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Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since you've all last heard from me and I apologize! But I've got some great news for everyone. So, I've almost finished editing everything I wanted in Sakura's New Past. I am by no means done with everything, but I think I've almost gotten the fic to the point where it can stand on its own and doesn't overlapping plots. That being said, Sakura's New Future is close to its release date!! So here is my goals accordingly: I need to create Ch. 23 and edit the following chapter to allow the transition to appear smooth, and after that I will be releasing the long awaited sequel! I know its been almost a year since its completion, and I want to thank you all for being so patient! My goal is to have the New Past Ch. 23 out by maximum mid-November, and have the sequel posted by the time that December rolls around.

Other than that, I am making slow progress on Somewhere We Belong, and once I have completely finished editing Sakura's New Past I will revisit the TNO sequels.

P.S. The spoiler sequel I posted on my July Update will be taken down the same day that I post the new chapter. Keep in mind what I posted was only a rough version of the finished product, and it will not look the same once it is published.

And once again thank you to all my loyal fans and readers! Your patience is much appreciated!


I'm a little late but I promised to post a little spoiler preview of the current Sakura's New Future chapter in the works. I still don't have a definitive timeline on when I'll be posting it up, so please be patient with me!

Marika had waited in baited breath -along with everyone else in the Allied Forces, to hear back from Sakura's team -they had lost communication with them after Madara had been resurrected, and had to guess as to what was happening over there, although seeing Sakura's cherry blossom trees did much to give them hope that everything was alright.

Although it was a little more disconcerting when the cherry blossom trees had disappeared, they had continued their fight against the Zetsu clones -it would do them no good to assume why they had vanished, for they did not know if it was because Sakura had de-summoned them or because... well, she'd rather not think it.

But their battle had waged on for most of the day, and with the help of Sakura's cherry blossoms for the time that they had been up, the Konoha front had successfully repelled all of the Zetsu forces -and report on Mei's, Onoki's, and Gaara's fronts had come back in a similar fashion, although all of these fronts currently lacked their Kage to hold their own.

They had waited -rather impatiently, to hear back from the platoon that they had sent out to defeat Madara, and soon enough nighttime overtook them; and with its arrival so did Tsunade, with the news that Sakura's team would be making their way over there when they found themselves capable of doing so.

Marika and Daichi, among many others, namely Tsunade and the Rookie 12 that were within the army, did not get a wink of sleep, mainly staring over the horizon silently and hoping that everyone they had sent out into that battlefield would come back to them in one piece.

When dusk broke, Marika was trying her best to remain awake, but failing miserably -that is, until a night watch man, someone who she knew to be Kotetsu, had barged into her sleeping quarters, shared with Daichi. "We've spotted them!"

In an instance both had rushed to their feet and ran past Kotetsu, where a crowd was already gathering -apparently everyone had been alerted of their arrival, and Daichi and Himawari pushed themselves past the crowds to see the approaching figures before them -about ten in total.

The first people she spotted was Naruto, carrying the figure of Sakura (obviously still too exhausted to move), and beside them Kakashi and Sasuke, carrying between them one Uzumaki Nagato, his eyes bandaged.

Just behind them was Konan and Kisame, who had on his back Himawari. Although looking exhausted, she had this exuberant energy to her, even now (had any of them slept?)

And last but not least, were the figures of Sayuri and Hiroto, both leaning on each other as they walked forward.

Although filled with glee at seeing that everyone was alive and relatively okay, a frantic panic began to fill her being, she was also keenly aware of the fact that there were two figures missing from the dilapidated but victorious members of Team Sakura.

Where was Shisui?

And of Itachi?

The thought was pushed to the back of her mind for the time being, as she, Daichi, and Tsunade rushed forward to greet their shinobi.

"Sakura-chan!" Marika rushed first and foremost to her younger sister, as Naruto gently set her to her feet, even as he asked "Are you sure you can stand, Sakura-chan?"

No, she wasn't sure, but she didn't want to look entirely useless in front of her entire village -as such, she lied and confirmed that yes, she was sure, and allowed Naruto to put her on her feet. She took two steps and promptly fell right into Marika's arms, although Marika merely allowed Sakura to drag her slowly onto her knees. "I'm so glad you are all okay." Silent tears streamed down her cheeks. "I was so worried..." Truth be told, it was more worrisome knowing that her family was far away from her, fighting a legend, while she was elsewhere unable to help them.

"Gomen Marika-nee." Sakura smiled up at her, bringing up her hand to wipe away Marika's tears.

