-users:

1. Train Heartnet - Black Cat

2. Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop

3. Death the Kid - Soul Eater

4. Reborn - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

5. Reiji Azuma/Zwei & Elen/Ein (Tie) - Phaantom Requiem for the Phantom

6. Coyote Stark - Bleach

7. Maylene - Kuroshitsuji

8. Rosette Christopher - Chrono Crusade

Confession # 1: Yes, I gave my first OC, Kisa, some of my traits and tastes as well as the same hair and eye color (and I only did it so that I could have quick references whenever I wanted to come up with a creative line about their color...Oh I feel so narcissist now DX) but that's really about it. We are actually very different. My personality differs from hers notoriously; I'm not as strong-willed. And I don't really want to be her. (With her past, few would actually want to be her. XD) So she is NOT a Mary Sue in my opinion.

Nonetheless, as for my opinions about Mary Sues, I don't mind them as long as they have faults. When they are just too ridiculously perfect, the story itself seems less interesting 'cause you can predict it will all end great for the character. Other than that, I don't mind if authors used overused ideas, as long as they add an original thing to them or something. I think saying all Mary Sues are awful is a false thing. Is it not true that movie heroes are as cliche as you can get with action movies? They are Gary Sues and Mary Sues, we cannot deny that! And there's nothing wrong with that. They are even popular and people love them! So I wonder why only writers consider them a bane...

People sometimes don't know what a Mary Sue is

They are supposedly the bane of every writer. Both in original and fanfiction, there is never lack of 'flamers' that mention how Mary Suish an original character is. However, do people really understand what a Mary Sue is? I've seen several flames in which people call a character a Mary Sue when, according to a Mary Sue's definition, that is not the case. There are also several tests online about it, and, often, the characteristics with which they describe what Mary Sue means there are not entirely accurate or directly related to it. So, what is a Mary Sue? A Mary Sue, or Gary Stu in the case of males, is a character that lacks flaws, and that means flaws that do not make the character look even better (eg, having white hair) while the character's traits are generally exaggerated to look majestic, giving the feeling the character is so perfect he or she is barely humane. Also, Mary Sues tend to be representations of the author, known as a self-insert, or the ideal characterization of who the author wishes to be; that is the essential definition. However, people also apply this term to characters who show cliche traits or appear in cliche plots.

Having unusual physical characteristics that the authors consider cool, having pasts filled with angst, being skilled at a specific task although no proof of effort or difficulty is shown by the character's part, getting things their way and not really coming into obstacles that show a real challenge to them, being described as smart (eg, being the top of their class) although they, the majority of the time, do not act that way or show any inklings of being anything close to it (eg, having a rather poor lexicon or they seldom think before acting), not taking into account important facts for the sake of the character (eg, include jeans the character's attire even if the story takes place in the 18th century, in a very extreme example) and being the definite winner of whatever mission they had, in a predictable way. All of the above are characteristics Mary Sue characters. Nonetheless, that does not focibly make the character a Mary Sue. Meeting one or two of those characteristics does not make the character Mary Suish, and that is the part many people don't seem to be aware of.

In essence, it is the feeling of the character being too perfect what makes him/her a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. The sole characteristic one character may have that makes him/her irreparably a Mary Sue is the lack of flaws. I have seen characters that meet many of the previous traits yet they are not Mary Suish. What made them look so cool even though they met the description? It was that they all showed a humane side. They made their mistakes, they struggled and the pain they felt after having murdered/stolen/done anything outside the law was described, there were times when they did not guess something (a critical something) right, their thoughts showed how they got their resolution and how it was difficult for them, the ease with which they could handle a weapon was not something they were proud of, and so on. All of that made them seem like wonderful characters. That is what really matters, to show their humane, weak side. Also, I am a firm believer that taking a cliche idea and twisting it to make it more original always does the trick, if we know how to be creative, of course. Many works that became popular, if one looks into it, have done that.

It is important to really know what a Mary Sue is before going ahead and flaming others, applying the term to their character when we really don't know what the Mary Sue term covers. It is not unusual to see flamers using this inaccurately, expanding the usage of the term more than they should. Nevertheless, if one character of ours has Mary Suish characteristics, is that really a bad thing? I don't believe it is. One should be free to create characters without boundaries or the fear of crossing that 'line'. Of course, we must also be careful not to exaggerate it. We must find a balance for that character in a suiting universe where it would be plausible for a character like that exist, and we must definitely not forsake the other characters either while the protagonist's every pore is described. In sheer honesty, I favor this type of characters 1000 times fold over those characters that were created by authors that feared criticism, those that are utterly boring characters with barely nothing interesting about them and that reside in a plot that hardly has anything appealing in it. Who would want to read about someone like that? Reading fiction after all, should be to recreate our imagination.

