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Ever since I was little I would always write silly little stories, so ever since then I always had the feeling that I would be a writer or something along the line. Career-wise I want to get into film, I've spent such a long time trying to find a niche and I feel as though it has the elements of what I admire (I love movies (even the bad soapy kind) and writing, so there you go). Im absolutely compassionate (I cant manage to do the stoic thing 24/7), it finds a way into what I try to dabble in. I hope to welcome a lot of reviews, I really want to get as many outside opinions as possible.


Movies: The Fountain, Tomie, The Fountainhead, Superman Returns, Never Been Kissed, Kill Bill, Cool Hand Luke, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Sin City, A Night at the Roxbury, Zoolander, anything with Humphrey Bogart. Liftetime movies are just the best

TV: Smallville (of course), Supernatural, Heroes, Dynasty, ANTM, ER, Law & Order: SVU, Blood Ties

Books: Forever, The Alchemist, The Fountainhead, Twilight Series, Rosemarys Baby

Music: Kings of Leon, The Killers, everything that my mummy doesn't like.

Hobbies: Photography

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FictionPress Penname: Vespertine Noir

"Before the Dawn Heals Us"


Vesper decides that her life is not one worth living. And in a single moment she decides that her only definition in life was through a final symbolic act of rebellion. She decided to die that day and settled on the resignation that the afterlife would be the last judgment she would be forced to bear. Instead she is thrust into her rebirth and and stranded in a strange world of the bizarre and events and entities that are the stuff of fantasy and myth. Passion, temptation, savagery all reside here. In the Other World, as with anywhere, she is surrounded by the plight of the flesh and war exhausted peoples. In her quest to escape her own demons, they may have well followed her into her sanctuary. She has ventured through the looking glass...


"Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun"

Full Summary: The world has suffered a devastating blow. During the span of 10 years a virus has quietly unleashed a vengeance on humanity through two mass outbreaks. The disease works its way into the flesh, depriving anyone of the most basic facets of reason, hopes and dreams. Jovi is a young woman caught in the midst, a survivor in multiple ways. She is evidently a broken young woman who hides behind her strength and unrelentless will. Although stoic, she eventually comes to construct her own broken family but even that comes to shambles when she meets someone who is willing to make her pride crash and burn. She is forced to reevaluate everything she has lived through and the image she has created for herself.


"The Godhead"


Death Eater (n.) An entity created solely for the purpose of cleansing. Many associate their kind, interchangeably, as messengers or simply angels. For as long as the true beginning they have been with us. Gabriel has been in existence for more than two millennia and has thus far settled beyond disillusioned towards a disimpassioned world. He has come in conflict whether to loathe or safeguard his duty to humanity. At this point in his life he knows he is getting close to the end and a sort of “midlife crisis”. When he discovers a new fervor for life itself in a woman and her death he will tear into the depths of hell itself on a blind odyssey.


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