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Author has written 22 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

Name: Yusei Fudo
Age: 18
Location: Neo-Domino City
Sex: Male
Favourite characters: Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlus, Rua/Lua, Ruka/Luca, Aki Izayoi, Bruno/Dark Glass/Antinomy, Kyosuke Kiryu, Carly Nagisa, Divine, Sherry LeBlanc, Placido, Lucciano, Aporia, Rex Godwin, Hakase Fudo, ZONE, Paradox

Projects for 2010

Zero Requiem
et five years after Zero Reverse, the story focuses on four teams in the first struggle across Satellite. From Martha's orphanage; Yusei, Jack and Crow watch those locked in the territorial struggle. Meanwhile, Rex Godwin shows interest in two of the boys, bringing about an unpredictable chain of events that changes everything.

A typical "what-if?" planned after the airing of Episode 32. Yuusei lives in Neo-Domino City after Zero Reverse with Lua and Luca. Jack, Crow and Kiryu stand dominant in Satellite as Team Satisfaction. What these two groups are unaware of is how vital their union is to the future of the world, but how do they come together? And who is the man who possesses the Giant Birthmark under the cloak of a Dark Signer?

Stardust / Sutādasuto Accelerator
A novelization wavering in closeness to the DS game, presents Rena who wakes in Satellite, unable to recall her past. Guided by the twists of fate, she stands with the intention of following Yusei into Neo-Domino. Behind the closed doors of the City, much more is happening than either could predict. May have a sequel with the name of World Championship 2011; 'Over the Nexus' depending on how the anime and game go from here.

Reverse of Arcadia
Running alongside Stardust Accelerator, Reverse of Arcadia follows the same principle. Rena, this time, is a member of Arcadia, at the centre of an experiment planned by Divine. As the Signers begin to learn of their destiny and what lies ahead, Rena's journey leads her to the past memories erased. Past, present and future are about to collide when Earthbound Gods rise from the unknown.

Over the Nexus
Sequel to Sutādasuto Accelerator. As the WRGP approaches, the Signers prepare themselves for the tournament. Chaos rises in Neo-Domino and Rena finds herself still incomplete. In Crash Town, Tatsuya is soul searching; only to find Kiryu there. His own background has unexplored depths to it.

Overcast Dusk
Continues from Episode 88 had Yusei not found a loose nail to free himself and Kiryu from the control of the Malcolm family. Living in the shadows of the war with dying comrades, slowly they both struggle to fight on. Alone, they realize that the past is littered with misunderstandings and regret, coming forward to clean the mess and rebuild the fractured bridge between them while thinking of whatever they can to get themselves back home - to Neo-Domino and to their friends.

White Flag
In an attempt to force the Signers into surrender, an enemy force captures Ruka, leading her friends on a hunt for her captor all while threats to her life are made by the anonymous being - or beings - demanding that the Signers relinquish themselves to ensure her safety. Bonds are tested and strained as time ticks on, reducing the patience of the player with the upper hand.

Team Satisfaction Movement - Yusei
Yusei's eyes through the times of Team Satisfaction. One of four stories coming from the eyes of each member, from birth to demise of their team.

Infected World
Split into two / three segments. Set shortly after the Signer War, focuses on Ruka and Rua as they venture into the Duel Monsters Spirit World when a new threat rises from the soil of the distant plain. Rua, finally able to cross over, must regroup with his sister who finds herself quickly locked in a struggle to defend the world of her partner, Ancient Fairy Dragon.

Fractured Bonds
Planned after Episode 58 aired, focuses on Ruka in a world where the Dark Signers reigned victorious over the Signers. Carly has successfully recruited Jack as one of them. Rua and Yusei have perished. Aki and Crow are missing. The severed bonds have failed and Ruka is forced to walk the charred surface of the earth with those left that she can call friend, with every corner reminding her of those lost to the Signer War that has literally brought Hell on Earth.

An AU story in which Yusei, Crow and those we come to know as Dark Signers have joined as an underground organization in Satellite named Dark Phoenix. Yusei is assigned a mission to head into Neo-Domino in order to eliminate a threat to everyone known as the Black Rose Witch. Meanwhile, across the water that separates the two lands, Jack Atlus and Rex Godwin assess what their next move is to combat the rouges in Satellite and bring an end to the incident plaguing the City known as Crimson Flood. Title pending.

The best way to describe it is a mixture of Wheelie Breakers with a hint of Grand Theft Auto and/or Midnight Club. Yusei, Jack, Crow and Kiryu use the sport of underground D-Wheel racing, cards and other 'goods' to get by in Satellite. Conducting their business under the noses of Security, the night-life of Satellite can get very interesting.

5DX, AU. In a battle of resistance against authority, an era of mecha battles is born. Yusei, Aki, Ruka, Rua, Bruno, Himuro and Yanagi are members of Divine's resistance group as they fight against the oppression forced over Neo-Domino and Satellite. On the opposite side, Jack prepares himself for the toughest battle he will face in Yusei before things spiral into unknown territory.