Marika merely shook her head vehemently, her eyes turning to examine the remaining shinobi -and with this, once more the realization that Shisui and Itachi were not among them crept up on her, and she turned to Sakura once more in a panic. "And of Itachi?" The inherent curiosity of Shisui's whereabouts were also there, but she knew she could not ask this out loud.

The tension had returned once more, and Sakura's eyes had grown weak and filled with turmoil, tears beginning to form at the corner of her eyes. In fact, she dare not give Marika a response as she looked down at the floor.

"Uchiha Itachi was killed in battle." Tsunade answered the question that Sakura could not answer, and it had brought on a surge of fear and panic within Marika, who turned to look from Tsunade back onto her younger sister.


The world around her seemed to spin out of control, as whispers from the shinobi behind them went up in rushed shocked -the Uchiha Itachi had been the only casualty in the war? Perhaps the strongest shinobi out of the bunch had been taken out? And if that had been the case, how had the rest of them survived?

And what did this mean of Shisui? She was almost too afraid to ask, but she did not want to put her sister's distraught state behind her own selfish desires. "Sakura-chan, I'm so sorry... I-" But she stopped herself -quite frankly, what could she say? Nothing she spoke would alleviate Sakura's torture right now.

"Don't worry about me, Marika-nee." Sakura had finally looked back up, wiping away the tears that had yet to spill from her eyes. "I'll be fine."

But Marika couldn't help but wonder how that could possibly be -no, there was no way she could be fine. Kami knew if she found out that Shisui hadn't made it back either- But as a matter of fact, if Shisui indeed had passed away, Marika would be an absolute wreck right now -so why was Sakura not in the same state? Was she simply putting up a front for all of her comrades to see? Or was there something more to the story?

Marika's eyes had turned from pained empathy to confusion, and Sakura could understand what she wanted to ask, but felt obviously too uncomfortable to do so. Either way, Sakura had brought Marika closer into an embrace, her lips brushing lightly against her older sister's ear. "Play along. They're fine." Sakura explained dutifully, knowing fully well what was eating away at Marika, despite her not even asking on Shisui's behalf.

They had pulled away for several seconds, and although Marika looked on with a renewed expression of confusion, she turned to look at Sasuke -who although worse for wear and clearly troubled, was not a distraught mess as she would expect one to be after finding out that their brother had died.

No -something was amiss.

And Sakura had said they expressly; she could only mean Shisui and Itachi, for they were the only ones they had not returned with. Before Marika could do anything else though, somebody behind her had cleared their throat, and Marika was forced to release Sakura and turn to stare at the towering figure of their Hokage. "I take it everything went well?"

The tension in the air was near suffocating, as everyone, included the hundreds of shinobi in the background, waited for Sakura to speak.

"Hai. Madara and Obito were defeated -Orochimaru fled, though." Sakura responded solemnly.

But this was all the confirmation they needed, and with this statement cheers erupted in the crowds, but even so, just a few seconds later Tsunade had lifted her hand to silence their shinobi, clearly wanting to speak once more. "Sakura, we would not have won this battle without you." Tsunade admitted honestly -because in between Sakura's Rinnegan, her hundreds upon hundreds of cherry blossoms that had encompassed the grounds of battle and healed literally everyone, and her battle against Madara, everyone knew that had they not had Sakura helping out, there would have been hundreds more casualties by the end of the war.

"Iie, Tsunade-shishou, it was Sasuke-kun and Naruto who-"

"Hai... it was them too -but you saved us. In fact, all of you helped to achieve victory in this war." Sakura was going to argue against it, but she had not had the time to speak, as suddenly Tsunade bowed before Team Sakura -and accordingly, so did the shinobi behind her, until everyone was suddenly bowing before them.

Sakura's face turned a fearsome shade of red, but alas, she could not even stand, so she had to just sit there and take it, as she, Naruto, Sasuke looked away in embarrassment -for it was because of them specifically that Madara had been defeated, and everyone knew that.

But of course, this moment had been interrupted by a loud grumbling, and all eyes turned to Naruto, now blushing as well. "Baa-chan, I haven't eaten all day, is there any food?"

Tsunade snorted -of course the baka would ruin the first time everyone had bowed to him as if he were a Kage. Nevertheless, his statement brought a smile to her face. "Hai -but let's focus on getting everybody healed first, nee?"

Accordingly, medics had rushed to their side, in particular to help Sayuri, Himawari, and Hiroto, whilst Tsunade stated that she would handle Sakura personally.

