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Name: xoxoleesh but you can call me leesh/leeshy (used to be lovelovelove-TS)

Location: Canada

Age: Teenage Angst Years

Current Song: Every Love And Theft Song. Actually, just Love And Theft in general!! EVERYONE GO CHECK THEM OUT!!


These two girls are pretty cool :)

Moliver / JayBeeBay - also known as my big sis :)

turnupthemusic-x / itsmeJADEY - also known as my lil big sis :)

i kinda sorta really love these girls to death :)


My Youtube Channel - IT'S MAGICAL!!


I'm a very random person.


I am so obsessed with Taylor Swift - its getting kinda creepy

I wear way too many bracelets

I'm constantly on the computer - It is my life

My three materialistic must haves are - my phone, my computer and wireless internet

I would be nowhere in life without my bestest friends ever!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

I love to travel

I am always on a plane - AT LEAST 4 times a month!


I'm the kind of girl who is most likely going to fall AT LEAST 5 times a day

I'm love sappy, romantic things (what can i say - I'm a chick)

I feel that any genre of music can fit any type of mood you're in. For me - any taylor swift song usually does the trick!

I read other people's profiles on Fanfic just to find stuff to copy and paste into mine!

My room is constantly messy

I have waaaay too much stuff

I'm obsessed with having pictures of me, friends and family all over my room. Without them - it's not my room

My security blanket is my Taylor Swift pillow.

The song used to describe me currently is Don't You Know You're Beautiful - Kellie Pickler

The song used to describe the relationship between me and my mom is The Best Day - Taylor Swift

I can't do anything without music on

I always have my guitar with me

If a music video for one of my favourite songs is terrible - i will not be able to listen to that song the same way again!

I am currently going through my "gangsta" phase. This includes my dog tags and my trucker hat! lol

I am on honest person. You ask me a question, i'm not going to lie to you. If you ask me if i think you look fat, brace yourself for the truth cuz i will give it to you

My room is waaaaaaaaay too small therefore with the amount of stuff in it, i have about 1 foot of actual clear space

I love to watch soap operas

I just randomly quote movies/tv shows 24/7

All of my inside jokes with my friends are from Kristen Wiig skits from Saturday Night Live

I write songs

I am obsessed with Apple (the company not the fruit)

I collect build a bears (currently i have 47)

I can't go 1 hour without looking in a mirror (wow that sounds terrible)

I love people who are down to earth

I love simple things

I can't say one sentence without saying the words "like," "so," or "um"

My room is my sanctuary

I am not patient - I once organized my closet by taking pictures of all my clothes so then to find an outfit, i would just look through the pictures (kind of like cher's closet form clueless minus the computer and the spinning racks) however, i soon gave it up because i didn't have the patience to keep up with having to take pictured of every new article of clothing.

I'm obsessed with buying apps from itunes for my phone and ipod!

March 14th, 2009 was one of the best days of my life!

March 16th, 2009 will go down in history as the best morning of my life!

September 6th, 2009 was also one of the best nights of my life!

Facebook just brings way too much drama. No matter how much you hate someone, you never solve it by making a hate group on facebook. It doesn't solve anything!

Gage Mackay is my hero. I love you Gage!

Jenessa "Boey" Byers is my other hero. RIP Boey

I never clean my room

I can't go 24 hours without reading at least FIVE fanfic stories

JULY 28, 2009 will be one of the greatest times of my life! - BRACES COME OFF!

I would like to thank Byran Adams for making me realizing my dream of wanting to sing on stage in front of millions of people! He is responsible for March 14 being the best night of my life!

I am obsessed with Ellen Degeneres

My favourite sports teams are the Harlem Globetrotters and the Boston Red Sox

I stayed up ALL night reading fanfiction stories when i first discovered it last year

I think Friends is the greatest TV show ever made! I hate Seinfeld

I am a hypocrite. i used to always say that i would never let ANYBODY sign my phone or ipod (not even taylor! :o) but that changed the day i hung out with the best band in the whole universe! yes the universe. and Taylor has now signed my phone... i also used to always make fun of people who cried when meeting celebs (THEY'RE JUST REGULAR PEOPLE!!) but then i met taylor and cried... twice. ha!

I'm going to stop rambling now - i have run out of things to say (for now at least)

Favourite TV Shows: Ruby And The Rockits, 10 Things I Hate About You, Make It Or Break It, SNL, The Latest Buzz, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, General Hospital, Life With Derek, WOWP, Hannah Montana, Moment of Truth, 90210, Privileged, Instant Beauty Pageant, The Ellen Degeneres Show, S Club 7 in LA, Flight 29 Down, The Secret Life of The American Teenager, FRIENDS!, Two/Men, Gilmore Girls, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/On Deck, My Super Sweet Sixteen, My Super Sweet Sixteen Exiled, iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Degrassi: TNG, Pageant Place, Punk'd, The Real World, The Simple Life, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Top This Party, Unfabulous, Instant Star, CSI (only the episode with Taylor Swift in it! lol)

Favourite Movies: A Cinderella Story, Valentine's Day, School of Rock, The Bring It On Series, Love Don't Cost A Thing, Wild Child, Josie and the Pussycats, Camp Rock, HM: The movie. those are my current ones.

