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I'm afraid there's not much to say about myself right now, I'm simply using this page to put up more information on my current projects.

Table of Contents:

1. update on current projects

2. info on Delta Arc for new readers

1. Current Projects

June 23rd, 2009: well, after months and months of planning, my latest story is finally ready to start getting off the ground. I have been somewhat busy, but the main reason for the huge delay has been an almost endless number of writing setbacks:

-first was my attempt to write a spinoff story/prequel to Delta Arc. It ended up being quite boring and didn’t relate much to the overall plot so I scrapped the whole thing in spite of having wrote a couple of chapters.

- secondly, the story that I’m currently planning/beginning to write takes place between my last story and the story that I originally intended to write as the sequel: the idea for this story came to me as I was planning my first idea for the sequel. At first I didn’t think about it too seriously, feeling that it was just a diversion from the real story, but as time went on I realized how I could work in concepts and plot points that would have been agonizing to exposit in the setting of the next sequel. This current project will also have a much broader appeal to the Sonic fanbase and will make the transition to the sequel much, much easier.

- third I had difficulty writing the prologue to the story because I was desperate to connect it to my previous story right away. However, when the prologue was quite boring and reaching the length of five chapters (in spite of revealing very little information), I decided to scrap it and start the story in a way that will appeal to viewers who haven’t read my previous work.

I hope to have the new story completed before the summer ends. I know it’s been an eternity since I finished writing Delta Arc, but I’m trying to be methodical with this story and make sure that I don’t repeat my past mistakes. On that note, I'd like to officially declare that, in terms of demonstrating my ability as a writer, Delta Arc has more or less become obsolete. I was proud of it after I wrote it and I'm still (for the most part) proud of it now, but in hindsight I see plenty of glaring drawbacks that I didn't even consider as I was writing. The story was a mixed bag: some things it did excellently (in my opinion) and there were other aspects that I was completely ignorant of bringing out. So, if you're one of those super-critical reviewers out there, I'd like to ask that you spare my older story: it was my first try and I've learned much since then. I'm still keeping the story up for the sake of plot reference for when I upload the sequel. Btw, I intend to make the sequel a stand-alone story: if you haven't read Delta Arc you most likely will not need to read it in order to understand the sequel.

2. Info on Delta Arc for new readers.

Perhaps the most important thing that I can say about this fic is that it gets better as it goes along. It’s been about half a year since I finished Delta Arc and I admit that perhaps my biggest weakness in writing is my inability to write a gripping introduction. Chris Thorndyke is obviously not the best foot to start with, as I’m realizing now. Perhaps one day I’ll come back and rewrite the introduction as well as the rest of the story, but that would constitute a major rewrite that would likely restructure the chapters, which would be a rather large undertaking with FFnet's chapter system.

You don't have to continue reading this if you’ve already made it past the prologue and read a few chapters of the fic, but if you're not sure what to expect or if you don't know if it will be worth your time, I'd recommend you at least take a look at the key points that I've outlined bellow. After briefly listing each I’ll explain my reasoning behind them in greater detail.

i There are no fan characters.

ii There are no self-inserts

iii There will be no hybrids/children of existing characters

iv The story focuses on Sonic X, with some elements from Sonic 06, Sonic Rush/Rivals and the classic Sonic games thrown in.

v I’m neither a fan nor a hater of the above games/show, I’m just experimenting with what it’d be like if they were written differently (and hopefully better).

vi There is no blatant character bashing in my story

vii There won't be an over-abundance of humans and robots like there were in Sonic X.

viii Just to put your fears to rest, this is not a Chris story.

ix Princess Elise and the other Sonic 06 humans will not appear in this story.

x Some couples will be developed in this story, but they won’t dominate the plot

xi I’ve tried to focus on as many characters as I can without degrading the story quality

xii Most, if not all of the characters outside of the games/show mentioned in iv will not appear in this story (but that doesn’t rule them out for future stories!).

xiii Keeping characters in-character will be a major priority.

i. No Fan Characters:

this one should be obvious to most Sonic fanfic veterans. The Sonic community (and fan fictions in general) have become a laughing stock due to their many bad fan characters that have an insufferable urge to hijack the plot from the real stars. While good fan characters technically can exist, they’re generally not worth the trouble. The Sonic multiverse suffers from a severe excess of official characters (partially due to all of the games, shows and comics that have their own seperate casts of characters), so in most cases it’s unnecessary to pop in a new character when you can just blow the dust off of some older, underdeveloped official character who can fill the role just as well.