Tis all! Hope you guys enjoyed just seeing a little snippet, and if you have any questions or comments don't be afraid to PM me =]


Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since you've last heard from me and I apologize, but I've been busy with work and school. This is not to mean however that I am going to be on an extended hiatus again, I just needed to get back into the groove of things. I know things have been slow on my end, and I apologize, but I am happy to say that a new revision/chapter, completely new in content, has been added to Sakura's New Past (Ch. 21). As I briefly explained there, this will start the Nadeshiko Village Arc. which will hopefully only take up 1-2 chapters more. By doing this, I will finally fix the rift between the edited and unedited chapters, which will smooth out everything once more, plot-wise. I've written up most of the rough drafts for the next chapter so hopefully it won't take me nearly as long to post the next revision, but I make no promises.

Aside from that, I'm trying to work on the next chapter for Somewhere We Belong but I've hit a bit of a road block. I know where I want to take it but I haven't entirely decided on an execution that I'm happy with so for now it's going to remain unfinished until I figure it out. Sorry everyone.

I may or may not be posting a new installment to The Penis Game or The List just to keep you guys entertained but it's all a matter of finding the time to do it. Don't be afraid to PM me and bust my balls for taking so long, I know i deserve it.

I might do a very small preview of what I've been working on for Sakura's New Future up on my profile as an apology to everyone -PM me if you're interested, or I might put up a poll and ask if you guys want one.

Anyway, that's all for now, I'll try not to go mia for extended periods of time again.


Greetings! I didn't think I'd be making another update for the rest of the year, but even after I updated (and completed!) Sakura's New Present, I managed to whip out a revision for Sakura's New Past Ch. 17. If you haven't already been checking out the revisions, I truly suggest you do, I've kind of been changing a lot of things around and basically revamping my writing. I hope to finish the edit for Sakura's New Past Ch. 18 sometime within the next week or two just so I could have everything flow smoothly again, but we'll see. Other than that, as I said before, I will be focusing on another update on Somewhere We Belong.

Happy New Year everyone!


Hi everyone! i know its been a while since I have you any updates but I promise I'm still working on everything! I recently updated Somewhere We Belong and The List, and today I just made an edit/post for Sakura's New Past Chapter 16. It's taken me so long to post it, but I was unhappy with the way I was writing it up so I spent so much time basically rewriting until I was happy with the content and the way it flowed. As of now, the story 85% matches up, I know I got a lot of PMs that there was a huge discrepancy between chapter 15 and 16, and hopefully this addition kind of helps it flow more smoothly. I hope that the next edit will not take me nearly as long.

In other news, I just have a little bit more editing to do for the final chapter of Sakura's New Present, which I will hopefully have out within the week, I just need to get through finals week. The TNO sequels may or may not be updated by the end of the year -if not, expect an update for both something in January.

That's all for now, and if you don't hear from me by then, Happy Holidays to everyone!


Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I've made any updates or posted anything in regards to my progress, and I am truly sorry for that! I'm currently working on the final chapter of Sakura's New Present, and I've been taking my time on this to make sure I squeeze in everything I want to. But truthfully speaking, I was hoping to have all of the reconstruction/editing of Sakura's New Past done by now and I haven't, which is why I think for the next month or two that I'm simply going to be working almost exclusively on this. I just edited/added Ch 15: Tension, all new in content, so if you haven't already you should check it out. the TNO sequels are still being worked on slowly, but I can't give you an exact time on when these will be updated. Perhaps the closest thing to being updated will be Somewhere We Belong, I'd say I'm about 1/3 of the way done with that. If I can get a couple more chapters edited in Sakura's New Past in the next 3-4 weeks then I'll start working on the TNO sequels and Somewhere We Belong. That's all for now, and I'm truly sorry to all my readers.


I know it's been a while since I've made any updates, but truth be told, progress has been really slow. I just recently updated/revised Sakura's New Past Ch 13, entirely new in content, so for any of those who haven't checked it out yet, I suggest you do! The next chapter will hopefully be out/edited within the next week. Other than that, I hope to make an update on Sakura's New Present within this week (it is nearing its completion!). Afterwards, the next thing I will be focusing on will be Somewhere We Belong and once more Sakura's New Past, and then afterwards I'll try and make updates to the TNO Sequels.


Originlly Ch 3 & 4, now Chapter 3: Made into one chapter and edited, but content is still the same.

Originally Ch 5 & 6, now Chapter 4: Made into one chapter. Previously named Sasuke, Sakura, & Naruto, this chapter is now being called Assignment. Sakura does not meet her younger self here. I am avoiding their meeting up until the end of the story.