Alternative continuation from Episode 57. When Yusei plummets to Hell, he finds there's more to him than he knew. One wish turns horribly wrong when the Yusei that rises from Hell isn't the one that fell. Jack has to rally the Signers to take on the remaining Earthbound Gods, not knowing that one is a fresh face from Hell. One he knows well.

When she returned from the Spirit World, Ruka was snatched by the Arcadia Movement, moulded into what they wanted her to become. A scarred Rua lives through the next eight years of his life desperate to find his sister. One incident could bring them together and blow apart the world he knows. For Ruka, protected by Aki, it could just be the beginning.

Black Rose
Set in the PS2 game, Duellists of the Roses. Yusei is called back in time to help with an ancient war happening once his potential is seen from the era. Aki, however, also winds up taken back and enlisted by Seto/Rosenkrauz, who convinces her that Yugi/Henry has taken Yusei capture. What neither Signer knows is the other is fighting for the sake of the future as well as their separated friend.

5DX. Following the defeat of Paradox, a small group depending on his victory travel back to face those responsible for ending any hope of their world recovering from its wretched fate. Higher powers call upon Yugi and Judai to travel forward and help the Signers as they face the next challenge in the form of buried demons and duellists lost in the future of destruction, each driven by the same motive as their mentor and determined to do right by their own world.

Above Neo-Domino, the Ark Cradle collapses with Z-ONE and Yusei aboard; keeping either from escaping. The remaining Signers have to pick up the pieces without their spiritual leader, but soon learn there is an outside chance of getting Yusei back. With Bruno's knowledge and Sherry back on side, the Signers aim to break through the impossible and find their friend before he caves into a darkness Z-ONE warns will consume him.

AU. When Yusei fails to go against his heart, it costs him his life. Devastated, Antinomy understands what it is he's done and vows to inherit Yusei's will. Bruno goes to confront Zone with the intention of finding any way of saving Yusei's soul and his future-world friend at the same time. At the same time, Jack and the Signers draw nearer, unaware of what truth lies ahead of them.

Those Left Behind
Zero Reverse. Arcadia. The future. They all share one thing at the core of their story: the destruction of lives, those torn away and those left behind to pick up the pieces. The unexplored side of those who lived and stayed on Earth and those buried to pass on without final wishes. Title pending.

Magical Whip Girl Pretty Lotten-Chan
The strange world where Lotten is secretly a Magical Whip Girl, sworn to protect Cracktown. With an arranged marriage between her and Barbara is in the works, Lotten-Chan's world is flipped upside down. Yusei and Kiryu's pasts are unearthed and catches Lotten-Chan in the middle of it all while a more sinister threat is working behind the curtain, ready to destroy everything.

Untitled Plots

Instead of Martha, Godwin finds Yusei in the ruins of Zero Reverse and takes him in as his own. As Daedalus grows, Yusei begins to learn about his new father and as they ride into Neo-Domino over air, mysteries become clearer and a new story unfolds. Jack remains the only Signer in Satellite, clueless about what Godwin has planned for him, and how the informed Yusei is the key to getting him onside.

Ichisan's attempt of recruiting Yusei via kidnapping succeeds and across the past year, Team 5D's have been working on picking themselves up before the WRGP. Bruno stands in the empty space and Aki is haunted by the blonde woman who appeared the day Yusei vanished. When the WRGP starts, they're stunned to learn their friend is with another team, and doesn't remember what they've been through, but has twisted memories about the Fortune Cup.

AU, influenced by 07-Ghost. After years of searching, Yusei and Jack find the legendary Z-ONE, where they learn life inside is quite idyllic. There are others searching for the area, those who are still hunting the two after the destruction of Satellite, determined to get the secret they're holding without even realising. As they adjust to their new lives, Yusei and Jack catch the attention of people around them; both ally and foe, while Placido theorises Yusei may have a link with the God worshipped in the closed community.

5000 years prior to the present day, five Signers existed under Gods in Peru, bearing the same Birthmarks as those passed down. With living dragons, Earthbound demons and the Dragon Star all around them, the everyday lives of the original Signers are coming to an end and the world's fate will begin.

For decades; Zone, Antinomy, Paradox and Aporia lived through a world with nothing. There was no future, but they continued to live, for the sake of mankind, working together to find a solution to their misery and fix what went wrong. It wasn't an idea that came overnight, there were years of lonely friendships to endure.

Post-Ark Cradle. Moving on from the terrifying truth of the future isn't easy when you've aided it to come about. The Signers struggle to adjust to everyday life after the completion of the World Riding Grand Prix and to move on with friends left behind in the shadows of Yliaster.

