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Hi for those board out of mind web surfers who are reading a profile with no stories attach congratulations! you have qualified to receive a big metal for procrastination. Don't worry I'll give it to you eventually...

Only 3 Novels Exist

A curious thing known as fanfiction

The point of which outsiders fail to see

To read often rather poor diction

An writing in turn for others like me

Yet we type in this ritual of procrastination

All homework forgot

And we wonder why we in this fine nation

We can not write for not

It is a curious fate to find find such a site

2/3 pain yet 3/3 bliss

To know in the millions of our literature might

That only 3 decent novel exist

- By Valid User Name

At the Edge of the Night

Amidst the flaring skyscraper lights

Near the laughter burning tongues bright

Close to the flicker of thoughtlessness and mortal delights

This arrogance at their pretty flares comes steadily the cold

Its wind harsher than a whistle

Its breath putrid mold

A slimy thing forming in a thousand shapes

Hideous apathy, and human nature our its roots

A deathly thing conceived in sin

And the dredged fear still out of sights

Hidden for now in at the edge of the night

O how convinced we hold ourselves

How we slouch at ease open upon our thrones

Over confident of our power as the world groans

Sleeping as the boat breaks

Everything will be well

We shall only know the truth when earth meets hell

- By Valid User Name

I was Serious about the Homework Thing - A Poem for Mother's Day

There is many a job difficult in this world

Soldier, President, garbage man, lawyer to name a few

Yet I haven’t seen a more strenuous one than the task that occupies you

A pile of laundry rises higher than any mound of paperwork could stack

And a chauffeur has no means to complain for you out drive him there and back

A professional speaker must stare abashed as your voice carries over for dinner

And as far as school teachers go not one can reconcile so well than with a child sinner

In short motherhood is a difficult thing in which appreciation is always in sacristy and lack

But one day of the year, why isn’t it more? We celebrate their resourcefulness and tack

We hail all mothers and we praise you on this time where rest you can afford

Now please Mommy dearest can you find my homework I left it somewhere between here, my closet and that paper hoard.

- By Valid User Name

Ok about me!

I am in fact a human (Sorry Twilight fans)

I can read!

I can Type

I do have access to a computer. (bet you would have never guess that)

my age is between 1 month and 1 millennium (between you and me its closer to 1 month)

I live somewhere in the Milky Way

Thats all you really need to know. So get out of here and enjoy the website I assure you this will remain the same for at least 3 minutes.

Since I don't have any stories the chances are you got to this web page through my sisters account but on the case that you randomly typed Check out my little sis's page Lighting Rain

So that's it if you are still there I advise you to listen (read, whatever) to the paragraph two spaces up.

To the one individual who voted "I hope your happy, this webpage has cause me to throw up on my brand new laptop!" I will of course graciously supply you with a new one after giving me your

Name, Date, Age, Birthday, Phone number, address, E-mail, credit cards, social security number, family dog, number of seconds alive, bank accounts ,collage degree, Ipod, friends, future happiness, freedom, hopes, dreams, old laptop, wealth, green cheese, homework, time, car, finances, health, pet gold fish, house, stinky socks, ideas, cat, keyboard, mouse, games, and lots of chololate.


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If the Foundations Be Destroyed by alice chess reviews
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Tyrant by Minstrel Knight reviews
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He was my king by Ketch117 reviews
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