Originally Ch 7, now Ch 5: No real changes made other than edits

Originally Ch 8 & 9, now Ch 6: Ayame's death has been revised: instead of a katana through the heart, it is left sort of up in the air. In addition, the story of Kikyou Haruno has been revised. (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT PEOPLE REREAD THIS CHAPTER).

Originally ch 9 & 10, now Ch 7: Itachi has no inner. Made the plot completely unfeasible and less professional than where I want to take it. In addition, considering the background behind inner in this story, it simply makes no sense. In addition, the OC's were removed and edited.

Originally Ch 11, now Ch 8: Content of the dream changed, and mission to Suna altered. Recommended Read.

Originally Ch 12, now: DELETED. Filler chapter with no sustainable help to the plot, and also developed their relationship too fast.

Originally Ch 13, now Ch 8 & 9. Entire Suna plot is changed. Part of its contents were edited and incorporated into Ch 8, and others into Ch 9. (Somewhat of a filler, but the plot for the Suna mission is entirely changed. As such, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND REREADING THIS CH)

Originally Ch 14, now Ch. 9: Now named Yashamaru. Part of the original ch. 13 incorporated. In addition, Itachi thinking about the clan massacre omitted -I don't want readers to get into this part of his brain yet. And absolutely nothing to do with a fever or remotely close to ItaxSaku romance. Continues the plot of the Suna mission and ends the Suna arc, as such I also RECOMMEND READING THIS CH!

Originally Ch 15, now Ch. 10: Now Named Shisui. Sakura is introduced to Shisui early on. No mention of home-sicknesses from Sakura, or mentions of Hiroto. And absolutely no jealousy on Itachi's behalf. Shisui and Itachi converse over how Sakura's story and emergence does not add up, new content that was not in the original version. Recommend reading this one.

Originally Ch 16, now Ch. 11: Now Named Hiroto. Kikyou and Matsuro do not speak to Sakura about retrieving Taiyou yet. Hiroto does very briefly talk to Sarutobi, but no talks of the Haruno Clan Ritual is mentioned. Although curious about the appearance of Hiroto, Itachi is not jealous.

Originally Ch 17, now Ch. 12: Now named Hana no Ketsugo. Rework on how Himawari & Sakura obtain their Contract with their flowers. For now, I am stalling Himawari's obtainment of it, while also changing up Sakura's trial with her cherry blossom. Before it centered around Itachi & Sasuke, now it centers around Sasuke and Naruto. Also, Sakura does not receive substantial injuries or is sent to the hospital. Furthermore, her training will be sandwiched into 1 chapter, instead of two (ch. 13.)

Originally not a chapter, now Ch. 13: Now named Duo Mission. A completely new installment into the story to help progress their friendship and what-not. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THIS.

Originally not a chapter, now Ch. 14: Named Duo Mission Pt. 2. Second and final arc to their mission, all new in content and furthers character development. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THIS.

Originally not a chapter, now Ch. 15: Named Tension. All new content, follow up of Duo Mission Pt. 2. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THIS.

Originally Ch 19, now Ch. 16: Renamed Crossing Paths. Basically revamped edit of how Sakura got her Taiyou Retrieval Mission, met Kisame, and let slip the fact that she was a Haruno. In this, there are no mentions of Itachi being upset with Sakura. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THIS.

Originally Chapters 20 & 21, now Ch. 17: Now Named Artifact Retrieval Mission. A whole bunch of filler plot that I'm cutting out, because Sakura has not yet written a report to Tsunade. Will basically commence Sakura's Retrieval mission, same essential mission with different execution. Kisame will be sticking around for a while longer :). Kind of gets into her kidnapping which is technically not seen until the next chapter, so right now it kind of repeats, up until I edit Ch. 18. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THIS.

Originally Chapter 21, now Ch. 18: Previously named Taiyou, now named Sakura Retrieval Mission. Will deal with Sakura being kidnapped and interrogated by Orochimaru. A little bit of Marika, a little bit of Itachi, and a whole lot of Kisame :) A good portion of this was originally in Ch. 19, but it'll be smoothed out. Recommended read.

Originally Chapter 22, now Ch. 19: Previously named Fleeing, now named Rescue. The content of this chapter and the following chapter are essentially the same from the non-edited version, save for a few tweaks here and there. Titles were switched simply to follow the happenings of the chapter. Better character development for Kisame and foreshadowing for the sequel that follows it.

Originally Chapter 23, now Ch. 20: Previously named Rescue, now named Fleeing. Read the above statements . Miniscule, microscopic ItaxSaku fluff, so if you care to read it go ahead. Has a little discrepancy with the unedited following chapter but that will be smoothed out with the edit.

