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Miranda Nicole Jordan(: I'm finally thirteen
& an upcoming eighth grader at THS (: My future is my entire life, yet I live my life to the fullest in the present, & try my hardest to forget about some of my past. Running is what I do, I love it. Writing, it's pretty grand. Tennis, Golf, Fishing, & Dance are pretty killer too. I'm single so get at me. I have the best family, ever. My friends are pretty fabulous, I seriously couldn't live without some of them. I believe everything is possible through Christ. God has blessed me with everything i've ever needed. People leave, things change, but that's okay because I don't need anyone in my life that doesn't want to be here. Sorry, i'm blunt. Yet, I can be very friendly. Don't take advantage of me though. I'm more mature then I should be, my mom tells me I need to act younger which I don't really understand sometimes. Music it keeps my soul healthy, Movies they keep me thinking, & Books keep me in a different world. By the way, i'm a smart-ass. I'm starting to learn who I am as a person but I don't know myself well enough to come up with enough words to describe what I think am. If you want to get to know me, then you'll just have to take some time & talk to me. I've finally came to the point in my life where i'm happy with myself, & I know I don't have to change or be a certain way for anyone to like me. You'll either love me, or you'll hate me. I'm just a fun time, & if someone doesn't think so -- then screw them. Wanna know more? Get at me.

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Dear John

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My cousin Jenna

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Unatural History

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My brothers ugly face.

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Its whateverr.

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on June 30th 12:05 am.

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Stuff that i want. ill let you know when i become a multi-millionaire overnight.[;

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I love flirtinggg.

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George Bush being president for 8 years.

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I dont know.

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I am a big tomboy then xD

A friend Helps you up when you fall, a bestfriend laughs and trips you again. A friend bails you out of Jail when your introuble. A bestfriend sits next to you in the jail cell and asks "How are we gonna explain this to your parents?" A good friend watchs golf with you, a bestfriend screams "FUCK THIS!" and changes it to wrestlinng!!

Someday You Will by everlastingtwilight1 reviews
What if Edward was human and could never read minds? And wat if Edward never took interest in Bella but Bella did?Wat if Edward was the only reason Bella woke up every day and when she admitted her feelings to him, he didn't feel the same way back?Wat if?
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Friends Vs Enemies reviews
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