Confession # 2: I love making OC's. Oda Eiichiro, creator of One Piece, inspired me to create many characters with different traits and vast variety. Most OC's are definitely different from me. Still, my favorite will always be Kisa. Yes, she has some of my traits, but she's really very different from me, so strong and with such a charming smile I could only have in daydreams. XD (Again, it's not that I want to be her!) The reason I will always like her is not because she's the first I've created, but because she, I believe, will always be the one closest to being human, despite the many supernatural traits she has.

Confession # 3: I always wanted to have an older brother, the kind that makes you laugh and is playful and full of energy. That image I have is what inspired me to create Arisawa Taro in KISA and Shiro Lamperouge in Snow of the Rebellion.

List of anime characters that have made me go 'woah' (in no special order): Lelouch vi Britannia, Mika Seido, Zoro Roronoa, Kenpachi Zaraki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Luffy D. Monkey (it feels so weird to write his name like that), Ace D. Portgas (same as Luffy), C.C., Taiga Aisaka, Ban Midou, Akabane Kurodou, Tasuku Kurosaki, Ginji Amano, Shana, Wilhelmina Carmel, Tsunayoshi Sawada, Lal Mirch, Mukuro Rokudo, Hayato Gokudera, Takeshi Yamamoto, Kyoya Hibari, Sunako Nakahara, Hayate Ayasaki, Kenshin Himura, Sanosuke Sagara, Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Sanji, Brook, Ayumu Narumi, Izuru Kira, Soi Fon, Yoruichi Shihoin, Kisuke Urahara, Hiei Jaganshi, Spike Spiegel, Riza Hawkeye, Haru Glory, Edward Elric, Kei Takishima, Hikari Hanazono, Uryuu Ishida, Sado Yasutora, Lust, Saya, Haji, Shikamaru Nara, Gaara of the Desert, Lal Mirch, Sebastian Michaelis, Yuuko Ichihara, Taiga Aisaka, Sesshomaru, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Ulquiorra Schiffer, Gin Ichimaru, Maka Albarn, Soul Evans, Black Star, Death the Kid, Shinigami - Sama (LIST WILL KEEP GROWING)

Yet another thought that might make me a hatred target:

I won't say I didn't see The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya complete. Heck, I even watched 7 out of the endless eight episodes. (Season 2 totally sucked in my opinion, by the way; really, how cheap to use the same story for 9 episodes... Who would really BUY those DVDs?) Anyhow, I have to say it, it's an entertaining anime, but I truly believe it's way overrated. Some even consider it among the best! That's absurd. Even within the same genre, there are a lot of other animes I found more worthwhile. Still, I won't say it's a bad anime, because it certainly isn't. What I certainly believe STRONGLY that's awful is Haruhi herself. I just don't understand why people like her so much. She acts spoiled, she's selfish and I am yet to understand why she insists in undressing Mikuru herself. I often feel bad for Kyon and I used to feel the same for Mikuru...But then, most of it it's her fault. If she really wanted, she could stand up to Haruhi and tell her to show her some respect, but she just doesn't. Still, seriously, if you met a girl like that in real life, would you seriously like her? (Dr. House is the exception; we all need his diagnoses to live. XD Plus, he at least saves lives...) ARGH! I had to get that out of my system... Yes, ranting did help me feel better! Of course, you are, remember, 100 percent free to disagree with me... But this is my profile so I just put here whatever opinion I wish to put XP

Why you gotta love Code Geass:

Lelouch Lamperouge:

There's a lot to be awed at other than his appearance! He's a Byronic anti-hero. That alone makes him original, but there's even more to him. Usually, characters build a story, but in CG's case, Lelouch IS the story! His mind, intentions, unexpected moves and twists are what moves the viewers to continue watching. If you look deeply, the other main characters also have depth to them, but hardly any if compared to Lelouch's complex character. As for the majority of the secondary characters, they are typical. Shirley is the student with the unrequited love. Miley is the crazy council president. Euphemia is the innocent princess who is pure. Nunnally is the sweet little sister who needs protection. But Lelouch is not typical.