Favourite Singers/Bands: TAYLOR SWIFT!! (she's the only one that deserves bold!), LOVE AND THEFT!!GLORIANA! (i'm weirdly into country these days) BRYAN ADAMS, Cobra Starship, Forever the Sickest Kids, All Time Low, You Me At Six, Cassie Steele, Honor Society (i believe they're the next JB with talent. sry jb fans) Cheyenne Kimball, The Veronicas, Kate Voegele, OAR, Nickelback, Shawn Butler!, Kris Allen

Favourite Actors/Actresses: don't really have any. i do have my opinions of ppl but not really any faves. altho if one of my fave tv shows or movies is on, i will most likely say omg i love them about everyone on the screen. mostly i love hot guys. but then again, what girl doesnt?

Favourite Celeb Couples: I don't really care, as long as they are happy but i prefer, niley, nelena, jaylor, jemi, kashley, zanessa, Taylor Swift and whoever Drew is. And Ellen and Portia RULE!!

Favourite On-Screen Couples: Smitchie, Dasey, Liswin, Sam/Emily, Roah (Noah/Rebecca from The Latest Buzz) Cher and Josh from Clueless, Gordo/Lizzie, jiley, jake/addie, carly/freddie, nancy/ned, landon/jamie elle/emmett (both from the movie and the musical!) - theres more but its basically the couple from my fave movies and tv shows

Favourite Celebs: ELLEN DEGENERES! Paris Hilton (She's so pathetic that i love her), LC, Ryan Sheckler, Miss Teen South Carolina - there's more just can't think who right now

Favourite Quotes:

I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so because some-a people out there in our nation don't have maps and I believe that our education like such as South Africa and Iraq and everywhere like such as and I believe that they should our education over here in the US should help the US or should South Africa and should help the Iraq and The Asian Countries so we will be able to build up our future for our children. - Miss Teen South Carolina

There's an old saying in Tennessee, I know it's in Texas, probably Tennessee, that says 'Fool me once pause, shame on…shame on you. Long pause Fool me. Pause You can't get fooled again'. - George W. Bush

Oh and can you make me a birdhouse? - Kevin Jonas in Camp Rock

These things will change, can you feel it now, these walls that they put up to keep us back will fall down. It's a revolution, our time will come to finally win! We sing hallelujah, we'll sing hallelujah ooohh! - Taylor Swift

That's Hot - Paris Hilton

She said ASAP! - Role Models

Congratulations! You just made an idiot out of yourself in 3 different languages! - Role Models

I Said We! - Kristen Wiig SNL Skit

We have a lot of cherclates for the herlidays - Kristen Wiig SNL Skit

Fearless means having fears but jumping anyways - Taylor Swift

We're not going to stop due to acceleration! - Jessie (i love you girl!)

SETH MEYERS: Listen, I'm really sorry for what you've been through.

LARRY THE GOOSE: No, you're not. And let's stop pretending why we don't know this tragedy hasn't received more coverage in the American press.

SETH MEYERS: You mean the fact that all the people lived and only two birds died?

LARRY THE GOOSE: No! Because we're Canadians. You and I both know that's what this is really aboot!




Rachel: ...How many centimeters am I dilated? Eight? Nine?
Dr Long: Three.
Ross: Just three? I'm dilated three!

Chandler: ... And I'm not sure about this actor guy, because when he left a message and he heard my name "Chandler Bing," he said "Woah! Short Message!"

Chandler: Well, if I were a guy...
Everyone stares at him.
Chandler: Wait, did I just say "If I were a guy"?

Ross: Hypothetically speaking...
Joey: Wait. You lost me.

Gene: You put this in your coffee.
Joey: A spoon! Your hands! Your face!
Gene: It's white.
Joey: Paper! Snow! A ghost!
Gene: It's heavier than milk.
Joey: A rock! A dog! The earth!
Gene: Pass!

Chandler: Wow, so tonight might be the night. You nervous?
Joey: Nah. This is the part I'm actually good at.
Chandler: What must it be like not to be crippled by fear and self-loathing?
Joey: It's okay!