Originally not a chapter, now Ch. 21: Named Mission Description. This is the part where the Haruno Clan Ritual arc originally begins but for now I'm going to hold off and add whole new content. Whereas Sakura came back to Konoha and was met with her Haruno Clan's members, this will also be put off to a later date. Instead, it'll deal with the aftermath of the Artifact Retrieval Arc. and introduce the Nadeshiko Village arc.

Originally not a chapter, now Ch. 22: Named Nadeshiko Village. Official commencement of their mission, all new in content and as such a recommended read for any pre-edit readers.

Originally not a chapter, now Ch. 23: Named Shimogakure. Finishes off the Nadeshiko Arc. Recommended read.

Now, theses are awesome people i have met here on fan fiction! They have become friends or are just awesome people, i am glad to say :) in no specific order!!

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The Blood Thirsty Silver Wolf

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Favorite Naruto Couples:

Sakura x Itachi

Sakura x Neji

Ino x Kiba

Ino x Deidara

Hinata x Naruto

Temari x Shikamaru

TenTen x Neji

Konan x Pein

Anko x Kakashi

Top Ten Favorite Naruto Boys/Girls!

10. Sasuke!! 10. Anko!!

9. Lee!! --9. Shizune!!

8. Gaara!! --8. Tsunade!!

7. Kakashi!! --7. TenTen!!

6. Deidara!!-- 6. Hinata!!

5. Shisui!! --5. Ino!!

4. Neji!! --4. Temari!!

3. Naruto!! --3. Konan!!

2. Kisame!! --2. Mikoto!!

1. Itachi Uchiha!! --1. Sakura Haruno!!

Okay! here is an awesome poem by DarkLilyOfTheNight96 that i read on her profile and really liked

Peaceful settings all around

Green grass on the ground

Beautiful Rivers criss-crossing

All upon the older trees forever mossing

Waterfalls through the shade

The sound of clashing blades

Birds chip never knowing what will happen

Drip Drop Drip Drop There goes rain softly patting

Never hear never speak

It might not last It may never keep

Eternally this place will never fall

Even if we lose it all

War comes short

From older people who at the idea that is without the box always snort

Make the younger fight and die

Never knowing the pain in one little sigh

Thunder is rolling

Waves are crashing

Blood spills with all the slashing

Blood red moon set ablaze

They take and capture slaves

Burning and burning the forest goes

Even the water from the river dries up

The battle of a never ending war

All the animals sing in sore

There goes the moss buning up quick

There goes the trees burning up like sticks

Never caring never noted

The winning side never gloated

Running Running thats all they could do

As the fighting went on and fire did too.

All the animals looked at the remains with sorrow

There would be no forest tommorrow

All was out...But one stained behind...

Just that one bird...Was now a pile of ashes being burried by a girl by the age of nine

The girl was weeping

Her only friend was in the ground forever sleeping...

Her tears the hit grave stone as a warrior missed his target...

Hitting the girl fast without care

He dropped his wepons and looked what he had done

A little girl was laying in a pool of blood

With a smile and a peaceful face she said

Thanks for destroying this one place that was away from from war and none from greed

But this forest will live on only but one seed

She closed her eyes and took one last breath

Soon but quick she was no more

Time seemed to stop when they all saw what had happened

A little girl was laying dead

The forest was just a battlefield

Everyone forgot what they had been fighting about

All had mourned for the loss of the wise little girl

One soldier who had seen this had picked her up with some care

Found a tree that had somehow not been touched

He began digging with a few tears in his eyes

All the fighting was no more just watching made people's heart sore

He gently lay her in with words that stung

"Goodbye my daughter" Is what he said before he placed a single pink rose across her chest

Everyone had heard in the silence that no one broke

Now they began to feel the loss

The war that they had started and this was the cost

After he placed the last part of dirt he let the few teardrops on her grave

Started a fire and threw the flowers into it

They wondered what he was doing but he only said that "she loved flowers"

The ashes of the flowers went up to heaven and into the hands of that little girl

One by one a soldier dropped a different flower in the flames

The animals came back slowly and in a ground began to mourn about a certain little girl..

One by one they dissapeared into the heavens with the little girl in mind

Becoming with the stars they danced in the in the sky

Along with her and her with them

The men watched in awe

That was the thing they wanted most of all.

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One Sequel to New Sakura. Three years ago, Sakura got a second chance at life and sought shelter in the arms of Akatsuki. Two years ago, she gained strength unimaginable to her previous self. One year ago she became Kage. But dying did not necessarily mean escaping her past, and what can she do when they come knocking on her door?
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