ii. No self-inserts

A self-insert is when an author sticks his or herself into their own story. Unless if you’re writing a comedy this is generally out-of-bounds. The self-insert character doesn’t necessarily have to have the author’s name to be a self-insert: they could also just be an anthropomorphized character that has a similar personality to the author. Roughly 99 of all self-inserts are mary-sues who exist solely to inflate the author’s ego (or point out their lack of understanding of how the fictional universes they’re dealing with work).

iii. No hybrid children of characters

This is another thing that tends to go hand in hand with fan characters, since most official Sonic characters don’t have any of their relatives make an appearance in-game. Plus, the Sonic universe makes repopulation difficult due to the innumerable amount of different species who would inevitably have to cross-breed with one another, which can lead to some wacky character designs. It’s a concept that’s best left unexplored. This rule also rules out magical fusions, which are admittedly far less common. A magical fusion would basically be like having Sonic and Shadow fuse together to form Shadic in order to have enough power to fight a new enemy. In my opinion it’s a silly concept that’s only resorted to when a writer can’t think of any other way for the heroes to defeat an enemy (or if it’s done solely because the author thinks it’s cool)

iv. Story focuses on Sonic X/Rush/06/Rivals

What this basically means is that the story as a whole takes place in the Sonic X universe. What made the Sonic X universe appealing to me was that it’s the only one with a semi-plausible explanation for how humans and Mobians (aka Sonic’s race) can exist in the same story. The games almost never address this and the Archie comic’s explanation falls a little short. As for Rush/06/Rivals, the beginning of the story is heavily based around the story of Silver’s life in the future and although it mainly follows the Sonic 06 story, it also incorporates some details from Rush and Rivals (such as background information that those games provide on Blaze and Eggman Nega). Delta Arc eventually transitions into a more unique storyline that doesn’t borrow from any specific game. I’ve also included some nods to the classic Sonic games because, in spite of lacking some depth in their stories, they were definitely the embodiment of Sonic at his prime and deserve recognition, no matter what the Sonic story in question is about or where it takes place.

v. I don’t like or dislike Sonic X/Rush/06/Rivals

I’d put plenty of emphasis on the “don’t like” part for Sonic X. Even after disregarding the embarrassing English dub, Sonic X was still a rather mediocre show even in Japanese. It did have some good points, but I really only chose it for two reasons: 1. because its loosely told (but not outright ridiculous) story made it easiest to adapt into a fanfic and 2. it’s the Sonic franchise that leaves the most room for improvement. Even if I wrote a mediocre Sonic X fanfic it would still stand a good chance of being superior to the original. Sonic Rush left a bit of a lukewarm impression on me, and I haven’t played 06 or Rivals (although I hear the former was God-awful and what I’ve seen of it has backed up this claim).

vi. No character bashing

In other words, trying to portray a character as stupid, mean or otherwise unpleasant when they’re not supposed to be written that way. Character bashing can also be when a disproportionate number of bad things happen to that character and no attempt is made by the author to make the situations seem humorous or to try to make the victimized character seem sympathetic. There’s really no two ways about this: it’s just immature story writing. The only characters that deserve hate are the ones that people are supposed to love to hate (i.e. most well-written villains). Even if you find a character annoying, the reason is usually due to poor writing on the part of the creators, rather than some inherent “badness” in the character itself. While maybe that last point is debatable by some, nonetheless character bashing is inexcusable. I’ll admit that there are some Sonic characters that I like more than others, but to be honest I don’t think there are any major ones that I can truly say that I dislike. I will say this: I do hate Cream’s voice. I don’t have a problem with the character, but Cream’s voice is probably the single thing that I hate most in the Sonic franchise (that may be subject to change).

vii. Won’t have too many humans or robots.

An annoying trend that I see many professional television and movie writers sink into is needlessly sticking humans into a story that’s not meant to have them in an attempt to draw in viewers. The results are usually the opposite. Most Sonic fans would agree with me that putting Chris into Sonic X was a major mistake on the writers’ part (even though I eventually learned to tolerate Chris, he wasn’t worth the heartache or the trouble in the long run). Sonic X is easily one of the worst offenders of this problem: in the first two seasons there were just as many humans as there were Mobians, and generally it was the humans who got most of the character development. I managed to solve the human problem in Delta Arc by trimming most of the Sonic X humans (such as Chris’ friends and family) and only keeping ones that had some role in the plot. Having too many robots can also be a problem in Sonic fics, particularly when too much attention is paid on Eggman’s various machines. In Sonic X they basically made a gimmick out of Eggman’s robots by having a flashy new one each week. In my opinion it’s much better to stick Eggman with a few signature, recurring robots alongside a bunch of indistinguishable drones. I personally prefer to keep the machine characters out of the way because, again, the mobians are usually meant to be the key attraction.