WIP oneshots: Kiryuu (Yuusei / Jack / Crow) - Jack and Crow struggle to deal with the pieces that are left after Kiryuu is arrested.
Glint in the Shadows (Aki) - She claims to be fine, but Izayoi Aki still fears the haunting past that stalk her every move.
Judgement of Supay (Carly) - Misty said she was dead, she said she was alive. As a reporter, she would have sought out answers for the thrill of it, now it's just to know who she was.
My Sanctuary (Crow) - Fridges just come easily to Crow; a childhood memory reminds him how safe they are.
Dormant (Yusei / Ruka) - She had no idea they were harbouring these strange marks; neither did he, but he seems far more comfortable.
Serenity (Rally / Saiga / Crow) - While their friend lays with an uncertain future, all they can do is wait. Rally struggles to see just how you can be so calm when your friend's life could be slipping away.
This World of Speed (Yusei / Sherry) - Sherry said she understood him, but part of him wasn't understanding himself. This woman... this majestic lady who showed up to save him. What is it about her that attracts him?
True King (Jack) - So he isn't the same person he once was; did that make him any less of the Jack Atlus he knew? There's only one way to find out.
Daedalus (Godwin) - Handed a massive responsibility, Rex Godwin knows he can't fulfil the promise to his brother in Satellite; he needs to escape and find someone.
Guardian (Crow / Martha) - Taking care of kids was never easy; to begin with, it was hell.
Leap of Faith (Yusei) - On the outside, he was calm. On the inside, he fears the worst. But he has to keep pushing; for some reason, it was he who had been put in the best position to flee Satellite.
Continued World (Yusei / Jack / Rua) - Following Ruka's death, the Signers are left devastated. None more than a young boy who's lost half of himself.
Deliverance (Martha / Yusei / Jack / Crow) - Telling them was never going to be easy. Some took the news better than others.
Scenic Route (Jack / Carly) - Jack finally confesses to Carly the lost feelings he still holds. There's two problems; Mikage and Stephanie. Through a crazy plan that drags Yusei and Bruno into the mix, the pair plan to get the two a man of their own.
Treasure (Sherry / Mizoguchi) - She was just a small girl and he was the butler charged with her life. How are you supposed to take a child across the world just to save her life and earn her trust?
Curse (Rua / Ruka) - Ruka falls ill every winter, Rua can only watch as his sister endures the same horrendous pain while feeling nothing himself. Not entirely true; he does suffer one kind of pain.
Vestige (Yusei / Hakase) - Inspired by Hakase Fudou's "FREEDOM". He hadn't felt the same since falling into Old Momentum. Placido believes he knows why.
Revival/Legacy (ZONE) - Companionfic to Disaster Zone. No-one would stand up to the Machine Emperors; he didn't need to exist if it meant someone greater could.
Peace Offering (Stardust / Red Demons) - Gift for Red Demons Dragon. Ruka told Ancient Fairy Dragon of these; maybe they would be the key to getting closer.
Mirai (Yusei / Jack / Aki / Crow / Rua / Ruka) - Riding out into the future, Team 5D's begin their separate futures.

(Rua) After an argument with Ruka, Rua learns that taking one wrong turn leads to disaster.
(Aki) Getting back to school isn't easy when you've no confidence and filled with anxiety.
(Ruka) Even after getting back to the real world, Ruka wasn't home. She wanted to just be with her brother again.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 38 - Words: 399,587 - Reviews: 109 - Favs: 73 - Follows: 58 - Updated: 4/23/2015 - Published: 9/30/2008 - Yūsei F., Jack A.
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hiatus — Post 5D's, our retired protagonists share an apartment. And wreak havoc. What else is new? —5DX(al)
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SPOILERS for 145! Caught between misery and anger, Yusei must move forward. Death is certain in this approaching war, but he has no choice but to face it. Struggling with himself has never been so difficult, or so literal. What are Zone's true intentions?
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Sutādasuto Accelerator reviews
Rena awakens in Satellite with no memory of who she is. Sticking close to Yusei, the journey to uncover the past and follow the unknown Signer into Neo-Domino City unfolds. Then the adventure really begins. Based on Stardust Accelerator, Rena's backstory revealed.
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 31 - Words: 320,153 - Reviews: 169 - Favs: 140 - Follows: 95 - Updated: 9/27/2012 - Published: 6/4/2009 - Yūsei F.
Fractured Bonds reviews
Alone in this cruel world. A world not whole, the remnants of that place loved slowly fade beneath the chaos that has engulfed everything. A world shattered; the shadow of a Signer still wanders amongst the darkness. AU following Episode 58. Chapter 1 revised.
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,419 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 8/20/2012 - Published: 6/24/2011 - Ruka/Luna, Jack A.
Overcast Dusk reviews
Fate has turned its back on us. We, those captive to the war, will sink beneath the rocky landscape of this wretched place. Friends… are we to grasp each other's shoulders until sunlight pours on us again? Spoilers for Crashtown Arc.
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Rated: T - English - Angst/Friendship - Chapters: 4 - Words: 22,690 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 6/23/2012 - Published: 12/11/2009 - Yūsei F., Kiryū K.
Crimson reviews
AU. Yuusei is part of an underground group named Dark Phoenix, assassinating those Neo-Domino refuses to deal with. Something isn't right within him; he can't see it, but his friends can. The Black Rose Witch is about to learn.
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