Rachel: Is the window open? Because if the window's open, a bird could fly in there and...
Ross: Oh my God, you know what, I think you're right! I think, you know what, listen, listen... a pigeon... no, no, wait, an eagle flew in, landed on the stove, and caught fire! The baby, seeing this, jumps across the apartment to the mighty bird's aid! The eagle, however, misconstrues this as an act of aggression, and grabs the baby in it's talon! Meanwhile, the faucet fills the apartment with water! Baby and bird, still ablaze, are locked in a death-grip, swirling around the whirlpool that fills the apartment!
Rachel: Boy are you gonna be sorry if that's true..

Rachel: Oh no! What if she jumps out of the crib!
Ross: Can't hold her own head up, but yeah, jumped.
Rachel: Oh my God! I left the water running!
Ross: Rachel, relax. You did not leave the faucet running.
Rachel: Did I leave the stove on?
Ross: You haven't cooked since 1996!

Joey: In my spare time, I, uh, read to the blind. And I'm also a mento for kids.
Interviewer: A "mento"?
Joey: You know, a mento. A role model.
Interviewer: A men…to.
Joey: Right.
Interviewer: Like the candy?
Joey: As a matter of fact, I do.

Phoebe: P as in phoebe, h as in heebie, o as in obie, e as in ebie, b as in beebee, e as in ello there matey!

Phoebe: Dammit woman, pull yourself together! Have some pride for the love of god!

Joey: Fine, all right, I'll do it. But, hey! You guys have to be at the next table so you can stop me if I, you know, start to say someting stupid!
Ross: Just then, or-or all the time, 'cause… we have jobs, you know.

Trudie Styler: Look, I've just pressed a button triggering a silent alarm. Any minute now, the police will be here.
Phoebe: The Police, here? A reunion?

Phoebe: Yes, you can. Sting says so himself.
Ross: What?
Phoebe: singing to "Roxanne" Ross can!
Ross: Look, Phoebe, I'm sorry. It's just—
Phoebe: singing ROSS CAN!
Ross: Phoebe, I—

Rachel: Listen, y’know what, sir? For the last time, I don’t care what the computer says, we did not take a bag of Mashuga nuts from the mini-bar and we did not watch Dr. Do-Me-A-Little!
Joey: arriving Hey!
Phoebe: Oh! Joey, were you in our room last night?
Joey: No. Phoebe gives the bill to Joey. Joey turns to the concierge. I was told the name of the movie would not appear on the bill!

Phoebe: Neslay Toulouse.
Monica: Nestle Toll House?
Phoebe: You Americans always butcher the French language.

HEY STEPHEN, I am feeling FEARLESS today so i just wanted to say YOU BELONG WITH ME. I have loved you since I was FIFTEEN. I have always dreamed that we would have the perfect LOVE STORY where you would sweep me off my feet and we would ride off into the night on your WHITE HORSE and be together for FOREVER & ALWAYS. That would be THE BEST DAY of my life because that's THE WAY I LOVED YOU. Without you, I can't BREATHE so TELL ME WHY! You keep making the same mistakes and YOU'RE NOT SORRY but don't worry things will CHANGE!


Are you OVER ME NOW because YOU SAID It's TIME TO LET ME GO so IF YOU'RE LEAVIN' then don't LEAD ME ON just tell me HOW FAR DO YOU WANNA GO cause you got me runnin' baby WILD AT HEART but ain't that THE WAY IT GOES? but if you CHANGE YOUR MIND, just say COME AND SAVE ME. I'm holding onto ALL THE THINGS THAT MEAN THE MOST and I can't CRY ON COMMAND, i couldn't EVEN IF I WANTED TO. oh and one more thing. I love you!


Why do we go DANCING IN CIRCLES in this WORLD WIDE OPEN. Please just SLOW DOWN because i'm still LEARNING TO FALL. but IF I'M FALLIN then please DON'T WAKE ME. i'll be your RUNAWAY but just know that you CAN'T GO BACK if you're drowning in life. IT'S UP TO YOU if you want to give me FREEDOM but just know that i'm no ME WITHOUT YOU and i'm so glad my love that i have YOU TO MISS!!


¨°º¤ø„¸Taylor Swift ¸„ø¤º°¨
¸„ø¤º°¸„ø¤º °º¤ø„¸º¤

•.¸(•.¸ ¸.•´)¸.•´
«´¨ Taylor Swift! ´¨» •.¸(•.¸ ¸.•´)¸.•´
«´¨ Taylor Swift! ´¨» •.¸(•.¸ ¸.•´)¸.•´
«´¨ Taylor Swift! ´¨» •.¸(•.¸ ¸.•´)¸.•´
«´¨ Taylor Swift! ´¨» •.¸(•.¸ ¸.•´)¸.•´
«´¨ Taylor Swift! ´¨»




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Misc. Movies - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,447 - Reviews: 62 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 8/16/2003 - Published: 6/22/2003 - Complete
Perfection reviews
Writing in the person you love's yearbook is much harder than you think. It needs to be perfect. XxSmitchiexX
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