viii. This is not a Chris story

I don’t hate Chris like the vast majority of the Sonic fandom does. I do think he was misplaced in the Sonic X stories: he should’ve been a minor character who pops up now and then, acting as a sort of “diplomat” between Mobians and humans. Instead, Sonic X more or less turned him into the freaking star of the show and to boot he pretty much stole Tails’ role right out from under him. Chris was a bit unbearable when he was a needy youth, but he was actually kind of interesting when he became an adult (albeit an adult trapped in a child’s body). TMS (the makers of Sonic X) should’ve just introduced him as an adult from the get-go: have him be the nerdy scientist type who discovers Sonic and friends, perhaps offers them shelter and explains human culture to them but otherwise stays out of the way of most major plotlines and character development moments. In some ways that’s the role that I’ve relegated him to in my story: he is by no means a leading character, although he does play a pivotal role in a couple of the beginning chapters. Never fear, though, because out of the 45 chapters I’ve written, he only plays a noticeable role during two of them.

ix. No Elise or Sonic 06 humans

For one thing it would be virtually impossible to write the Soleanna civilization into the human world of Sonic X, since the story basically takes place in the future of our world. You’d need some major cultural shift in order for such a developed-yet-antiquated society to exist with such prominence. Also, I’ve seen many Sonic fans who’ve maligned the romance element between Sonic and Elise that was tacked on to the Sonic 06 videogame. While I’d like to keep an open mind about what sort of relationships can be portrayed in fictional media, that still doesn’t change the fact that Sonic and Elise’s relationship is problematic, both for its source material and whatever fanfic universes that it could be put into. I can’t say whether or not Elise will EVER appear in one of my future stories, but I would almost certainly end up nixing the romance element (or at the very least writing it very differently from how it was done in 06).

x. Couples won’t dominate the story

A major downfall of fan fiction in general is that so much of it is centered on romances, usually in fictional worlds where romance wasn’t a huge focus. While authors are free to write what they want, sometimes it can seem a little silly for someone like Sonic to be pondering his relationship problems instead of trying to take down a giant robot. At the same time, I don’t want to eliminate romantic elements from my writing because it would limit my range and furthermore the Sonic universe does have some romantic overtones to it (although they’re a lot more subtle than most fans would like, I’d wager). Typically, putting too much emphasis on romance can often lead to out-of-character moments because it inevitably begs questions such as “why aren’t they going on adventures?” or “why hasn’t Eggman or someone else tried to take over the world?”

xi. Focusing on other characters

I’ll admit that this wasn’t a huge priority to me, but it wasn’t something that I ignored either. Sometimes focusing on a particular character can be a good thing and sometimes it’s not. In the case of Sonic, you can only take so many fanfics that focus exclusively on one character before wondering what the other characters are up to in those stories. In the Sonic universe most major events tend to involve multiple characters, so they almost have to be assembled at some point (unless if you’re writing a really short story). Even worse is when authors try to focus on more than one character, but every event still seems to revolve around one character’s life. One example I can give would be stories about Cosmo (the Sonic X character) where everyone, even characters like Shadow and Dr. Eggman seem to base all of their actions around Cosmo or her relationship with Tails when in the Sonic X series there were plenty of characters who genuinely didn’t care about who Cosmo was or what she was doing.

xii. No outside characters

This is not an absolute policy for me, but generally I try to keep out characters that don’t need to show up. This means that Delta Arc, for the most part, has no one from Sonic Satam, Sonic Underground, Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog, the Fleetway Sonic comics or the Archie Sonic comics. In order to introduce characters from other universes I’d have to explain why they’re there as well as offer a plausible explanation as to why they never showed up or were alluded to in the Sonic X series. Only characters from Sonic X and the games will show up. Keep in mind this may not be true of future sequels to Delta Arc.

xiii. Keeping characters in-character

One of the reasons why I tend to stay away from most fanfics is the problem that many authors seem to have with the above. Now I’ll admit my characterizations are far from perfect, but it was one of my top priorities in writing this story because over my years of fanfic browsing, I still find it surprising how many fanfic authors don’t seem to put any thought into how they develop existing characters. Generally you can be flexible with most Sonic characters since their personalities aren’t terribly complicated (and Sega hasn’t always done the best job with writing them well or consistently), but there are some unbreakable rules that I see people breaking all the time in their stories. If you see Sonic obsessing over his romantic life, Amy being mean to everyone all the time for no reason, Knuckles frequently crying or Shadow palling around with the group with a smile on his face and not acting like an emotionally-dead husk of a hedgehog then you know something must be wrong.

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