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Hey, hows a going?

I'm, wow... nineteen years old now (damn I'm old) Love to write, and especially love FF! I also have a fetish for good girl/ bad boy ships.

My little sister just joined FF- she's fifteen and she's a huge POTO fan, her name is {EDIT} Reddeathxx :) Check her out and alert her for a story she's writing! :D

-Attention all readers- As of August 2014, I'm putting Fanfiction on hold, which includes my stories "Startling the Fire", "Glass", "Mischief's Mask", and "Tied to the Tyrannical Laws." I apologize for the delay, but as of now I'm putting college, my job, and my Fictionpress story (a potential published book) as my top priorities. I promise I'll return though when I get time off and finish off what I've started, so thank you guys all so much for being there and being so patient.

Disccusion/ Background on my stories:

STUCK IN VOLTERRA- Damn, this story's a dinosaur :) I personally haven't read it in ages, but I remember thinking up the idea of it when I was only 13, and actually getting it down on paper (typing) after I turned 14. I was kind of a young writer at the time, so please pardon the errors and cheesiness X)

Before I even go in how the idea of it was created, let me just point out I had just finished watching the Last Airbender series on FF (AMAZING series) and I was introduced to the bad guy X good girl pairing when I started noticing how cute Zuko/Katara was, and I've had that knack for bad guys/ good girls ever since. Thus, after I read Twilight, I decided to pair Bella with one of the Volturi members, and chose Caius because he was considered the 'cruelest' of the trio :) And then the humor just settled in with it because I was a wacky teen with a wacky imagination X)

STUCK WITH HER- I never finished that, did I? Oops...

Well, the idea of making a companion came from the success of Stuck in Volterra and a few requests to make one :) I honestly don't know if I'll ever finish that... sorry guys :( If I ever feel inspiration for it, there's a possibility, but please don't hold your breath on it.

BOUND TO A BLACKENED SOUL- Well, there had to be a sequel if I was going to leave Stuck in Volterra off in such a way X) I always kind of knew I'd make it, but unfortunetly, it took me a while to update since I had never really planned it out :( A crap job on my part. But luckily, it worked out and finally ended happy with a promised next book :)

This story was also inspired by the song "Never Be the Same" by Red!

THE NEW LIFE- God... now that I look back at it, I should've figured out a more creative title X) But whatever. Too late to change it now.

So this story came around when my bad guy/ good girl instincts kicked back into play when I watched the Eclipse movie. I knew I'd want to make a story that led Riley away from Victoria, and it was originally going to be Bree in the place of Bella. But then I read this beautiful story on FF (I sadly forget the name and author) with the Riley/ Bree pairing, and I knew if I did one, it would be too similar and I didn't want it to relate. So that's when Bella stepped up for the role, and I must admit I'm glad it was her, since it added a whole new level with Edward and more complication to her new romance with Riley :) I also want to acknowledge all the awesome Evanescence songs I listened to when I was writing it, it really helped with the mood when I was in writer's block :D

STARTLING THE FIRE- Yay! A Hunger Games FF! Haha, yeah, at the time this was first published, I was a full on fan of the trilogy and knew from the start I'd just have to write something involving Cato. I mean... c'mon? Alexander Ludwig!

There were already a bunch of Katniss/ Cato FF's beginning to bloom, especially after the movie came out, but I still felt the need to make my own with a different plot line than everyone else's. Also, the ending's a lot darker >:) And that automatically makes it unique!

GLASS- I know, I know... Startling the Fire still has to get finished and the third installment of the SIV series has yet to be released... yeah. I really have to get on those. And I will, I promise you.

Anyway, this idea came sort of out of the bloom. When I first saw Star Trek Into Darkness, I sure as hell wasn't expecting a fanfiction out of it. But, I guess that's just the charm of Benedict Cumberbatch, his voice just creates story ideas. And I love Zoe Saldana- so thus this random story was created! Still needs to be determined how to continue it- feel free to check up on the poll on top and vote for how you want it to go!

MISCHIEF'S MASK- Was born from Tom Hiddleston's refusal to stay out of my head and penetrate my plot bunnies.

I've shipped Jane Foster and Loki since the first movie, before they even met. Hard to believe I could stay away from that potential, huh? Anyway, I wanted to incorporate "Phantom of the Opera" since there's a good storyline that can be tied with their relationship, and we all know Loki would make a badass phantom. I originally had a lot of this typed out beforehand, but it was lost at sea in my computer :( So now I gotta start over. Hopefully you guys will stick with me, though.

I highly recommend "Fallen Star" by Alydia Rackham, as well as "Brother Avengers" and "Lokistone"

TIED TO THE TYRANNICAL LAWS- Was finally born! Yay!

Well, not much to discuss about it yet- but I got a lot of ideas planned out and I'm working on the storyline :) Hope you guys like it, and thanks again for sticking around.


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