He makes the journey one amazing odyssey. At first you support him. Then you see the means he uses in desperate situations. He admittedly acts like a cruel and cold-hearted person when it comes to using others as pawns and tools, except the ones he cares about. That is a very interesting thing. If you look closely, you'll see the majority of the mistakes he made in the story were caused because the ones he cares for got in the way one way or another. To have a weakness of a hero even then makes the viewer stick to Lelouch's side. Not to mention his cause would bring down the despotic ruling of the Empire, although that is not the main goal, it's related. Then the story continues. He falls, he rises, he is stuck, he uses others, he comes to care for others as well, a lot of things happen. Then we see for instants how the guilt DOES affect him, particularly in a clip with him and C.C. That clip came to show they are together in it, but it also shows Lelouch does have a heart. A struggle to keep himself sane begins. At a point, I came to believe he had lost it, that he had discarded every good in him - that being around the time Rolo died and he became Emperor. And then we see the end. The unexpected checkmate on himself. We see his intentions clearly. We see that all along he had not only been sane, but also fighting for a cause greater than his original one - for the world, much like Zero claimed while he was still with the Black Knights. How ironic it was Suzaku as Zero that killed him! We see we misunderstood him and feel awed at how he is willing to do so much.

There is a large debate on whether he is alive or not. I personally am at a loss as to what to believe at times, but I think I probably am more inclined to believe he is alive because the points of those fans are very valid and not nonsensical or filled with denial. Those who say he's dead claim that he ought to have died because he needed to pay for what he had done. However, to those who claim that in particular I stare at disapprovingly. That is being too insensitive. Lelouch paid a lot already. His main sacrifice was his not his physical life, but everything that composed it. He gave up Nunnally's love and his friends. He devoted all of his time and efforts to his cause and he suffered through it all without complain because it was his desire for the war to finish. That almost makes him seem angelic to some. His selfless death as Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia is not only moving, but I find it hardly possible for any other to be more amazing and brilliant as his. That is the main attractive of his concept.

The list goes on, nonetheless. He is the animated character with the widest variety of facial expressions I’ve ever seen. We humans have so many possible expressions, yet animators find it tough and prefer to stick with the basic ones, but Lelouch is not like that. His exaggerated hand moves emphasize those faces greatly.

Twist after twist make it unpredictable. It is brilliant in plenty of ways.

One of the messages it gives is how we young people do not always have the power to change our world (because we do not have Geass), but that is not it all the time. Every revolution in the world began with a leader who envisioned a better world. Once a tool appears in our favor, we can either ignore it, use it for wrongful purposes, or use it to make a difference. Once we have an advantage in our side, we show our claws and fangs. Sure, we don’t get a Geass, but we get other things. Vision, power, influence. Lelouch had those too.

Another interesting point is that things do not go according to plan. A strategy on a chess board does not play exactly the same in a real battlefield. In the end, Lelouch accomplished his goal, yes, but not as he had predicted he would.

The relationships among the characters, especially the main ones, have a degree of ambiguity that make them intriguing and possibly interpreted in different manners.

Not one person can go and tell the LelouchXKallen fanbase that he never loved her, because his feelings for her were somewhat unclear. Their nature of attraction was clear, but to what degree did it go? How deeply did he feel about her? To what degree he cared for her is ambiguous, though it is known he cares for her more than for the majority of his subordinates. There are hints that could be interpreted that way while other times he does not seem to have that kind of feelings for her at all. It’s all part of Lelouch’s charm to be indecipherable. Also, we never really see clearly if Kallen loved Lelouch or Zero, at least in the beginning. I believe, though, that at the final episode, she showed concern for his dying body because she really did care for him. We know that much.

What was Lelouch and C.C.’s relationship really like? They were definitely more than accomplices. There is plenty that suggests there was a romance involved. However, there was a lot more to them than just that. They are the only ones that knew what the other was truly like, that saw everything that other person was made of. C.C. at first is indifferent at Lelouch’s plans and movements, but in the end she is supportive of him despite the fact that because of him her wish to die was denied and instead became a wish to be loved. Inversely, Lelouch came to desire to protect her and impeded her death. He ended up opening up to her without restraint, and that was very valuable to him. That is why he wanted to save her regardless of anything else. That trust and bond they created is beautiful.

