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Um... Hello...! Welcome to my Fanfiction web page..!
I want to say:Thank you so much for coming and viewing my page, I'm really much happy! Um, anyways!

Um, there is a bit of a detail to say before I actually go on and on with things... But let's just start with the profile, shall we?

(Pardon me but please, I will kindly ask you, do not take my edit avatar of Prince Marth Lowell... To you, those that think it is nothing special or big deal to you, but to me; it does... Mind you! So please, I will kindly ask you do not take it... A dear friend made it for me... Thank you!)

~ My Profile Web Page! ~

My Username:
My username that I choose is Prince Marth-Sama. Because I love Marth from Fire Emblem!

My Real Name is:
Well... If you wish to know me better, I suppose you send me a private message to talk in another website, all right?

My Personal About Myself:
I... Shall not want to say anything about it here... I am so sorry...

There are much I want you to know in personal time, I'm afraid...

Yaoi story much! Like about IkexMarth!


I will not hate often just to let you know.

My Looks in RL:
I have black short hair, a little pale color, little short (As others keep saying... I believe.) and Brown eye color! Another fact, I am a male! Do not think of me as soo much feminine, please!

~ That is all I want to say about me! ~

~ (On The Bottom!) My listing of Favorite Character(s) couples! ~
- - -

:Straight Couples:
Captain FalconxSamus (From SSBB/SSBM)

:Yaoi Couples:
IkexMarth (From SSBB - Yaoi)
LinkxPit (From SSBB As Well - Yaoi)
Meta KnightxKirby (From SSBB - Yaoi)

:Yuri Couples:

(That's all for I can list right now.)

~ Update Message/Post ~

1/09/09 - Hello! This is Prince Marth-Sama speaking! (Well, actually, this is posting.) I apologize if I took so long to update my new chapter for the "Can't Go On Without You". Apparently, I had some un-attended busniess on the other site and well, I could not able to feel any better due by its users... Well, anyways. I am hoping to make the new chapter in this time of the week, if I do. If not, then I might discontinue it for now, I suppose. Oh, um... Yes, as if you can read and know about this; I am having a little emotion problems due by someone that I am currently friend-ed with some female user I know, which my father is giving me problems with to do... So I am not sure if I can make it or not... I apologize again.

Can't Go On Without You - Super Smash Brothers - T - Romance/General - Status: Working in Process
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