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Author has written 7 stories for Ironman, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, and Batman.

Maverick Butterfly is the joint account of two totally (kindof) rad college students who decided it would be fun to do a big Batman fanfic together at about 7:00 PST on Tuesday, September 16th, 2008. Since this is all a fairly recent development they are still plotting and being super awkward and awesome and what not, but Cara is planning on tossing up some one-shots and stuff, most likely also focused in the Batman Begins universe, so that they can start getting a really rad fanbase if her stories aren't too lame.

We have decided to attempt a multiple story series titled "Shadow of the Bat."

Shadow of the Bat: Wicked Games
is posted.

Chapter four is finally up! And only like three, maybe four months late...

The fifth chapter should be up than last time.

Wicked Games is the first in the Shadow of the Bat series, and set a year after The Dark Knight, when Bruce Wayne faces off with a new villain. This one being the homicidal narcissist who loves to taunt GCPD with clues and his victims on who will die first. The Media had dubbed him "Jack The Riddler," but he prefers to drop the Jack. The story features the beautiful and underused Vicki Vale along with the young Gotham socialite Kate Kane, who has yet to don the Batwoman mantle, and our favorite cops: Montoya and Bullock.

FAQ that weren't ever actually asked:

Who are you guys?:

We are Cara and Barry. Cara is a super-duper socially awkward but down right ADORABLE student attending the University of California at Berkeley where she is hoping to major in history. She has some goals in life, one of them being to be an extra in a history channel save the world sometime.

Barry is her almost-but-not-quite-equally-as-awesome friend from Kentucky who is majoring in... I forgot and don't really care. :)

Why on earth did you pick the name Maverick Butterfly?:

Cara decided to combine Barry's usual screnname 'Maverick Hunter' with her penname 'Vivid Butterfly'(you can check her out here: ) When she worried it may be too girly for Barry he asserted his unbelievable security in his masculinity by saying, "you could have it be Pony Princess for all I care."

We, of course, decided on this name before we realized McCain and Palin would say the dreaded "M-Word" all the freakin' time...

With the elections all over and stuff, there aren't anymore fun drinking games with our name... :(

Who writes what?:

Well, that will change with the chapters and the story. If a story is written exclusively by one person it will most likely be stated. Cara is a huge fan of Batman and has been since she watched the Animated Series when she was a youngin', but Barry is so much better at remembering names and specific things that she often asks him for help even if she has written the story by herself.

Cara has written "Pretty Silver Thing," an experimental one-shot and "Fallen Knight" and is currently doing a collection of short stories inspired by the 100fic LJ challenge thing-y. They can be found under the story "Lost Knight." It features lots of fun crossovers and AUs.

How can I contact you guys?:


..I know. I couldn't believe Maverick.Butterfly was already taken either.

FAQ that weren't asked frequently but actually were asked:

Agatha submits- "Just how freaking awesome are you?"

Thank you for asking that awesome question Agatha. The answer to that would either be "really freaking awesome" or "not awesome at all. :/" depending on your point of view. Agatha can be found to write under the name Yellowdrakex, but she hasn't written anything since she was like twelve and thought Invader Zim and yaoi were the coolest things ever.

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