As much as we love romance, though, the most mind-blowing one is his relationship with Suzaku. The reason why I despise those that pair them up is because they demean their unique relationship to just a mere yaoi crush. They are friends forced by fate/life/Geass, whatever you wanna attribute it to, to be enemies. But even as they are in battle against one another, bringing down the other constantly, they still care for the other. Lelouch still trusted him and Suzaku came to terms with him despite having killed Euphy who he loved so much. Their friendship was never the same, but it survived nonetheless although it was plagued with betrayal and tragedy.

Here are the translated lyrics of "Future", a song by Hiro X. I'm not particularly fan of him or the song, but I like the lyrics' message a lot. This song is used as the first opening song for The Price of Tennis.

I only found them in a video with the TV version for the OP 1 of The Prince of Tennis, though. That's all I can get since I don't know Japanese. XP It's a great show, though. The best sports anime I've seen.

In this unnamed place with the opened flower of impulse,
A quiet beginning is told.

The goals of your youth seek after a definite heat.
It'll release a signal into the sky.

With the repeating days to my back,
I'm looking for the moment to spread my wings,
Even if it is a lonely hope.

I want to go to an unknown world, passing all my limits
With this dream pouring out of my entire body.
Like a brilliant morning sun that lights a new world,
Carry the feelings born from a brilliant light in your chest.


This is an image I created on Paint as the logo of the story, lol. I know it sounds a bit silly, but well, I just thought it was far too nice of an idea to let it pass... I'm not exactly a Paint artist, so I beg of you to let its small flaws pass. I hope you like it. C: The letters below is the original summary I gave to the story. I've modified it like 3 times


Here's another link for an image in which I make reference in Kisa. This would be her wind symbol, mentioned firstly in KISA chapter 68:


This is the link for sword parts. I use it when describing swords and you might need it starting from chapter 83:


This link is for an image of a sword resembling my OC Vaughn Hohenheim's Gerech Faust. I don't really like the details it has but it's similar to the idea I had.


A link of Kisa's sword will be posted in the future. Expect it 'cause I already have it. :D Just wait until I get to that part of that story though. I don't like to spoil.





*Map of the Forbidden Radius and Scholar Island*


Special thanks to Maggie for this sweet drawing made for KISA! I feel so honored! I loved it so much I used it as desktop background! It's meaningful and it surprised me how Kisa really looks much like how I've described her throughout the story. I believe this can help ou imagine her a lot better than I do. (Laughs) A thousand thanks to dragonmaiden50! And cheers for her!


A MILLION THANKS TO ASH! Thanks Ash, for these awesome drawings of Jack Stragger, KISA's BS Unit 9 Commander! Guys, I know there are a lot of OC's in KISA, so Ash here did me the favor of drawing some for us! GIVE HER AN APPLAUSE ROUND!! Here are the links to both the line art and the colored one. Aren't they gorgeous?! I can't believe I created such a hot character. This might help you visualize him better than the story! (LOL) I squealed like a fangirl when I saw them! XD



Super special thanks to inuluver42 for this BEAUTIFUL drawing of Kisa and Byakuya's first encounter! Ash, you surprised me with this one. It's so beautiful! I truly, truly love it! It means a lot to me that you like my story so much. You're the best keyboard pal ever!


You can now find me at FictionPress! I don't have any stories there, but I plan to publish a little poem I wrote for English. XP I do have plans to use it, but that'll be far into the future yet. You will see me there as sayume315.

Some supporting art (attempts of) will be posted on DeviantArt, where I'm FullFORCESoldier. Feel free to contact me to talk about anime and manga. Browse my favorites over there for my collections of art, mostly of anime and manga, though I also have fractal art and originals. My scraps have anime screenshots.


I like posting comments, thoughts and criticism for starting mangaka at MangaMagazine/InkBlazers as wishinglullaby. Check out the artists I cheer for (and cheer for them too!) Their work is amateur for most, but many have very nice things, some of which I had been looking for ages in published Japanese manga but could not find.

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G H O S T reviews
Grievous Hosting Organism, Spectral Trespasser. Pirates are not the only ones hunted. The Straw Hat Pirates are in need of a G.H.O.S.T. Hunter. Riko is a fugitive G.H.O.S.T. Hunter who needs transportation to escape. Their deal would change more than they could have imagined. Sanji denies having kicked her; he denies she's a her. Action, drama, humor, mystery, slow romance.
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Code Geass - Rated: T - English - Drama/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 4 - Words: 74,449 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 7/9/2010 - Published: 11/3/2009 - OC
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