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Hello all!

My name is Katherine Anne! but you can all call me Anne! I live in england and I am a professional writer. If you would like me to review your works simply ask me and I will! I always give out CONSTRUCTIVEcritasism...( I also don't spell very well...) People have been saing that I insulted this one girl (i did...I feel so bad for it too...:P) so just to make people stop saying that I said I wont insult them I am writing this...If i do insult you sorry in advance! I teach collag students and they seem to be failing more and more often and if they fail I fail as there teacher... and then I go home to my little flat and there is no one there except my cat Luna (and my new cat felix!!) I have no family (I am an orphan) and I have no boyfriend...I think I will end up old and alone...so tragic...so that makes me even more depressed...and then I get mad...no Idea why...So my witts slip and I snap..I go off insulting people and feel so vexed afterwards...So I am sorry in advance so pleas do not take me seriously if I insult you...just say she is phyco and needs to be put into a happy home... :) that works FINE with me! I I'm 23 this October! I am blonde but im still quite smart :) I also review songs or poems so If you have any you may e-mail me at perfectlyimperfect6308@gmail.com Well my poppits..that all I have to say... :) pip pip cheerio and what not!

Also I write my own works...sorry...oh well! my book is called Perfectly Imperfect...It's About a Girl named Anne (NO NOT ME) and a lad named Adam so if I post them do read them! :) tootles! ~yours sincearly Anne


Anne sat at her window gazing out at the hazey fall night below her. She was lonley, here in this big city, all the strangers and places she did not know about. It was so different from her little home back in the country. A sharp pang arrived in Annes stomach, Jamie was the only home condolance she had...And she would hardly concider her a person of sympathy. Anne felt like crying but for some odd reason she just wasn't able to. ' All I want is to be back home...but I cant quit now. Not that I just got here. Mother and Father would be so dissapointed' Thought anne drearily 'OHHHH if only I had made up with Adam! I could talk to him...but I don't think he even wants to look at me after what happened at home...' Anne heard a slight rap at her door. She went to answer it and to her surprise it was Tarah. "Tarah!" shouted Anne with a huge smile on her face. She flung her arms around the tall black haired girl who she knew from ever so long ago. "what on earth are you doing here?" Said Anne as she looked into Tarah's eyes. " I came to see my best friend of course!" said Tarah cheerfully "what didn't you think I was going to see you? We are class mates you know!" Anne just stood there so happily that she saw a familliar face "I never thought your parents would let you come! Oh it's so wonder ful to see your face! I was near to tears befor you came! I was so lonley I couldn't bare it! But this is certainly something I did not expect!" Said anne truley dumbfounded. "What are you hear for?" " I am here for art ofcourse. And what are you here for?" "Piano" Replyed Anne "boarding school is going to be so much fun with you here!" Said Tarah with a sigh

Ok so thats all I have time to write! please E-mail me! Also I have a pattent on my book so don't try to stal it!!

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